Headless WooCommerce powered by CoCart


CoCart: The #1 RESTful API that handles the front-end of WooCommerce.

CoCart allows you to seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store via our REST API so developers can use the frameworks and tools they know and love to build a headless store with ease.

WooCommerce does not nativley come with cart support via the REST API so if you have been struggerling to build a headless store. CoCart will save you hours of development time. Don’t build an API, build the store.

Don’t take my word for it. Checkout below the testimonials left by startups, freelancers, agencies and many more.

CoCart works great with:

Testimonials – Developers love it

Amazing Plugin. I’m using it to create a react-native app with WooCommerce as back-end. This plugin is a life-saver! Daniel Loureiro

This plugin saved me tones of work and it is working amazingly! The plugin author provides fast and high quality support. Well done! @codenroll

Thanks for doing such a great work with this! Works exactly as expected and CoCart seems to have a nice community around it. The founder seems really devoted and that’s one of the key things for a plugin like this to live on and get the right updates in the future. We just got ourselves the lifetime subscription. Mighty Group Agency

This plugin works great out of the box for adding products to the cart via API. The code is solid and functionality is as expected, thanks Sebastien! Scott Bolinger, Creator of Holler Box

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See our wall of love.


CoCart Lite provides the basic API needs to help you get started.

  • Get store information.
  • Add simple, variable and grouped products to the cart.
  • Get customers cart.
  • Get customers cart contents.
  • Update items in the cart.
  • Remove items from the cart.
  • Restore items to the cart.
  • Re-calculate the totals.
  • Retrieve the cart totals.
  • Retrieve the number of items in cart or items removed from it.
  • Empty the cart.
  • Login the customer/user.
  • Logout the customer/user.

As an added bonus for administrators or shop managers, CoCart Lite also provides the capabilities to:

  • Get Carts in Session.
  • Get details of a cart in session.
  • View items added in a cart in session.
  • Delete a Cart in Session.


CoCart also provides built in features to:

  • Load a cart in session via the web.
  • Support guest customers.
  • Supports basic authentication including the use of email as username.
  • Support authentication via WooCommerce’s method.
  • Supports multi-sites.
  • Works across multiple domains, CORS ready (so you can have multiple frontends connected to one backend).
  • Allows you to filter CoCart to be white-labelled.

Included with these features are over 100+ filters and action hooks for developers to customise API responses or change how CoCart operates with our extensive documentation.

Tools and Libraries

  • CoCart Beta Tester allows you to easily update to prerelease versions of CoCart Lite for testing and development purposes.
  • CoCart VSCode extension for Visual Studio Code adds snippets and autocompletion of functions, classes and hooks.
  • CoCart Carts in Session allows you to view all the carts in session via the WordPress admin.
  • CoCart Product Support Boilerplate provides a basic boilerplate for supporting a different product types to add to the cart with validation including adding your own parameters.
  • CoCart Tweaks provides a starting point for developers to tweak CoCart to their needs.
  • Official Node.js Library provides a JavaScript wrapper supporting CommonJS (CJS) and ECMAScript Modules (ESM).

CoCart Pro

CoCart Lite is just the tip of the iceberg. CoCart Pro extends with the following features:

  • Plugin Updates for 1 year.
  • Priority Support for CoCart Pro users via Slack.
  • Add and Remove Coupons to Cart
  • Retrieve Applied Coupons
  • Retrieve Coupon Discount Total
  • Retrieve Cart Total Weight
  • Retrieve Cross Sells
  • Retrieve and Set Payment Method
  • Retrieve and Set Shipping Methods
  • Retrieve and Set Fees
  • Calculate Shipping Fees
  • Calculate Totals and Fees

Features that will be available in the future:

  • Coming Soon Remove all Coupons from Cart
  • Coming Soon Register Customers
  • Coming Soon Retrieve checkout fields (More details on that soon)
  • Coming Soon Set cart customer (In Development)
  • Coming Soon Create Order (In Development)

For a logged in customer:

  • Coming Soon Return Orders
  • Coming Soon Return Subscriptions
  • Coming Soon Return Downloads (Auditing)
  • Coming Soon Return Saved Payment Methods (Auditing)
  • Coming Soon Get and Update Profile (In Development)

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Extensions supported

View list of the WooCommerce extensions that support CoCart or are supported in CoCart Pro.

