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WordPress User Registration Forms Plugin

Create custom WordPress Registration Forms, allow user registration, accept payments, track submissions, manage users, analyze stats, assign user roles, automate processes, send bulk emails and much more. If you need to build a custom WordPress Registration Forms process, look no further!

Take total control of user registrations on your site, with powerful building, configuring, publishing, managing, analyzing and automation toolkit.

So, what exactly is RegistrationMagic?

RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress user registration plugin and WordPress Registration form builder which gives you TOTAL CONTROL of user registrations on your website. You can create different WordPress Registration Forms for your users with different pre-defined form fields using an intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Choose from ready-to-use forms library to quickly create your forms with a few simple clicks! You can also set up payments for paid user registrations and build any type of WordPress payment form. A Front-End user registration area allows your users to login, reset password, check payment transaction history, download their form submissions, etc. This is the only WordPress Registration Form plugin you will ever need!

The new drag-and-drop form builder allows you to create rich custom layouts for your registration forms using standard row and column structure. You can split each row in upto four columns, and in different ratios, to create any type of form layouts. Fields can be dragged and dropped from one column to another easily. You can also add custom descriptions and headings to form rows.

Get started with RegistrationMagic using our Starter Guide.

RegistrationMagic tracks all incoming form submissions and activities, which can be monitored from individual form dashboard, allowing you to make informed decisions about your form tweaks. You can also accept attachments (single or multiple), and view or download them from a single area inside the dashboard. Advanced filters allow you to track form submissions for a specific form within a time period.

There is also a full-fledged User Management module integrated with RegistrationMagic. It goes a step ahead of default WordPress User manager by connecting user registration and payment activities with individual user accounts. User Manager is the central hub for RegistrationMagic’s user management system, which provides important information about each user within individual user pages. User management also offers enhanced options like suspending and re-activating users.

RegistrationMagic not only allows you to create new user roles but integrate them with your login and registration system easily. You can even create paid user roles using in-built manager!

Full integration with WordPress’ default user-meta system means you can hook your form fields with existing user-meta keys, or create new ones right from the comfort of your registration form dashboard. Therefore, not only all registration form submissions are visible inside WordPress User pages as table, you can also go ahead and map individual form fields to user profile fields (or create new ones from scratch)! This also opens a world of opportunity for integrations with other plugins using WP user-meta.

The in-built user login management system is robust and secure, featuring advance configuration options for both first timers and pro users. No need to install separate login management plugins! The login data feeds into to RegistrationMagic User Manager and Security system offering you centralized view of registration forms, login activity and user specific data, all in a beautiful graphical view. There’s more information about the login system below.

Learn more about RegistrationMagic features here.

Not happy with default WordPress registration page? You can define and replace default WordPress registration page with your own custom-built form. RegistrationMagic provides you with more control and flexibility over your WordPress registration page. It redefined the user experience by combining specialized roles of both login and registration plugin.

Running a WooCommerce store? WooCommerce user registration is another area where RegistrationMagic comes in handy. We understand limited registration options in WooCommerce can bog you down. RegistrationMagic can help you improve WooCommerce user registration experience by allowing you to add custom fields to checkout registration form. User Manager can display WooCommerce revenue, addresses and downloads information. You can also add WooCommerce Billing and Shipping field to your standard registration forms.

With RegistrationMagic you can build anything from simple to complex registration approval system. Powerful Custom Status feature offers an option to create multi-step registration approval process. Automations can be used for automated registration approval mechanism. These features allow you to use RegistrationMagic for industry specific registration systems, for example, a WordPress event registration form. If you are registering with limited seats, the Limits feature can help you build WordPress event registration form, which has both a booking time window and option to limit the number of bookings. You can also generate token numbers for every booking for these event registration forms.

Another example would be to use it as WordPress course registration plugin.

Custom Status Guide: The Custom Status system allows combining multiple actions in a single click. (Just like your very own macros!) This enables you to move submissions through a vetting process. Every action can prompt user to fulfill certain requirements. With advance Inbox filters and saved searches, It’s a cinch to sort and mark submissions. Failed registration attempts can be routed through different registration setup.

That being said, RegistrationMagic is an equally powerful contact form system. Intelligent contact forms are one of its many unique features built on real world case scenarios. Since registration and contact forms are neatly displayed inside a single All Forms section, you get a single place to manage all your user submissions and workflows.


