Add speech, reading and translation support to your website or blog with Browsealoud

Want to provide a better experience for your website or blog visitors?

Millions of people can’t understand the information on your website or blog site – they can with Browsealoud.

Our innovative support software, Browsealoud, helps to reduce the barriers between your content and your audiences by adding speech, reading and translation to your website or blog site. This support helps you reach a much wider audience – such as those with dyslexia, low literacy, mild visual impairments or where English is a second language.

What does Browsealoud do?

Text-to-speech: makes online services and information more accessible with a choice of read aloud voices, different reading speeds and highlighters to enhance understanding.

Translation: translates web pages into 99 languages and can read aloud 40 of the most commonly used languages including Spanish and Chinese.

MP3 Creation: instantly converts online content into audio versions for easy offline listening.

Screen Masking: blocks online clutter – letting the user focus on the text they want to read.

Web Page Simplifier: removes distracting content creating a simple format for online information – ideal for those with dyslexia, cognitive or learning disabilities.

Custom Settings: users can tailor the settings to suit their individual needs and preferences.

What our customers say

Student Loans Company, UK

“Identifying ways of improving digital accessibility for our customers is of the utmost importance to us and Browsealoud is an ideal solution as it is simple to use, free to the customer, and also compatible with mobile devices.”

Elections Nova Scotia, Canada

“Adding Browsealoud to our websites is reflective of our commitment to accessibility in every aspect of Nova Scotia elections, particularly for those persons and groups most likely to experience difficulty in exercising their democratic rights.”


How to get Browsealoud

  • If you haven’t already signed up for Browsealoud you can get a free 30-day
    trial here:
  • The best way to install this plug-in is to add it via your WordPress
    Dashboard. Click Install Now to install this
  • You can also download this file, and unzip it into wp-content/plugins on your
    Wordpress website
  • Once installed, look for Browsealoud in your list of plugins on your dashboard
    and activate it

Contact if you need any assistance


Who do I contact if I need help or support?

Contact with any queries or feedback


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Removed infinite loop on floating launchpad images (now loops just once)
  • Improved performance when reading form inputs
  • Added EU credit on the simplify UI
  • Accessibility updates
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Re-introduced the floating toolbar with new UX
  • Added a smart toolbar loader for codeless version control
  • Added legacy toolbar for IE11 and MS Edge 18
  • Portal Updates for version selection and toolbar type
  • Bug fixes


  • New toolbar and new UX on tablet and desktop
  • New settings panel (no scrolling, easier to use)
  • Toolbar pushes down from the top of the page
  • New page simplifier
  • Definitions feature in page simplifier
  • Cookie handling improvements – customers can now integrate these options in their own cookie panels
  • User preferences now persist in Local Storage instead of cookies
  • Warning banners no longer displayed at top of webpage when starting BA for the first time
  • Added English language name to the translate list
  • Added customer feedback and website links
  • Changes to Portal to simplify default theme selection
  • Irish Gaelic voice added


  • Added Swedish to the Picture Dictionary service
  • Added Flemish (Vlaams) to the translation/speech list
  • Toolbar now expands/retracts if Picture Dictionary is available in the selected language


  • Added picture dictionary to the toolbar


  • Updated browsealoud script version


  • Version 5 compatibility


  • Updated browsealoud script version


  • Bug fix – use a trigger instead of echoing to the page directly


  • Added SRI integrity checking
  • Added crossorigin parameter
  • Changed from using wp_enqueue_script() to using an action on wp_footer


  • Forced the use of HTTPs, and locked the version to 2.5.1


  • Excluded http from url so that the URL works for http and https sites


  • Inserts script required to run Browsealoud to site footer