Priority support

We aim to provide regular support for the CoCart plugin on the WordPress.org forums. But please understand that we do prioritize support. Communication is handled privately via direct messaging in Slack and is available to people who bought CoCart Pro or paid for the 14 day priority support.

Add-ons to further enhance your cart.

We also have add-ons that extend CoCart to enhance your development and your customers shopping experience.

  • CoCart – CORS simply filters the session cookie to allow CoCart to work across multiple domains.
  • CoCart – Cart Enhanced enhances the data returned for the cart and the items added to it.
  • Advanced Custom Fields extends the products API by returning all your advanced custom fields for products.
  • Yoast SEO extends the products API by returning Yoast SEO data for products, product categories and product tags.
  • and more add-ons in development.

They work with the FREE version of CoCart already, and these add-ons of course come with support too.

Join our growing community

A Slack community for developers, WordPress agencies and shop owners building the fastest and best headless WooCommerce stores with CoCart.

Join our community

Built with developers in mind

Extensible, adaptable, and open source — CoCart is created with developers in mind. If you’re interested to jump in the project, there are opportunities for developers at all levels to get involved. Contribute to CoCart on the GitHub repository and join the party. 🎉

Check out open issues and join the #core channel on Slack. If you don’t have a Slack account yet, you can sign up at https://cocart.xyz/community/.

Bug reports

Bug reports for CoCart are welcomed in the CoCart repository on GitHub. Please note that GitHub is not a support forum, and that issues that aren’t properly qualified as bugs will be closed.

More information


This plugin is created by Sébastien Dumont.

Contributors & Developers

“CoCart Lite” has not yet been translated in other languages. You can translate “CoCart Lite” into your language.


Browse the code, check out the SVN repository, or subscribe to the development log by RSS.


  • Empty Cart (API v1)
  • Cart with Item (API v1)


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress v5.4
  • WooCommerce v4.3
  • PHP v7.3

Recommended Requirements

  • WordPress v5.6 or higher.
  • WooCommerce v5.2 or higher.
  • PHP v7.4

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser. To do an automatic install of CoCart, log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “CoCart” and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found the plugin you can view details about it such as the point release, rating and description. Most importantly of course, you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The manual installation method involves downloading the plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.


It is recommended that anytime you want to update CoCart that you get familiar with what’s changed in the release.

CoCart uses Semver practices. The summary of Semver versioning is as follows:

  • MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes.
  • MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards compatible manner.
  • PATCH version when you make backwards compatible bug fixes.

You can read more about the details of Semver at semver.org


Is CoCart free?

Yes! CoCart’s core features are absolutely free. CoCart Pro completes the full cart experience!

How do I start using CoCart?

You will first need WooCommerce installed with the REST API enabled. Then install CoCart and follow the documentation.

Please check the requirements listed in the installation section.

Why should I use CoCart?

The question is why not! WooCommerce’s REST API is only created for controlling the backend of your store. It does not nativley provide an API for controlling the frontend.

CoCart handles your customers cart for you ready to use in any modern framework of your choosing. No local storing required. It’s Powerful and Developer friendly ready to build your headless store the way you want, without the need to build an API.

If you are wanting to build a headless store powered by WooCommerce, then CoCart is your solution. But don’t take my word for it. Checkout the testimonials left by others.

With the documentation provided, you’ll see how to add products to a cart and allow your customers to manage it in no time at all.

Who should use CoCart?

CoCart is perfect for store owners and developers. If you want to create an e-commerce app for mobile or a custom frontend shopping experience completely using the REST API, then CoCart is for you.

Do I need to have coding skills to use CoCart?

As this plugin is built for developers, you will need to have some coding knowledge to use it. Checkout the documentation to get some understanding.

Where can I find documentation for CoCart?

You can find the documentation for CoCart on the CoCart REST API Docs.

Can I change the layout format/add/change details to the responses?

You certainly can. Filters are available to do just that. Checkout the tweaks plugin to view or maybe use the examples provided. View the documentation for more.

