🎉 Chat with your website visitors through their favorite chat applications. Place a floating button at the bottom of your site and give the best support to your customers.

The best WordPress plugin for WhatsApp, with more than 400,000 installations worldwide.

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⌁ What you can do with (formerly WAme) ✅

🛎 Insert a contact button for WhatsApp on your website.

Add your logo, profile picture or even an animated gif. Define in which pages or zones it should appear, the delay time, if you want it to the right or to the left, only on mobile phones or also on the desktop. You can define a tooltip to capture the user’s attention, the limit is set by your creativity.

📝 Edítalo a nivel de publicación.

Puedes modificar los ajustes generales en cualquier entrada, página, producto o tipo de contenido personalizado. En el lado derecho encontrarás la caja meta de donde podrás modificar el teléfono, la llamada a la acción, el mensaje y las opciones de visualización.

🔴 Muestra una notificación.

Usa un globo sobre el botón para llamar la atención del usuario. De esta forma, te aseguras que no se pierde ningún mensaje importante que quieras darle, sorpréndelo de una forma menos intrusiva.

📯 Crea mensajes de llamada a la acción.

Para que los usuarios hagan clic en el botón, usa los CTA personalizadas en cada página, producto o sección. Dales la bienvenida, ayúdales y ofréceles ofertas o promociones. Puedes leer más sobre este tema aquí.

💬 Personaliza los mensajes de inicio de conversación.

Para que el usuario no pierda el tiempo en escribir. Así podrás saber desde qué página viene o qué producto está consultando cuando inicia la primera conversación.

🛒Integración con WooCommerce.

Define CTAs and Custom Messages for product pages and for products on sale.

🃏 Dynamic Variables.

Use variables in your CTAs and messages that change dynamically for each page:

{SITE} ➡ Website title
{TITLE} ➡ Current page title
{URL} ➡ Current page url
{PRODUCT} ➡ Product name (WooCommerce)
{SKU} ➡ Product SKU (WooCommerce)
{REGULAR} ➡ Product regular price (WooCommerce)
{PRICE} ➡ Product current price (WooCommerce)
{DISCOUNT} ➡ Product percent discount when is on sale (WooCommerce)

📈 Integration with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixel. sends the event automatically when the user opens WhatsApp. You can also create your custom events capturing $(document).on('joinchat:open'). View FAQs / Read more

💱 Multi-Language & RTL Support.

To be able to support all your users, wherever they are. Our plugin is compatible with WPML and Polylang and also RTL languages are supported. View FAQs

🌈 Theme Colors & 🌚 Dark Mode.

You choose a color and we customize the entire visual theme of the widget. With Dark Mode display the chat window with dark colors and white text. From settings you can activate it or leave it automatic and detects devices’ configuration.

🍾 CSS Triggers.

Your pages can interact with and show the chat window or launch WhatsApp when user clicks or an item appears on scrolling. You just need to add a few CSS classes. View FAQs

⚡ Fast & Light.

Only load what need when needed. is lightweight and follow best coding practices. See tests report

👨‍💻 Amigable para los desarrolladores.

Completamente ampliable, con montones de filtros y acciones para ampliar su funcionalidad o cambiar el comportamiento.


Extend with awesome features:

💯 Plus. + gives you access to faster and easier support through tickets.

📡 OmniChannel.

This Add-on will allow you to add more chat applications to the basic plug-in, in addition to WhatsApp. You can now add Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Phone call, Skype and FaceTime.

👥 Support Agents.

This Add-on allows you to add several WhatsApp accounts, defining the personal data of each agent’s profile, as well as their work schedule. This way customers can choose who they want to talk to.

🎬 CTA Extras.

This Add-on allows you to create rich content in the chat window, to make the calls to action (CTA) 😍 irresistible. You can add links to images, call to action buttons, you can even add animated Iframes or GIFs.

🎲 Random Phone.

With Random Phone you can add as many phone numbers as you want, there is no limit. Every time a user of your site clicks on the start chat button, they will be randomly and equitably referred to each of the different support numbers you have configured.

⌁ Si te gusta 😍

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  • Mobile example
  • Desktop example (with Dynamic Vars)
  • General settings
  • Visibility settings
  • WooCommerce settings
  • Page settings


  1. Sube la carpeta completa creame-whatsapp-me al directorio /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activa el plugin a través del menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress.


Upgrade from WAme to

Desde la versión 4.0 cambiamos nuestro nombre a
Para evitar usar varios prefijos de antiguas y nuevas versiones hemos decidido renombrarlos todos al nuevo joinchat.

