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Bible Plus+


This plugin allows you to display bible verses and passages directly in your posts, pages or anywhere shortcodes are processed via shortcodes.

Bible Plus+ harnesses the power of the GetBible.Net’s API to deliver the Bible in over 100 versions and 20+ languages.

Bible Usage

[bible passage="Jn3:16"]

Available Attributes

  1. passage (bible passage which to show) : default Jn3:16
  2. version (desired version of the bible) : default KJV. Available versions can be found in the FAQ section.
  3. cnum (show chapter number) yes/no : default yes.
  4. vnum (show verse number) yes/no : default yes.
  5. vpl (show verses 1-verse-per-line) yes/no : default yes.

The following is a full example.

[bible passage=”gen1:1-2″ version=”ylt” vnum=”no” cnum=”no” vpl=”no”]

Daily Proverb Usage

[daily-proverb version="ylt"]

Available Attributes

  1. version (desired version of the daily proverb) : default KJV. Available versions can be found in the FAQ section.


Currently this plugin is only in English, however, if anyone would like to translate it into another language please contact me at All contributions are greatly appreciated.


  1. Upload the file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins Manager in WordPress


Installation Instructions
  1. Upload the file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins Manager in WordPress
What Versions Are Available?

As of January 06, 2017 the following version are available:

