Droit Elementor Addons – Widgets, Blocks, Templates Library For Elementor Builder


Droit Elementor Addons is an extension for the Elementor Page Builder Plugin. It will amplify your web design experience. It comes with resourceful widgets, a preset library, on-demand asset loading, and more. Each widget of the elementor addons contains versatile presets that you can use inside WordPress and Elementor. Designing a WordPress website will be super easy with Droit Elementor Addons.

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  • 80+ Intuitive, professional, beautifully crafted widgets [30+ free, 50+ pro]
  • 200+ Prebuilt template blocks [70+ free, 130+ pro]
  • 25+ Prebuilt page templates [15 free, 10 pro]
  • Header and footer builded [Pro]
  • Mega menu builder [Pro]
  • Popup builder [Pro]
  • Popup widgets – text, image, video, button, link support [Pro]
  • Full page popup, exit intent popup [Pro]
  • Advance animation – rotate, flip, scale, skew and more [Pro]
  • Parallax effects – background, image, multiple item and more [Pro]
  • Lottie animation support [Pro]
  • Live copy-paste – section, column, widget copy-paste [Pro]
  • Live copy-paste – cross domain copy-paste [Pro]
  • One page and full page scroll [Pro]
  • WooCommerce – product list widget and grid widget
  • WooCommerce – advance product list & grid widget [Pro]
  • WooCommerce – product filter widget [Pro]
  • WooCommerce – product carousel widget [Pro]
  • WooCommerce variation swatches [Pro]
  • WPML compatible – full multilingual support
  • Fully responsive widgets, blocks and templates
  • Expert support team


  • Tab – The Tab elementor addons widget is a robust widget to help you create content under specific tabs. The readers can navigate through the different tabs to see different contents. Also they can take action from the tabs with the help of buttons. The Tab tool comes with variations of preset styles.

  • Card – The Card elementor addons widget is an awesome tool to display contents in a creative manner. Users can use text, images, icons, and links to showcase their products, services, new offers, posts and more. WIth the help of the different preset variations provided by this Elementor Addon tool, users can make their give website a unique creative outlook.

  • Testimonial – With Droit Elementor Addons Testimonial widget powerful and creative widget you can showcase what your client’s say about you. Choose from the available preset variations. You can include image, name designation and the message of the testimonial. If you want to add borders, change background colors, typography and position of the testimonials, you can do that too.

  • Countdown – The Countdown elementor addons widget is suitable for displaying a timer on your website. You can use it before launching your website, introducing a new product or giving time specific offers to your website visitors. With the wide array of preset styles, you can show the countdown in versatile ways.

  • Pricing – Pricing elementor addons widget is a must have! It has many preset styles that gives you an opportunity to pick from a wide array of designs. You can always customize it with images, buttons, backgrounds, borders, currency and many other control options. The designs are up to date and modern in overall nature.

  • Icon Box – With Icon Box elementor addons widget, show text with icons to make your website standout to the readers. You can pick from the various preset styles and show content on your website that is easy for the eye. You can always customize the Icon Box with many customization options.

  • Accordion – The Accordion elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons shows information with collapsing effects. Readers can toggle through the tabs and get information in a crisp and precise way. Use built in presets and styles to create wonderful displays of contents.

  • Faq – The FAQ elementor addons widget by the Droit Elementor Addons is designed to create tabs with frequently asked questions presented in an accordion block. There are many presets to choose from. You can pick any of the presets and customize them easily as per your requirements. The readers can read the answers as they navigate through the tabs.

  • Process – Use Process Box elementor addons widget and its exclusive feature to show different processes on your website. Illustrated step by step guide, how to, service process, order process and more with Droit Elementor Addons Process tool. You can pick icons, images, and process shapes to display the boxes. By using the different style options and customizable features, you can illustrate apt and accurate processes on your web page.

  • Content Table – The Table elementor addons widget can be used on websites to present information in the form of a table. There are many preset styles available. Choose from any of the styles and get started. All the styles come with the option to customize the background, border, typography, number of columns, content title and contents of the table.

  • Timeline – The Timeline elementor addons widget will help you to showcase the journey of your organization, a specific product and add value to the quality of your website. The wide array of presets will help you to illustrate the journey on your website with spotless precision.

  • Team – A suitable elementor addons widget to display your team members on a website with additional features such as images, name, designation, social links and more. By using the different styles of preset you can display your team members in a very creative way.

  • Info Box – Create an illustrative Info box to communicate specific information in a very creative way. With this tool you can use the built in presets to create variations of Info box with texts, images, icon and more. You can customize the tool with options of typography, positioning and more.