Why does CoCart use a custom session handler in the first place?

If you’re familiar with WooCommerce, you may be wondering why using a custom session handler at all instead of the WooCommerce default session handler? A number of reasons but the ones that really matter are.

  • The default session handler only supports cookies.
  • The default session handler only saves changes at the end of the request in the shutdown hook.
  • The default session handler has no support for concurrent requests.
  • The default session handler does not support guest customers.
  • The default session handler does not store additional data that maybe required to help you.
  • More consistent with modern web.

Why does CoCart use a custom session table in the database?

The default WooCommerce session table only stores the basics of a cart in session. CoCart provides additional data that maybe required to help you and other add-ons/extensions developed by CoCart or third-parties.

Such as when the cart was created. This information is only stored in the browser session.

Also the source of the cart it was last saved. For the web it will be WooCommerce and for your headlesss store CoCart. This lets you know which version of your store your customers are shopping from should you have both web and app versions.

Can I have WordPress running on one domain and my headless store on another domain?

Yes of course. You just need to enable CORS. You can do that easily with the CORS add-on or you can manually enable it via the filters in the documentation.

Is “WooCommerce Shipping and Tax” plugin supported?

Not at this time. “WooCommerce Shipping and Tax” ignore any REST API from allowing the ability to calculate the taxes from TaxJar. Code has been contributed to the plugin that will allow third-party plugins enable this ability and awaiting feedback.

However, TaxJar for WooCommerce plugin is supported.

Is “TaxJar for WooCommerce” plugin supported?

If you have “TaxJar for WooCommerce” v3.2.5 or above and CoCart v3.0 or above installed… then yes, it is supported.

Why CoCart and not WooCommerce Store API?

WooCommerce Store API is limited and designed mainly to focus on their Gutenberg blocks they have developed in React. CoCart is designed to focus on decoupling WooCommerce so you can use any framework to allow your store to be headless.

Also, after tweaking WooCommerce Store API to work for decoupled purposes (which CoCart does not require), your still using the default session handler which does not support guest customers. CoCart uses it’s own session handler which does support guest customers.

Do you have a JavaScript Library?

Yes we do. You can find it here. It doesn’t require authentication for guest customers. It supports CommonJS (CJS) and ECMAScript Modules (ESM). Requests are made with Axios library with support to promises.

Can I install/update CoCart via Composer?

Yes. The best method would be to install/update CoCart from the GitHub repository but you can also do so via https://wpackagist.org/

Does CoCart work for multi-site network?

Yes. Just install CoCart and activate it via the network and all sites will have CoCart enabled.

Can I enable white labelling for CoCart?

Yes you can. You will have to edit your wp-config.php file to add a new constant. Details can be found in the documentation.

Does CoCart work with the Dokan plugin?

Yes. The only feature you wont be able to use are coupons if you have CoCart Pro. This is because Dokan disables the use of coupons in WooCommerce. All other features are compatible.

Where can I report bugs?

Report bugs on the CoCart GitHub repository. You can also notify us via the support forum – be sure to search the forums to confirm that the error has not already been reported.

CoCart is awesome! Can I contribute?

Yes, you can! Join in on our GitHub repository and follow the development blog to stay up-to-date with everything happening in the project.

Is CoCart translatable?

Yes! CoCart is deployed with full translation and localization support via the ‘cart-rest-api-for-woocommerce’ text-domain.

Where can I get help or talk other users about CoCart core?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the CoCart support forum or join the CoCart Community on Slack where you will find like minded developers who help each other out. If you are in need of priority support, it will be provided by either purchasing CoCart Pro or the 14 day priority support.

Where can I find out about the pricing of CoCart Pro?

Find out all relevant pricing information over on the official site.

My question is not listed here. Where can I find more answers?

Check out Frequently Asked Questions for more.


