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Stripe Payments by Buy Now Plus – Best WordPress Stripe Credit Card Payments Plugin

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Stripe Payments by Buy Now Plus – Best WordPress Stripe Credit Card Payments Plugin


Buy Now Plus

Buy Now Plus is perfect for people who want to process credit cards but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a dedicated IP address or installing an SSL certificate.

Buy Now Plus is great for selling and protecting digital goods, running promotions or accepting payments for products and services.

You can get more information about Buy Now Plus here.

Buy Now Plus Benefits & Features

  1. Securely charge credit cards from your WordPress website without having to purchase or install an SSL certificate
  2. Easy to setup an infinite number of payment forms using simple WordPress shortcodes
  3. Fully PCI compliant

Upgrade to MemberPress

Buy Now Plus will let you charge credit cards very easily and reliably … But if you want to do this and more (without the additional per-transaction fee) you’ll want to check out our commercial Membership plugin MemberPress.

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Upgrading to MemberPress will enable you to:

  1. Build Rock-Solid Membership Sites
  2. Charge Credit Cards securely from your website using Stripe, PayPal & Authorize.net
  3. Sell & protect access to your content and digital downloads
  4. Create and manage payment subscriptions

How Buy Now Plus Works

We’ve built a secure, robust, cloud-based payment system (buynowplus.com) that our WordPress plugin uses to process payments with Stripe.

This is great news for you because you won’t ever have to worry about security or PCI compliance on your webserver.

Buy Now Plus is ultra-simple to get setup … it doesn’t require your site to be hosted with a dedicated IP address or to have an SSL certificate installed.

After your user fills out and Submits the Buy Now form they will be redirected to our secure servers to checkout. Once the checkout is complete (or the user cancels), the user will be redirected back to your site to a customizable thank you page.


We’re committed to making this the easiest to use payment solution for WordPress available so we’ve set it up so you’ll only be charged for using this service when you make money.

Using our secure servers with Stripe costs 4.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.

For example, if you successfully charge someone $20 then after fees you’ll collect $18.72 — which Stripe will automatically deposit directly into your bank account.

The fee above already includes Stripe’s fee (2.9% + 30¢) — we just add an additional 2.0% for the use of our secure servers — which makes a grand total of 4.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction.

Why is there a small fee (in addition to Stripe’s fees) when using Buy Now Plus in the first place?

Unlike other stripe payment plugins for WordPress, Buy Now Plus does not require you to install an SSL Certificate on your site. This is because we use our secure servers to process payments through Stripe. Our servers cost money to maintain & secure … hence, we must charge a small fee for this service.

So before using this plugin you just have to do the math. For some users the small per transaction fee will be a cost savings (particularly for those who’s web host charge for SSL) and for others, the convenience / ease of use of Buy Now Plus will be worth the small fee.

How can I run test transactions through this system?

When you create a payment form with Buy Now Plus you can easily specify whether transactions created with it should be test or live transactions (using the livemode attribute). There are no fees (from Stripe or our servers) for running test transactions.

We recommend setting up forms initially in test mode to get the payment flow working properly before charging real transactions. Once you’re satisfied that the payment flow works for you then it’s easy to set the form to live by changing the value of the livemode attribute from “false” to “true”.


All you’ll need to do to get this setup is

  1. Register for a free account on buynowplus.com
  2. Connect your Stripe account
  3. Find your API key on the settings page and get ready to copy and paste
  4. Download & Install the Buy Now Plus WordPress plugin
  5. Enter the API key from your buynowplus.com settings into the Buy Now Plus settings page in the WordPress admin
  6. Use the “Buy Now” button in the WordPress editor to place a shortcode on any page of your site

That’s it!

And you can use this on an unlimited number of sites after you have your API key.


3 de septiembre de 2016 1 respuesta
This plugin is cool but I think it has some shortcoming: – There is no statistics on buynowplus.com , we cannot see the transaction is failed or not – Checkout form display must be develop for quality visualization – I also cannot see the stats on my stripe account events too. – Some credit cards may be require name and last name, zip code fields, you may be make require them
3 de septiembre de 2016
I have been selling an electronic accessory locally at trade shows, but it recently started gaining traction from folks in other states. I needed a way for them to buy it through social media and wanted something simple on my site for them to purchase through as well. I was getting pretty frustrated with the costs and hassle of setting up ecommerce plugins to sell one little product. Luckily I stumbled on this gem. The extra 2%/transaction is well worth the savings in my time getting this thing off the ground and I’m loving Stripe way more than PayPal! Anyways, just wanted to tell you guy’s thanks for this slick service. Looks like I’m one of the early adopters, so looking forward to any new developments here as well.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I got this plugin thinking it would be much more feature. But all it does is allows me to connect my stripe account and create checkout buttons. I’m happy with this though because I don’t like the clutter of stuff I don’t use-plus I don’t have to screw around with SSL on my sites because they’ve already figured that out. This thing was unbelievably easy to get setup and works great for what it does so the small fee is worth it to me. I’d recommend this service to anyone wanting to start selling something fast.
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