  • Image Carousel – This Image Carousel elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons is a powerful tool for displaying images, using the available set of preset style variations. It is one of the best ways to showcase images on your website creatively. You can customize it further with shadow, borders, margin, padding and more to make your website visually distinct.

  • Animated Text – Animated Texts elementor addons widget will help you to get instant attention from your visitors. Creatively create web pages with animated text tools and craft an eye catchy interface. You can include them in the header, before specific sections or call to action buttons to make your website visually attractive.

  • News Ticker – Running a blog or newspaper website? Then the Droit Elementor Addons News Ticker widget is the perfect tool for you. Display breaking news, updates or announcements with the News Ticker tool. Creatively display news on your website with the help of this elementor addons amazing tool.

  • Alert – The Alert elementor addons widget will offer you a set of alert messages that you can use across your website. You can use Droit Elementor Addons Alert tool to communicate with the users as they navigate through the different options of your website. This subtle yet colorfully creative alert message will make the user experience (UX) easier.

  • Skill Bar – With Droit Elementor Addons Skill Bar widget you can show off your skillset and task progression in an attractive animated block layout, and customize it further with various style elements.

  • Progress Bar – Droit Elementor Addons Progress Bar widget allows you to showcase your skillset and task progression in a stunning animated block layout and further customize it with different style elements.

  • Title – Title, sub-title of a section. Just drag and drop in the beginning of any section you are creating. Also you can add a paragraph as a narration or description of the section in addition to title or sub-title. Also, a cool feature – you can add styling (color, font weight) to any part of the title, sub-title or the description!.

  • Blog – The Blog elementor addons widget can be used to create blog posts. There are many preset style variations available for this Droit Elementor Addons widget. Users can get started by picking any of the presets styles to create their posts. These prset style variations can be further customized using the Elementor page builder.

  • Bar Chart – Display your business analytics in a graphical representation with this widget. Bar Chart by Droit Elementor Addons enables you to create attractive and informative graphical charts and graphs with your analytical data. With an impressive array of customization options you can create any kind of chart to present your data in style.

  • Google Maps – This easy to use Google Maps elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons. With this widget, you can easily embed an interactive Google Maps block anywhere on your website and customize it further with different style options.

  • Contact Form – This Droit Elementor Addons widget makes it easy get connected with visitors & clients using contact forms. With the prebuilt Elementor presets, users can design various types of contact form for their website. These forms can be edited with unqiue background, typography, shadow, borders, etc. Giving the users total control over the widgets customizability.

  • Ninja Forms – The Ninja Forms elementor addons widget allows you to create different styles and types of contact forms. Users will be able to import Ninja Forms pre-set layouts and customize them in-depth by adding typography, colors, effects, etc.

  • We Forms – This is another form builder elementor addons widget that helps users create & deploy We Forms anywhere on their website, and customize them further to fit their website perfectly.

  • Wp Forms – Wp Forms elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons lets you build any type of forms like contact forms, suggestion forms, newsletters, subscribe forms, etc with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users have the option to customize these forms with buttons, typography, styles, & effects.

  • Product Grid – Create attractive WooCommerce compatible product showcases in grid layout. Product Grid by Droit Elementor Addons allows you to integrate your WooCommerce product listings on your website with all the necessary features and options for an e-commerce site.

  • Product List – Create stunning product listing on your website with this easy to use drag and drop WooCommerce compatible widget. Product List by Droit Elementor Addons lets you showcase your product list in a highly customizable block with listing options, order by, product limit, layout, title, pricing, add to cart, and more.

  • Share Buttons – Share Button elementor addons widget adds social share buttons to your website. Droit Elementor Addons share buttons comes with different presets with unique design variations. You can pick any of the designs, modify them if needed and have share buttons added to your website in no time. You can include icons, text and more to make the design attractive.


  • Advance Accordion – Advance Accordion elementor addons widget is a meticulously crafted piece of Elementor widget that lets you create and personalize your content material with collapsing effects. Create content, frequently asked questions, knowledge base, WooCommerce FAQ tabs, and plenty more with collapsing effects using this plugin. And further enhance these accordion sections with images, colors, backgrounds, fonts, and more.

  • Pricing With Switch – The must-have elementor addons widget for any business that aims to earn through the website! Add custom pricing with a detailed listing of your products and services. Droit Elementor Addons comes with an advanced pricing widget using which you can create, customize and stylize your price table according to your needs.
    With Droit Elementor Addons “Pricing With Switch” widget, you get an added premium pricing table with modern style and a dynamic switch for your price table. This helps you add one more section to your existing price table, and customize it to your liking.