Customer journey on your site starts with the sign-up process. There are multiple configuration settings in RegistrationMagic to curate sign-up experience for your users. These include different types of limits along with granular access controls, offering them to select user roles, display and hide signup form fields using preset conditions, etc. You also have complete control over redirections after sign-up, sending users email updates and even add automation to take care of recurring tasks. Signup form can be styled using the Visual Design Editor in the form dashboard allowing you to match it with your theme and branding.

RegistrationMagic provides shortcode for its own member area to manage accounts, payments, messages and more! The integrated member area is beautifully rendered with individual tabs for different types of information for the users. You can even display Member area in an overlay using RegistrationMagic’s MagicPopup system!

The user area also has many productivity features. For example, users can check status of their submissions, download filled forms as PDFs, find all emails sent by you, etc. all from a single user area published using a single shortcode. In fact, the user area is built in such a way that it fits inside any WordPress theme you are using, by automatically picking theme’s accent colors. One thing less to worry about!

The Login System

Read our WordPress User Login Guide: With the release of RegistrationMagic 4, Login Logout system has been substantially revamped. While login has always been an integral part of RegistrationMagic, it wasn’t as feature rich as the registration part. But now, with its own central management area, The Login Form Dashboard, it is much more capable and scalable system. You can now edit both Username and Password fields including custom errors and labels. You get a multi-level login validation process that uses reCAPTCHA, IP Filters (Premium) and Two-Factor Authentication (Premium). As with other forms, you can tweak visual elements of the login form. We have included four new custom email templates attached to login events. We have further introduced a new, multipurpose Login Logout button Widget. It renders Login Logout buttons based on user login state, displays login form as a pop-up or page, and important information about the current user on cursor hovering. We have moved all external integration services specific to login under a single section and added Login Analytics with user login timeline under it. Login Timeline also features advance filtering. A new Login tab now appears on user pages inside User Manager, with a chronological list of login events specific to the user.

New privacy options allow you to delete personal user data collected through forms. RegistrationMagic also integrates with WordPress default Export and Erase Personal User Data system. Additionally, You can add privacy policy field to your contact and registration forms, with checkbox asking user to accept it before form submission.

In short, RegistrationMagic is the missing user registration system for WordPress and a powerful addition to any WordPress admin’s arsenal. From building any type of WordPress signup form, it can serve as industry specific solution like WordPress event registration and WordPress course registration plugin. It combines the role of both a powerful login and a registration plugin.

And that’s not all! RegistrationMagic is in active development with new features being rolled out every fortnight. Keep an eye on the changelog! If you feel anything is missing, just request our team and you may see it in the very …


  • WooCommerce Cart Integration with RegistrationMagic's Magic Popup.
  • A simple user registration form with payment option.
  • Login page using RegistrationMagic.
  • RegistrationMagic's User Account area with WooCommerce integrated.
  • A multi-page user registration form styled using RegistrationMagic's visual form editor.
  • Forms Manager with options to sort, delete and edit forms.
  • Individual Form Configuration.
  • One of the form configuration panels.
  • Form custom fields manager.
  • Custom field settings. Here's an example of radio box.
  • Submissions Manager. Data hidden to preserve privacy.
  • Form Analytics. IPs hidden for privacy.
  • Field Analytics.
  • Pricing Manager.
  • Attachments Manager.
  • Email Broadcaster.
  • Users Manager.
  • User Roles Manager.
  • Ajustes globales.


Este plugin proporciona 4 bloques.

  • Registration Form
  • Submissions
  • Login
  • Users


  1. Download the plugin

  2. Go to your Dashboard and locate Plugins tab. Click on Upload Plugin and specify the path of downloaded plugin in the text box.

  3. Click on Activate Plugin

Detailed instructions can be found here:


Q: I am seeing following error message when visiting the form: “Submission limit reached for this form, please try back after 24 hours”

Ans: This is an anti-spam measure built into RegistrationMagic. A form can be submitted only certain number of times from a given device within a period of 24 hours. You can define the limit from Global Settings → Security. Change the value of Form Submission Limit for a Device as required. Set the limit to zero in order to disable the feature altogether, i.e. allow unlimited submissions from a device.

Note that in RegistrationMagic Premium, a global override is also available for this setting in Form Settings → Global Overrides.

Q: “Access Denied” error when trying to view form?

Ans: Please make sure that you haven’t accidentally blocked your own IP address! Confirm it from Global Settings → Security → Banned IP addresses from accessing the form.

Also make sure that you are using latest version of RegistrationMagic, as this issue may arise from IPv6 connections, which were addressed in latest versions.

Q: Submit button not working/does nothing!

Ans: Most of the time this happens due to a javascript error from a third-party plugin or theme. You will need to check browser console and see if there are any errors pointing to a file outside of RegistrationMagic repository. If you are able to trace it to a plugin, try disabling it and reload the form.