  • All analytics events change from WhatsAppMe to JoinChat
  • Todos los estilos css cambian de wame o whatsappme a joinchat.
  • Todos los «actions» y «filters» cambian de wame_ o whatsappme_ a joinchat_.

No puedo ver el botón o está encima / debajo de otra cosa

Puedes cambiar la posición del botón para que nada la tape añadiendo este CSS en Apariencia > Personalizar > CSS adicional:

.joinchat { z-index:9999; }

Los valores más altos de z-index están por encima, el valor por defecto es 1000.

Si necesitas subirlo:

/* always */
.joinchat { --bottom: 60px; }

/* mobile only */
@media (max-width: 480px), (max-width: 767px) and (orientation: landscape) {
  .joinchat { --bottom: 60px; }

Shortcodes / Triggers does not provide any shortcodes, but you can easily link to WhatsApp in two ways:

  1. Add an anchor link to #whatsapp (open WhastApp directly) or #joinchat (show chat window).
    e.g.: add in your menu a custom link with the URL #whatsapp
  2. Add a css class to any element, joinchat_app (open WhastApp directly) or joinchat_open (show chat window).
    e.g.: <img src="contact.jpg" class="joinchat_open" alt="Contact">

This works with your phone settings and message with dynamic variables, even on pages without visible.

For custom WhatsApp links, you can create the url with our WhatsApp link generator free tool and copy it to your links.

¿Qué hay de la RGPD? no usa cookies. guarda dos variables `localStorage` para su correcto funcionamiento:

  • joinchat_views is a visits counter to control when to show chat window.
  • joinchat_hashes si has establecido una llamada a la acción (CTA), cuando el usuario lanza WhatsApp o cierra la ventana del chat, el hash del CTA se guarda para evitar mostrar automáticamente ese CTA de nuevo.

Allow other roles to change settings

By default settings is a submenu under “Settings” and can only be edited by users with administrator role.
You can change the required capability to edit general settings with the filter joinchat_capability.

e.g. allow shop managers:

add_filter( 'joinchat_capability', function(){ return 'manage_woocommerce'; } );

e.g. allow editors:

add_filter( 'joinchat_capability', function(){ return 'edit_pages'; } );

When change joinchat_capability menu will be placed as direct menu in your wp-admin but also you can force it with the filter joinchat_submenu:

e.g. force as menu:

add_filter( 'joinchat_submenu', '__return_false' );

e.g. force as submenu:

add_filter( 'joinchat_submenu', '__return_true' );

WPML/Polylang translations settings are saved in your site’s main language. For other languages translation go to WPML/Polylang Settings > String translations, filter strings group by “” and update the strings for each language.

Integración con Google Analytics envía un evento personalizado cuando el usuario hace clic para lanzar WhatsApp.

Si Global Site Tag (gtag.js) es detectado:

gtag('event', 'click', { 'event_category': 'JoinChat', 'event_label': out_url })

Si Universal Analtics (analytics.js) es detectado:

ga('send', 'event', 'JoinChat', 'click', out_url })

If your site don’t have standard names for UA tracker (‘ga’) or data layer (‘dataLayer’) you can set your custom names with this filter:

add_filter( 'joinchat_get_settings', function( $settings ){
    $settings['ga_tracker'] = 'gaCustom';
    $settings['data_layer'] = 'dataLayerCustom';
    return $settings;
} );

Integración con Google Tag Manager envía un evento (si se detecta GTM) cuando el usuario hace clic para lanzar WhatsApp:

dataLayer.push({ 'event': 'JoinChat', 'eventAction': 'click', 'eventLabel': out_url });

Integración del píxel de Facebook envía un evento personalizado si detecta Facebook Píxel cuando el usuario hace clic en lanzar WhatsApp:

fbq('trackCustom', 'JoinChat', { eventAction: 'click', eventLabel: out_url });

Otras integraciones

Hay un evento de JavaScript que dispara automáticamente antes de lanzar WhatsApp y puede usarse para añadir tu código personalizado de seguimiento (u otras necesidades).

  $(document).on('joinchat:open', function (event, args, settings) {
    // Your staff
    // Note: is the link to open, you can change it
    // but only, or current domain are allowed.

    // e.g.: Google Ads conversion


16 de noviembre de 2021
Support is non-existent, that's obvious. Apart from that, it behaves differently on Chrome(mobile) & Vivo(mobile). Therefore, it's not worth taking the risk installing this plugin as conversions may suffer due to poor user experience. A more reliable option is to install
5 de noviembre de 2021
The plugin is simple yet powerful in bridging communication between me and my visitors/customers without any fancy techniques. The plug-in has increased conversion rates as customers are now finding it easy to communicate and ask queries before they make decisions on proceeding with purchases.
7 de octubre de 2021
It is a great plugin, very easy to configure. It helps me a lot. Thank you very much!
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  • NEW: Now can change default role allowed to configure global settings.
  • NEW: Now can show as a direct menu in wp-admin.
  • NEW: link to update translatable settings when changed.
  • NEW: Accessibility: disable animations for devices with Reduced Motion preference.
  • FIX Elementor 3.5 Finder deprecation message.
  • FIX WPML ensure translations are registered in default site language.
  • Styles minor improvements.