  • Pricing Pro – Create an up-to-date price list with detailed product and service descriptions. Also, you can use this widget to further customize your pricing section with illustrations, backgrounds, fonts, colors, gradients, and more.

  • Advance Team Slider – Droit Elementor Addons Advance Team Slider widget makes it easy to create an attractive slider to showcase your team members. Present your team in style. With the help of this widget, you can create a custom slider with up-to-date business-standard blocks provided in the Droit Elementor Addons library.
    This widget allows you to add information such as name, title, social media icons, short description and images to your teams section.

  • Testimonial Pro – Testimonial Pro by Droit Elementor Addons is a simple yet powerful tool to showcase your client feedbacks and recommendations on a stylish block, designed to catch visitors’ attention.
    Testimonial Pro is an easy-to-use widget that lets you build and customize your testimonial blocks from scratch and stylize them with background, page animation, layout, style, description, title, client, etc.

  • Parallax Animation – Parallax Animation by Droit Elementor Addons is an intuitive widget that allows you to create stunning parallax effects with ease.
    Built with a user-friendly layout that helps novice users quickly catch up with the full functionality of the widget’s advanced feature set.

  • Breadcrumb – Breadcrumb by Droit Elementor Addons lets you visualize and style your Breadcrumbs in various ways.
    This convenient widget allows you to put navigation links that will appear on top of your web page. This enables you and your website visitors to clearly realize which page they are visiting and also can quickly navigate to a previous page.

  • Button Pro – Place personalized buttons anywhere on your webpage with ease. Button Pro by Droit Elementor Addons comes with different styles and design variations. You can start with any one of these design variations and modify them further to your webpage preference with ease.

  • Card Pro – Card Pro elementor addons widget lets you display your products, articles, news, innovative posts using a fine mixture of texts, links, badges, and images.
    You can illuminate your cards with illustrations, effects, backgrounds, gradients, and more thanks to an amazing assortment of customization options.

  • Call To Action – The must-have elementor addons widget for service providers and all kinds of businesses. Easily create compelling and informative Call To Action blocks to redirect visitors to the right place. With this widget, you can create CTA sections with advanced customization options.

  • FAQ Pro – Every website requires a specialized FAQ section. Droit Elementor Addons makes it easy to create useful and informative FAQ sections.
    FAQ Pro widget also has great customization options that allow you to combine different styles, backgrounds, and more.

  • Fun Fact – Make your website look more attractive to your potential client base with this mighty powerful tool. Fun Facts by Droit Elementor addons allows you to create and showcase your achievements, user base, transaction, awards, and more.

  • Image Comparison – The Droit Elementor Addons Image Comparison Widget for Elementor is an intuitive, drag-and-drop image comparison tool designed specifically for companies to display comparison among their products, ‘before & after’ snaps, and more.
    With this easy-to-use Elementor widget, you can create custom image comparisons with robust features such as image rearrangement, effects, backgrounds, motion, border, and more.

  • Advance Tab – Create nested multifunctional tabs to which you can add content, text, contacts, photos, buttons, and more. And customize these tabs further to suit your needs and UI.

  • Team Pro – Showcase your teammates and boldly display their title, skills, and experience with Team Pro. Team Pro lets you add images, typography, social media buttons, and more to your Teams section.

  • Advance Slider Pro – With this tool, you can quickly create several sliders to display text, images, testimonials, and more. Also, take advantage of all the amazing features that come with the Droit Elementor Addons plugin and customize your slider blocks further.

  • Process Pro – Process Pro by Droit Elementor Addons is the widget to move to when you need to visually represent your workflow.

  • Animated Title – With Animated Title elementor addons widget, you can create and manipulate animated title to flare up your blog. Flashy effects and fun transitions are just the tip of the iceberg.
    The widget also lets you choose from different styles, colors, transitions, fonts, and more. Particularly suitable for lighting slogans and advertisements.

  • Comparison Table – Create a multiple tire price comparison chart for your business that contains all the necessary information regarding your products and services.

  • Flip Box – The Flip Box elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons allows users to create informative content with text, images & icons in responsive boxes that can be flipped around by click or mouse hover. The widget offers several customizable settings, giving the flip box section an attractive outlook.

  • Business Hour – Keep your site upto date with this Droit Elementor Addons Business Hour widget. This amazing widget allows users to setup informative business hours blocks to better inform your visitors and clients.