Another reason can be minification of JS files and inline scripts. Disable these if you are using a plugin for minification and try again.

Q: Form reloads on submitting and all fields are emptied!

Ans: This may happen if you are using a caching plugin. RegistrationMagic form is a dynamic entity and many features such as analytics may not work properly if the form is served from a cached copy. You will need to exclude the form page from caching inside your cache plugin’s configuration. After, that Purge the cache and try again.

Q: How do I change the text on the “submit” button?

Ans: You can easily do it from Form Settings → Design. Once inside, click on the animating circle on the submit button. A panel will show up where you can change the button label along with color and numerous other attributes.

Q: I want to translate some text, how can I do it?

Ans: RegistrationMagic uses standard WordPress po/mo files for maintaining translations. You can use any po editor to translate. We recommend Loco Translate, since it is a free WordPress plugin and works directly from admin dashboard. Click here to get it

As a nice little trick you can even modify texts using this, for example label of username and password fields.

Q: Can I create early bird user registration forms with it?

Ans: RegistrationMagic allows you to set limits to your forms and render a different form once the limit has reached. Limit can be based on number of form submissions or a set date. To create early bird form system, you need to create two different forms – One for Early Bird user registration and the other one for regular user registration. Obviously, you can set different prices for them. After that, set limit on the early bird form by going to Form Card → Settings → Limits. Turn on ‘Auto Expires’, then define its limits. Below the limits, there’s an option ‘Post Expiry Action’. Select Display another form. A new drop down will appear below it. Choose your regular user registration form. Now go ahead and publish your early bird form and RegistrationMagic will take care of the rest 🙂

In fact you can daisy chain multiple forms like this to create a system of forms! It opens up a host of new possibilities.

Q: Can an already registered user resubmit a user registration form?

Ans: RegistrationMagic allows resubmission of user registration forms. Therefore it is possible for users on your site to register multiple times if you offer different user registration options.

Q: Can I create WordPress registration form with payment field?

Ans: Yes, you can create user registration WordPress form with payment option, which allows user registration only after payment has been received successfully. If payment is unsuccessful, user account will not be activated.

Q: Can I use PayPal with RegistrationMagic?

Ans: Yes, RegistrationMagic is a powerful WordPress PayPal payment plugin which allows adding multiple payment fields with configurable options in your forms.

Q: Can I use Stripe with RegistrationMagic?

Ans: Yes, Stripe integration is available in RegistrationMagic. Using pricing fields, you can create stripe checkout WordPress pages.

Q: Can I use RegistrationMagic for registering users for events?

Ans: RegistrationMagic offers general purpose user registration systems with multiple tools. It allows you to create virtually any type of user registration process. Therefore, it is possible to use RegistrationMagic for registering users for an event.

If you want more specialized event registration options like event bookings, be sure to try out our other plugin EventPrime. It integrates with RegistrationMagic to display RegistrationMagic’s user registration forms when users book tickets for an event.

Q: Can I subscribe users to my newsletter list, while they register?

Ans: RegistrationMagic integrates with two of the most popular newsletter plugins on WordPress – MailPoet and Newsletter. You can use anyone of them to subscribe users when they register through a RegistrationMagic form. Note, this functionality is limited to Premium version of RegistrationMagic.

Q: How can RegistrationMagic enhance my WooCommerce online shop?

Ans: RegistrationMagic combines with WooCommerce to add awesome new features to your ecommerce site. You can use a RegistrationMagic form as default user registration form when users register for your shop. It also displays during guest checkout process. Apart from this, if you have MagicPopup turned on, you can show cart inside one of its panels. MagicPopup updates cart contents in realtime. Please see the first screenshot below for a visual.

Note, this functionality is limited to Premium version of RegistrationMagic.


26 de febrero de 2024
RegistrationMagic is very powerfull and usefull plugin. I really like it. BUT it's highly unoptimized or maybe in colision with other plugin (I think, first is the answer because i disable everything and problem still persist).When I enable it, it add additional ~3 sec to page loading.Sorry i can't use it.
23 de noviembre de 2023 1 respuesta
It is working so far, but lacking some functionalities vs other options
8 de octubre de 2023
I was using Gravity Forms and what was frustrating is the ability to see forms submissions by the user profile. No other plugin I have came across allowed me to complete such a simple task but registration magic. What was better for me is that I was also able to use it registration (because I really intended to use it for general form submission).
4 de octubre de 2023
Having an integrated solution for a number of plugins with add-ons is a bonus! We love this plugin.
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