  • Afrikaans: Ou Vertaling (aov)
  • Albanian: Albanian (albanian)
  • Amharic: Haile Selassie Amharic Bible (hsab)
  • Amharic: Amharic NT (amharic)
  • Arabic: Smith and Van Dyke (arabicsv)
  • Aramaic: Peshitta NT (peshitta)
  • Armenian: Eastern (Genesis Exodus Gospels) (easternarmenian)
  • Armenian: Western NT (westernarmenian)
  • Basque: (Navarro Labourdin) NT (basque)
  • Breton: Gospels (breton)
  • Bulgarian: Bulgarian Bible (1940) (bulgarian1940)
  • Chamorro: (Psalms Gospels Acts) (chamorro)
  • Chinese: NCV Traditional (cnt)
  • Chinese: Union Simplified (cus)
  • Chinese: NCV Simplified (cns)
  • Chinese: Union Traditional (cut)
  • Coptic: Bohairic NT (bohairic)
  • Coptic: New Testament (coptic)
  • Coptic: Sahidic NT (sahidic)
  • Croatian: Croatian (croatia)
  • Czech: Czech BKR (bkr)
  • Czech: Czech CEP (cep)
  • Czech: Czech KMS (kms)
  • Czech: Czech NKB (nkb)
  • Danish: Danish (danish)
  • Dutch: Dutch Staten Vertaling (statenvertaling)
  • English: King James Version (kjv)
  • English: KJV Easy Read (akjv)
  • English: American Standard Version (asv)
  • English: Amplified Version (amp)
  • English: Basic English Bible (basicenglish)
  • English: Darby (darby)
  • English: New American Standard (nasb)
  • English: Young’s Literal Translation (ylt)
  • English: World English Bible (web)
  • English: Webster’s Bible (wb)
  • English: Douay Rheims (douayrheims)
  • English: Weymouth NT (weymouth)
  • Esperanto: Esperanto (esperanto)
  • Estonian: Estonian (estonian)
  • Finnish: Finnish Bible (1776) (finnish1776)
  • Finnish: Pyha Raamattu (1933 1938) (pyharaamattu1933)
  • Finnish: Pyha Raamattu (1992) (pyharaamattu1992)
  • French: Martin (1744) (martin)
  • French: Louis Segond (1910) (ls1910)
  • French: Ostervald (1996 revision) (ostervald)
  • Georgian: Georgian (Gospels Acts James) (georgian)
  • German: Luther (1912) (luther1912)
  • German: Elberfelder (1871) (elberfelder)
  • German: Elberfelder (1905) (elberfelder1905)
  • German: Luther (1545) (luther1545)
  • German: Schlachter (1951) (schlachter)
  • Gothic: Gothic (Nehemiah NT Portions) (gothic)
  • Greek: Greek Modern (moderngreek)
  • Greek: Textus Receptus (text)
  • Greek: NT Byzantine Majority Text (2000) Parsed (majoritytext)
  • Greek: NT Byzantine Majority Text (2000) (byzantine)
  • Greek: NT Textus Receptus (1550 1894) Parsed (textusreceptus)
  • Greek: NT Tischendorf 8th Ed (tischendorf)
  • Greek: NT Westcott Hort UBS4 variants Parsed (westcotthort)
  • Greek: NT Westcott Hort UBS4 variants (westcott)
  • Greek: OT LXX Accented Roots Parsing (lxxpar)
  • Greek: OT LXX Accented (lxx)
  • Greek: OT LXX Unaccented Roots Parsing (lxxunaccentspar)
  • Greek: OT LXX Unaccented (lxxunaccents)
  • Hebrew: Aleppo Codex (aleppo)
  • Hebrew: Hebrew Modern (modernhebrew)
  • Hebrew: OT BHS (Consonants Only) (bhsnovowels)
  • Hebrew: OT BHS (Consonants and Vowels) (bhs)
  • Hebrew: OT WLC (Consonants Only) (wlcnovowels)
  • Hebrew: OT WLC (Consonants and Vowels) (wlc)
  • Hebrew: OT Westminster Leningrad Codex (codex)
  • Hungarian: Hungarian Karoli (karoli)
  • Italian: Giovanni Diodati Bible (1649) (giovanni)
  • Italian: Riveduta Bible (1927) (riveduta)
  • Kabyle: Kabyle NT (kabyle)
  • Korean: Korean (korean)
  • Latin: Nova Vulgata (newvulgate)
  • Latin: Vulgata Clementina (vulgate)
  • Latvian: New Testament (latvian)
  • Lithuanian: Lithuanian (lithuanian)
  • Manx_Gaelic: Manx Gaelic (Esther Jonah 4 Gospels) (manxgaelic)
  • Maori: Maori (maori)
  • Myanmar_Burmse: Judson (1835) (judson)
  • Norwegian: Bibelselskap (1930) (bibelselskap)
  • Portuguese: Almeida Atualizada (almeida)
  • Potawatomi: Potawatomi (Matthew Acts) (Lykins 1844) (potawatomi)
  • Romani: Romani NT E Lashi Viasta (Gypsy) (rom)
  • Romanian: Cornilescu (cornilescu)
  • Russian: Synodal Translation (1876) (synodal)
  • Russian: Makarij Translation Pentateuch (1825) (makarij)
  • Russian: Victor Zhuromsky NT (zhuromsky)
  • Scottish_Gaelic: Scots Gaelic (Gospel of Mark) (gaelic)
  • Spanish: Reina Valera (1909) (valera)
  • Spanish: Reina Valera NT (1858) (rv1858)
  • Spanish: Sagradas Escrituras (1569) (sse)
  • Swahili: Swahili (swahili)
  • Swedish: Swedish (1917) (swedish)
  • Tagalog: Ang Dating Biblia (1905) (tagalog)
  • Tamajaq: Tamajaq Portions (tamajaq)
  • Thai: Thai from kjv (thai)
  • Turkish: Turkish (turkish)
  • Turkish: NT (1987 1994) (tnt)
  • Ukrainian: NT (P Kulish 1871) (ukranian)
  • Uma: Uma NT (uma)
  • Vietnamese: Vietnamese (1934) (vietnamese)
  • Wolof: Wolof NT (wolof)
  • Xhosa: Xhosa (xhosa)


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Version 3.5

Edited attribution links.

Version 3.4

Updated attribution links.

Version 3.3

Fixes some errors.

Version 3.2

Fixes a passage reference issues!

Version 3.1

Fixes a passage reference issue!

Version 3.0

Version 3.0 adds a Daily Proverb functionality, improves php capability as well overall functionality.

Version 2.5

Cleans code

Version 2.3

Fixed php compatibility issues.

Version 2.2

Fixes ajax option

Version 2.1

Changes file extension of cached files.

Version 2.0

Fixes major issues where the plugin would not work.

Version 1.4

Added option to turn off AJAX load.

Version 1.3

Initial plugin release.