  • Blog List – Droit Elementor Addons Blog List is a useful widget for all types of WordPress content. Blog List widget allows you to create, organize, and customize your content into list. This widget helps you display your content, images, products, and more in multiple list layouts, that you can customize further to your preference.

  • Post Slider Pro – Dorit Elementor Addons Post Slider Pro allows you to create and edit custom sliding blocks for your posts. Display your popular posts in an attractive slider show that redirects visitors to the original blog post.

  • Post Filter Gallery – A great way to categorize and filter your posts. Create categories/genres of your content in a stylish menu. This widget is especially useful for websites that contain varieties of content.

  • Line Chart – Use Line Chart elementor addons widget to visually present your analytical data charts. Droit Elementor Addons Line Chart widget allows you to create attractive and informative charts. With a whole host of customization options, this widget allows you to create line charts in a variety of styles to suit your presentation needs.

  • Pie & Doughnut Chart – Use this widget to visually display your business analysis. Droit Elementor Addons Pie & Doughnut Chart widget allows you to create compelling and informative charts. With a variety of customization options, with this widget, you can create all kinds of Pie & Doughnut charts to display your data in style.

  • Polar Area Chart – Polar Area Chart widget by Droit Elementor Addons makes it easy to create informative chart blocks. This widget comes with a number of customization options that allow users to customize the charts according to their project/presentation requirements.

  • Radar Chart – Droit Elementor Addons Radar Chart widget allow you to create attractive and informative data charts. With various customization options, this widget allows you to create any type of radar chart and display the data in different styles.

  • Google Maps Pro – Get your business on the map with this easy-to-use Google Maps elementor addons widget by Droit Elementor Addons. With this widget, you can easily embed an interactive Google Maps block anywhere on your website and customize it further to fit your web UI.

  • Subscribe Pro – The Droit Elementor Addons Subscribe Pro for Elementor makes it easy to create compelling subscription blocks. This widget allows you to customize your subscription block with images, illustrations, effects, typography, and more.

  • Product Grid Pro – By using the Droit Elementor Addons Product Grid Pro widgets, users can display content, images, products, etc. in a grid layout with different styles. The widget provides customizable options, including categories, product counts with grid styles, motion effects, etc.

  • Product List Pro – Use this Droit Elementor Addons for WooCommerce Product List widget to display an e-commerce product list in a listing layout. The listing options include options such as order by, number of products, layout, title, rating, price, and add to cart.

  • Product Filter – This handy elementor addons widget helps users create effective product filtering submenus for individual product categories and types with robust customization options and styling features.

  • Product Slider – Display e-commerce product sliders on your Elementor and WooCommerce website using the Product Slider widget by Droit Elementor Addons. This image slider widget features a lot of advanced tools and customization options, to give your WooCommerce product showcase a unique look.

  • Mini Cart – With this Mini Cart elementor addons widget, buyers can add multiple items to the cart and checkout without leaving the product page. Using Elementor, users have the option to design & customize their cart however they like.

  • Woo Cart – Woo Cart widget helps users set up and customize a robust WooCommerce product cart block that comes with all the bells and whistles that users need to display their products in an informative e-commerce layout.

  • Woo Checkout -This Elementor addon makes it easier to create robust and customizable WooCommerce checkout pages on WordPress. This widget also helps brands and stores create payment processing pages with relevant information.

  • Category Slider – This handy widget by Droit Elementor Addons allows users to create category slider blocks for their WooCoommerce product category. This is a great tool to showcase the type of products you have available in your eCommerce platform.

  • Category Grid – This Category Grid widget by Droit Elementor Addons allows users to create category Grid blocks for their WooCoommerce product category. This features more of a traditional form of product category showcase.

  • Twitter Feed – Twitter Feed by Droit Elementor Addons lets you connect directly to your Twitter account and automate a Twitter feed section on your blog. Update your Twitter Feed and have real time integration with your website. Choose from the different style sets and do necessary customization of background, text, color and position and you are all set to get started with the Tweets! Use this widget to showcase your social interactions and activities straight from your Twitter profile.

  • Dribbble – This elementor addons widget lets you promote your Dribbble presence through your website. Allowing you to showcase your published work on your website and redirect visitors directly to your Dribbble profile.
    This widget does a fantastic job at creating stunning showcases for your Dribbble feed.

  • Pinterest – Same as our classic Twitter feed elementor addons widget. This widget lets you interact and showcase your Pinterest profile with style. Create stunning presentation blocks and further customize them to match your website theme.