  • NEW: WordPress 5.8 tested & updated.
  • FIX RTL text align right.
  • FIX Send event to all GA4 properties.
  • Prevent faux WhatsApp clicks when chat window is showed automatically


  • NEW: Enhanced telephone input scripts now are included in plugin and self-hosted.


  • NEW: Add Thank you page in WooCommerce visibility options.
  • SECURE frontend escape html output.


  • NEW: Add integration with Elementor Finder.
  • NEW: Add compatibility with Storefront theme mobile toolbar.
  • Better dependency loading.


  • FIX some CSS optimizers break message bubble style.
  • FIX PHP notice undefined ‘telephone’.


  • NEW: Add support to new Elementor landing pages.
  • FIX fallback for browsers that don’t support CSS “clamp()” (i.e Edge for Android)


  • SECURE escape input values on wp-admin (thanks to Camilo @camilo517)
  • NEW can pass custom data layer name for gtag.js and GTM with filter joinchat_get_settings
  • FIX also send Google Analytics 4 event when Universal Analytics and GA4 are present


  • Front script better settings validation
  • FIX error with some prices on variable replacement
  • Bump required minimun WordPress version to 3.5


  • FIX jQuery 3 deprecation warnings for event shorthands
  • FIX JSON error with “"” on variable replacement
  • FIX Don’t load public hooks on wp-login.php page


  • FIX minor css error introduced in v4.1.5


  • NEW: Add links to WhastApp with #joinchat or #whatsapp in your href. CSS triggers and links work on all pages, even without visible.
  • NEW: Analytics event compatible with Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights custom tracker name
  • Load images when show button for better Page speed.


  • NEW: PHP 8 & WordPress 5.6 tested & updated
  • Cleaner placeholder on telephone field
  • Added lazy loading attribute for image


  • NEW: Ensure chatbox header is allways visible on mobile with better height control
  • NEW: WooCommerce, use custom settings on shop page for all shop catalog pages


  • SECURE with ‘noopener’
  • FIX PHP error undefined get_col_charset() on old WordPress versions


  • FIX error on prices with ‘$’


  • NEW: Use custom text on chat window header
  • Added ‘joinchat_app’ class trigger that opens WhatsApp
  • Added Telephone to translatable fields
  • Added ‘joinchat_disable_thumbs’ filter
  • FIX updated style regex patterns
  • FIX hide on mobile when user fill forms


  • NUEVO: Mostrar información emergente al pasar el cursor sobre el botón
  • NUEVO: Ocultar en los móviles cuando el usuario rellena formularios
  • CAMBIADO por defecto vaciar todos los datos del plugin al desinstalarlo.
  • CORREGIDO eliminar la opción innecesaria de obtener `whatsappme`


  • CORRECCIÓN: color blanco para el texto del globo de aviso
  • Nuevo evento JS `joinchat:starting`


  • Corrección de un error al limpiar la caché al guardar con WP Super Cache
  • Imagen en miniatura de reserva, si es posible


  • Corrección de un error al limpiar la caché al guardar con WP Super Cache


  • Cambios menores: mejor detección de codificación de emoticonos, comprobación de la versión de WooCommerce, correcciones y mejoras de CSS


  • NUEVO: Vacía la caché de los plugins de terceros al guardar los ajustes.
  • CORREGIDO un error de PHP al cambiar el tamaño de la imagen.
  • ACTUALIZADA la biblioteca de introducción de teléfonos internacionales a la v. 13.


  • Mejor salida de los ajustes de JSON
  • Re-corregida desactivación de WAme


  • Corregida desactivación de WAme


  • Codifica los emojis si la base de datos no es compatible con utf8mb4.
  • Mejor actualización desde WAme (no necesita activación manual).


  • correcciones menores.


  • NUEVO: marca
  • NUEVO: Tema de color del widget.
  • NUEVO: clases CSS disparadoras para abrir la ventana de chat.
  • Más ligero, estáticos de menor tamaño e imágenes eliminadas.

CAMBIO para SEO: Todos lso ventos de Analytics cambian de WhatsAppMe a JoinChat

CAMBIO para desarrolladores: Todas las clases CSS, acciones y filtros cambian de wame o whatsappme a joinchat.

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