16 de agosto de 2021
since woocommerce is not offering product/cart api, this tools fits right in. you can do everything with it, all via api calls: products, variations, cart, shipping, checkout. (you might need the paid version as well. i bought them, so not sure, what comes out of the box and what features all need the extra mile. but still: worth it!) and the support is fast, too, thanks to seb. love it.
25 de junio de 2021
Plugin is a life saver when working turning wordpress & woocommerce into a headless cms. Support is also great and responsive to help with any issues you may have
3 de agosto de 2020
I'm using it to create a react-native app with WooCommerce as back-end. This plugin is a life-saver!
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Registro de cambios

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v3.0.17 – 3rd December, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to remove items due to validation issue for certain edge cases. Reported by Rozaliya Stoilova Issue 287
  • Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen(). Reported by Tommie Lagerroos for Frontity compatibility.
  • Loading of RTL stylesheet if SCRIPT_DEBUG is not enabled.


  • Getting a single item with cart/item route now includes the cart route parameters so you can use all available.
  • Validation of item key used to remove, update or restore an item.
  • Weight does not forcefully round up the value. Shows the correct weight based on the quantity of item in cart. The weight is normalised unifying to “kg” then converted to the wanted unit set by the store settings. Reported by Miguel Peixe Aldeias.


  • Moved backorders and cart_item_data into the get_item() function instead so it returns data when return_item is set to true. Data was missing as it was outside this function. Reduced duplicate code in the process. 👍 Issue reported by Christian Grosskop Issue 288
  • The cart/item route now extends the cart route for better code management.
  • Filter cocart_cart_item_key_required_message now passes the correct status for the second parameter.


  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.9

For Developers

  • Introduced new filter cocart_quantity_minimum_requirement to specify minimum quantity requirement if not 1.

v3.0.16 – 15th November, 2021

📢 This release is broken and was removed from WordPress plugin directory.

v3.0.15 – 8th November, 2021

  • Added: Recommended requirements to the installation section of the readme.txt file.
  • Added: Support for RTL.
  • Fixed: Undefined function for wp_get_environment_type() introduced in WordPress 5.5 should the site be running a lower version of WordPress. Reported by Mohib Salahuddin Ayubi.
  • Fixed: JS bug identifying the parent node for plugin suggestions page.
  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.8

v3.0.14 – 16th October, 2021

  • Fixed: Undefined index: cart that rarely happens. Reported by @AlceoMazza

v3.0.13 – 15th October, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!

v3.0.12 – 2nd August, 2021

  • Fixed: Validate item quantity by passing missing parameters.
  • Fixed: Default package title for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages extension.
  • Dev: Improved performance in the WordPress dashboard.

v3.0.11 – 29th July, 2021

  • Fixed: Product ID not returning as integer once validated instead of a string. 🙈 Thanks to Christian Kormos for reporting the issue.

Dev note: This will help solve issues with filters using the $product_id parameter when a product is added to cart.

v3.0.10 – 22nd July, 2021

  • Dev: Stopped custom upgrade notice from being called on plugin page when major update is available for those using WordPress 5.5 or greater. See article!
  • Dev: Package file added for better composer packaging support.

v3.0.9 – 21st July, 2021

  • Corrected: Sanitize only. Some functions were escaped when not needed to.

v3.0.8 – 18th July, 2021

  • Dev: Plugin package tweaks for future CoCart project.

v3.0.7 – 14th July, 2021

🔒 This is a SECURTIY FIX!

This release brings in a number of fixes to secure the plugin and keep up with WordPress code standards. It is highly recommended that you update to this release.

  • Fixed: Escaping HTML from requested cart key.
  • Fixed: Sanitized username and password with basic authentication.
  • Fixed: Yoda conditions.
  • Fixed: Localization for translators.
  • Updated: Getting started page with new lowest price to upgrade to CoCart Pro.
  • Dev: Documented parameter comments for functions that were missing.
  • Dev: Change the use of date() function to gmdate() function instead.
  • Dev: Change the use of strip_tags() function to wp_strip_all_tags() function instead.

v3.0.6 – 25th June, 2021

  • Fixed: Validation of a variation added to cart should the parent ID be used. Thanks to Brandan King for reporting the issue.

v3.0.5 – 28th May, 2021

  • Tweaked: Adding an item/items now includes the cart parameters so things like the featured image can return if left as the default setting instead of not showing at all when not set.