  • Parallax Image -This Parallax elementor addons widget allows Elementor page builder users to create responsive pages with parallax effects using multiple images that best represent their WordPress website. This is an excellent widget to prop up dull websites with customizable parallax effects.

  • Popup Modal – Popup Modal elementor addons widget lets you design amazing popups and helps you place them wherever you want them on your website. The popup modal can be customized with anything from texts to videos to functional signup forms.

  • Video Popup – Like the Popup Modal, this specialized elementor addons widget is specifically built for creating video popups with a clean, modern layout and styling. Furthermore, this widgets offer an array of customization options to better stylize your video popup section.

  • Dual Button – This elementor addons widget works in tandem with the Droit Elementor Addons Advanced Button widget, with which users will be able to add dual-function buttons to any post, page, or block. This will enable users to view buttons divided in half, linking them to two useful resources.

  • Caldera Forms – Users can use the Caldera Form widget by Droit Elementor Addons to create & customize contact forms for their WordPress website by selecting templates from a pre-set catalog. The widget is available with a variety of customization features, allowing users to present their forms in a unique way that perfectly suits their WordPress website.

  • Gravity Forms – With just a few clicks, you can build any type of form, such as contact forms, suggestion forms, newsletters, subscribe forms, etc., using the Gravity Forms widget by Droit Elementor Addons. Furthermore, users have the option to customize these forms with buttons, typography, styles, & effects.

  • Timeline Slider – This Elementor widget was designed for users to showcase events, achievements, company history, etc in an attractive timeline block with slider functionality. With further personalization options via Droit Elementor Addons customization menu.

  • Pricing Toggle – The Droit Elementor Addons Pricing Toggle widget enables users to upset multiple pricing tires such as annual & lifetime and allows users to toggle between them using customized buttons.

  • Lottie Animation – This Droit Elementor Addons Animated Image widget is best suited for those who are looking to flare up their website’s visual appeal. This widget allows users to create animated images with different effects and customization options.

  • Promo Box – Promo Box widget by Droit Elementor Addons is an excellent tool for creating stunning promotional ad blocks with different effects, animation, and more. And not just that this widget is also great for creating custom blocks as well.

Featured & Awards 🏆​

  • Droit Elementor Addons plugin won the Monster Award 2021 by TemplateMonster for Best Elementor Addons.

Get Support

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There are a few options for installing and setting up this plugin.

Upload Manually

Step 1: Download the plugin file.
Step 2: Upload the ‘droit-elementor-addons.zip’ folder into the “/wp-content/plugins/” directory.
Step 3: Extract the Droit Addons file from the file manager.
Step 4: Go to the Plugins admin page and activate the plugin.

Install Via Admin Area

Step 1: In the admin area go to Plugins > Add New and search “Droit Elementor Addons”
Step 2: Click install and then activate.

How to Use

See our Documentation

Pro version is out right now

Checkout the feature list here


Does the Droit Elementor Addons plugin impact page loading speed?

No, it won’t impact page loading speed. We have built the Droit Elementor Addons a lightweight plugin and optimized it for fast loading so that it does not impact the performance of the website it is installed in.

Does the Droit Elementor Addons plugin conflict with any plugin in my website?

By default, it should not conflict with any plugin on your website. If in case it does please contact our support.

Where can I find documentation about this plugin?

We have extensive documentation of the Droit Elementor Addons plugin. Here it is.

How do I avail support for this plugin?

We have a top notch support team for the Droit Elementor Addons. If you need support please reach us.

What if I update to the Premium version?

Your existing elements or content will work with the Droit Elementor Addons Pro version. So you won’t lose any of your hard work.

Does it work with any WordPress theme?

Yes, it will work with any WordPress theme as long as you are using Elementor as a page builder.

Does it work with Elementor Pro?

Yes, absolutely.

Is Elementor PRO required to be activated for your plugin elements to run?

None of our Elementor widgets (premium or free) require Elementor PRO to be activated on the site.

How can I request for more widgets or features?

Please contact our support


13 de abril de 2023
Support was good for a year or so, but I have a critical error (cannot edit any elementor pages with the free plugin active and cannot active my paid version) and I have heard nothing from my ticket in a week. Also tweeted and DMed them and no response.
27 de diciembre de 2022 1 respuesta
Droit Elementor Addons is the unparalleled and peerless Elementor Addons, providing an unrivalled and supreme experience.
28 de diciembre de 2021 1 respuesta
I purchased because of the product. I stayed because of the service. I really like the features and they have implemented well onto my website. However, as is true with lots of technology, bugs happen. The true measure of a product is how well the company will support their product and make improvements. I have to say that the support team at Droit has been great. Feedback is timely and they are quick to implement custom suggestions or provide product updates regularly. If you're intrigued by any of their products, rest assured that you will be well taken care of with top notch service!
21 de diciembre de 2021 1 respuesta
These guys are awesome, I love the addons and how well it works with Elementor.
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3.1.5 – 17-08-2023

  • Fix: Compatibility check Elementor latest version
  • Fix: Compatibility check WordPress latest version
  • Fix: Templated loading issues
  • Fix: Img Carousel issue fixed

3.1.4 – 12-06-2023

  • Fix: Compatibility check elementor latest version
  • Fix: Compatibility check WordPress latest version
  • Fix: Pro licenses active issue solved

3.1.3 – 12-01-2023

  • Fix: Compatibility check elementor latest version
  • Fix: Compatibility check WordPress latest version
  • Fix: deprecated function updated

3.1.2 – 15-08-2022

  • Fix: Compatibility check elementor latest version
  • Fix: Compatibility check WordPress latest version

3.1.1 – 15-08-2022

  • Fix: API error issue solved

3.1.0 – 10-08-2022

  • Fix: Remove deprecate function
  • Add: Template Library Switcher in Module

3.0.9 – 27-03-2022

  • Fix: Remove deprecate function
  • Fix: Compatibility check elementor latest version

3.0.8 – 22-03-2022

  • New: WPML Supported

3.0.7 – 12-16-2021

  • Fix: Css/Js issue Solved

3.0.6 – 12-16-2021

  • New: Added features (Tooltip )
  • Fix: Css/Js issue Solved

3.0.4 – 12-12-2021

  • New: Added widgets (Progress Bar, Skill Bar )
  • Fix: Css issue Solved

3.0.3 – 09-12-2021

  • New: Added module (Background Parallax )
  • Fix: Chart Js issue Solved

3.0.2 – 01-12-2021

  • Fix: Js and Css Issues Solved

3.0.1 – 23-11-2021

  • New: Added widgets (Product List, Product Grid, Bar chart )

3.0.0 – 08-11-2021

  • New: Added widgets (Google Map, Ninja Form, weForm )
  • Fix: Updated all Elementor Widgets Control and Modify preset Design
  • Fix: Js and Css Issues Solved

2.0.1 – 27-04-2021

  • New: Added Templates System
  • Fix: Js and Css Issues Solved

2.0.0 – 27-04-2021

  • New: Plugin code Structure update
  • New: Plugin Dashboard Design modify
  • Fix: Js Issues
  • Fix: Css issues

1.0.9 – 06-04-2021

  • New: Added Subscriber Api
  • Fix: Process hover

1.0.8 – 04-03-2021

  • New: Added Mailchimp
  • Fix: W3c Validation
  • Fix: Update Wrapper Js

1.0.7 – 15-02-2021

  • Fix: Icon Loading Problem
  • Fix: Extention Loading Problem
  • Fix: Caching system

1.0.6 – 02-02-2021

  • Fix: Upgrade widget default activation.

1.0.5 – 31-01-2021

  • Fix: Change File Structure
  • Fix: Compress Admin JS
  • Fix: Increased file loading speed
  • Fix: WordPress Admin Notice From Addons Dashoard
  • New Feature: Added Title Widget

1.0.4 – 14-01-2021

  • Fix: File compress.
  • Fix: Faster loading time.
  • Fix: Remove editor css.
  • New Feature: Added Templating System.

1.0.3 – 21-12-2020

  • Fix: Fixed some issue.
  • New Widget: Added Banner Widget( With 10 layout ).
  • New Widget: Twitter Feed( With 2 layout ).
  • New Widget: News Ticker( With 2 layout ).
  • New Widget: Animated Heading.
  • New Widget: Advanced Alert.

1.0.2 – 10-12-2020

  • Fix: Fixed responsive issue
  • New Feature: Pricing populated feature.
  • New Feature: Blog List query change.

1.0.1 – 26-11-2020

  • Fix: File submission error fixed
  • Fix: Image size in all widgets fixed.
  • New: Added Card widget.
  • New: Share Button widget.
  • New: Team Member widget.
  • New: Image Carousel widget.
  • New: Process widget.
  • New: Pricing widget.
  • New: Blog List widget.

1.0.0 – 25-11-2020

  • Initial launch of the plugin