v3.0.4 – 19th May, 2021

  • Fixed: Return error if no matching variation is found.
  • Fixed: Validation of empty totals forcing false error message to return.
  • Fixed: Empty backorders and featured_image now returns in cart response. Keeps cart response structure consistent.
  • Fixed: Coupon HTML formatting returned in cart response.
  • Fixed: Error response when attempting to view a single item that is not in the cart.
  • Tweaked: When items in cart are checked for remaining stock, only the first error notice is returned per item.
  • Tweaked: Updating, Removing or Restoring an item now includes the cart parameters so things like the featured image can return if left as the default setting instead of not showing at all when not set.
  • Tweaked: Localization for validation error messages.
  • Tweaked: cocart_price_no_html() function to decode HTML so currency symbol returns correctly.

v3.0.3 – 15th May, 2021

  • Fixed: Cart hash now returns in cart response after adding first item.
  • Dev: Code tweaks and inline doc improvements.
  • Dev: Added new helper function to detect CoCart Pro is activated.

v3.0.2 – 12th May, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!

  • Fixed: Error when product image is not set. Now fails safely by returning the product placeholder image instead.
  • Fixed: Totals total returned value was returning the currency symbol decoded for certain countries so it looked like the total was an incorrect value.
  • Tweaked: Convert monetary values given before returning.

v3.0.1 – 12th May, 2021

🔥 This is a HOTFIX!

  • Fixed: Uncaught error when the cart hash is not generated and saved in session cookie.
  • Fixed: Some validation errors not returning when attempting to add item to cart.
  • Tweaked: When adding an item and fails. Any remaining error notice that WooCommerce normally returns on the frontend is converted to throw an exception.

v3.0.0 – 10th May, 2021

See blog post for release notes.

What’s New with CoCart v3?

  • 🥇 NEW: API v2 with new routes to help with the flow.
  • 💯 NEW: Better cart response based on the experimental free add-on “Get Cart Enhanced“.
  • ⛓️ NEW: Carts can sync for guest customers between app and web once “Load Cart from Session” feature has been used.
  • 🔑 NEW: Basic Authentication now built in with the ability to authenticate via email instead of username. 🥳
  • 🔒 NEW: Each route can be forced to check if the user (meaning only a logged in user) has permission to use the API. This requires the use of a new filter. See article for more information.
  • 🔎 NEW: Browse and Search CoCart add-ons or supported extensions from the plugin install page.
      • Search suggestions are added at the bottom of the plugin search results on the first page only if matching key words match.
      • New plugin install section “CoCart” displays information on available add-ons or supported extensions with compatibility information and links to more details.
  • 🧾 NEW: Support for TaxJar for WooCommerce plugin if you have v3.2.5 or above.
  • 🚢 NEW: Support for WooCommerce Advanced Shipping Packages extension.
  • 🎁 NEW: Support for WooCommerce Free Gift Coupons extension.
  • 🗝️ NEW: Support for JWT Auth plugin by Useful Team.
  • 🌗 NEW: Compatible with WP-GraphQL WooCommerce add-on.
  • Tweaked: Session data now handled by new abstract to gain more control over it.
  • Tweaked: Cart key now returns in the cart response the first time round. 🥳
  • Tweaked: The loading of the session handler for better initialization by filtering it outside the action hook woocommerce_loaded.
  • Tweaked: Loading a cart from session is now prevented if a user is already logged in.
  • Tweaked: Loading a cart from session is now prevented if a user is not logged in and the cart key requested matches any registered user.
  • Tweaked: Cart session now stores when the cart was created, it’s source and hash.
  • Tweaked: WooCommerce System Status Tools are made available even if COCART_WHITE_LABEL is set to true.
  • Deprecated: Redirect to cart after using load cart from session.
  • Tested: ✔️ Compatible with WooCommerce v5.3
  • Dev: 🐸 NEW Update database manually for CoCart via WP-CLI.
  • Dev: 🐸 NEW Get the current version of CoCart via WP-CLI.
  • Dev: Forked get_customer_unique_id() from WooCommerce session handler for backwards compatibility. Introduced to help with unit tests in WooCommerce since version 5.3. Not needed for CoCart.

View the full changelog here.