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Easy Watermark can automatically add watermark to images as they are uploaded to wordpress media library. You can also watermark existing images manually (all at once or an every single image). Watermark can be an image, text or both.

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Plugin features

On one image you can have two watermarks! One of them can be text watermark and the other image watermark. You can control their position and size and apply them to your media independently.

  • Image watermark can be a JPG, PNG or GIF
  • Full support for transparency and alpha chanel in PNG and GIF files
  • JPG and GIF files and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
  • Text watermark is created using ttf fonts
  • Text color, size and rotation can be set
  • All built-in image sizes can be watermarked (thumbnail, medium, large and fullsize) as well as all additional sizes registered by themes or plugins
  • Plugin can create image backups and allows to easily restore images

Image watermark

Easy Watermark supports three most popular image formats for watermark: JPG, PNG and GIF. For JPG watermarks you can control the opacity as well.

Watermark can be applied in on of the 9 positions on the image and you can controll the exact sizing of it.

Text watermark

Text watermark have a powerful feature of placeholders, which can be dynamically applied to the image. Ie. you can put the name of user who uploaded the image as well as the upload date. Watermark text will be automatically generated and applied.

The plugin supports a few fonts:

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Impact
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet MS
  • Verdana

You can also place the text watermark in one of the 9 positions on the image, control the angle, color, opacity and size.


  • Image watermark settings
  • Text watermark settings
  • All watermarks
  • Easy Watermark settings
  • Easy Watermark permissions
  • Watermark control while uploading images
  • Bulk watermark or restore images on Media screen
  • Bulk watermark and restore all images


Note: Easy Watermark requires GD extension installed and enabled on a server to work.

  1. Install via Plugin installation screen in WordPress dashboard or download and unpack plugin zip and upload its content to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Plugin is working. Go to “Tools > Easy Watermark” to set up your watermarks.


Can I remove watermark after it was added?

Yes, since version 0.6.0 there is an option to “remove” watermark by restoring the original image. Backup feature is enabled by default, you can disable it on the “Tools > Easy Watermark” screen. Note: this will use more space on your server due to the fact that the images will be stored twice.
Only the fullsize image is stored in backup, thumbnails are regenerated during the restoring process.
To restore the original image just go to the attachment edit page. In the “Easy Watermark” meta box you can find the “Restore original image” button. You can also do this via Media page and bulk actions.

How can I restore original images after the plugin was uninstalled?

The plugin doesn’t restore your images on deactivation/removal. Please consider to install the plugin again and restore your images before uninstalling.
If you don’t have a possibility to do this, you can manually restore your images. Just go to wp-content/ew-backup in your wordpress main directory. You will see there are folders in the same order like in uploads, images are stored as /year/month/imagename.jpg|png. What you need is to copy all the files from ew-backup to uploads dir (it will ask you if you want to override the existing files, click YES). As mensioned before, this will restore only the fullsize images so you need to use some other plugin to generate the thumbnails again (see Force Regenerate Thumbnails by Pedro Elsner).

How can I add watermark to pictures that were uploaded before the plugin was installed?

You can go to “Tools > Easy Watermark > Tools” screen and use bulk action options.

How can I adjust watermark image position?

Watermark position can be adjusted vertically and horizontally by selecting alignment (left, center, right, top, middle, bottom). You can also define horizontal and vertical offset.

Can I add both, text and image watermark at once?

Yes, there is a posibility to add only image, only text or both.

How Can I adjust text watermark?

You can choose text font from the list of ten fonts included to this plugin. You can also set font size, color, angle and opacity. Position of text watermark can be adjusted exactly like the image watermark position.

Can I use my font for text watermark?

Unfortunately no. In PRO version you’ll be able to use more fonts.

How the scaling of the watermark image works?

On the watermark image settings page you can se ‘Scaling Mode’ selection which has 5 options:
* ‘None’ – watermark scaling is off
* ‘Cover’ – watermark will fill the entire image
* ‘Contain’ – watermark width or height will be adjusted to image width or height in such a way that it will be all visible
* ‘Fit to Width’ – watermark width will always be adjusted to image width
* ‘Fit to Height’ – watermark height will always be adjusted to image height
If ‘Scale down only’ checkbox is checked, any scaling will be done only for images smaller than watermark image.
Watermark ratio is always preserved, so it can go beyond the image when the ‘Scaling Mode’ is set to ‘Fill’.
With ‘Fit to Width’ or ‘Fit to Height’ options watermark dimensions can be set as a percentage in relation to the image dimensions.

What placeholders can I use in text watermark?

All available placeholders are listed in a box titled ‘Placeholders’ displayed while creating the Text Watermark.


14 de julio, 2021
I messed up the watermarks, so I needed to remove them. The removal process worked until it hit an error with an image file, then it refused to continue. I'm having to restore the original files manually from the plugin's back-up directory, which is not fun. It would be better if the plugin skipped over the file causing an error and continued with the rest, rather than just stop.
27 de junio, 2021
I tried some of the other tools. This is very easy to use and worked for woocommerce too. Hope the author maintain/update this plugin frequently as other similar plugins are not well maintained.
20 de junio, 2021
I love this plugin. It does exactly what I need in a simple easy way. It works great, and even provides backup security if you mess something up and need to go back to original images. I just REALLY wish the developers would allow for more than one image watermark that you can choose from when applying. The plugin is already set up perfectly for this, allowing you to choose between the one image watermark or the one text watermark (or both!). PLEASE allow us to choose between more than one image watermark! I don't want to switch to a different plugin, but it is a pain to have to delete my image watermark and change it to a new one every time I need to go back and forth between different watermarks. I would even happily pay for the plugin if this feature is added!! Thanks for your work on this great plugin.
22 de junio, 2021
This plugin is awesome and I love it. I don't often write reviews, but when I come across such a neat, simple and really effective plugin that does exactly what it says on the tin, then I simply must write a review and give due credit where credit is due. I'm not sure that I can understand some of the other reviews on here. I installed this plugin, it instantly worked and instantly did exactly what I needed it to do, as advertised. It wasn't immediately obvious how to edit the images individually from the beginning, but a little click around in the WP media editor and I found it. I can bulk add and remove watermarks, very simple. I can add and remove watermarks individually, very simple. Or, automatically upon upload. I only had one image I restored which, for some reason, didn't display properly on the page. It wasn't a 404, because when you clicked on the container where the image was supposed to, it then loaded up in the lightbox. No drama, I just deleted the image in the post editor and uploaded a new one. No problemo. It was just one single minor glitch and that can happen at almost any time with any plugin. From my experience, this is not what I'd classify as a buggy, poorly coded plugin. No way. It seems super robust and extremely well-coded if you ask me. If this plugin remains stable with future updates, then it's a definite keeper for me. I mean where do I enter my credit card details? Because, really, I will pay for it happily. And as of yet, no one has asked me for any money! Super plugin. Well done. [This is an update 4 days later. I've been working on scores of new pages, scores and scores of images and page image galleries. My original review just doesn't do it enough justice. In this entire time, I've not had a single glitch or problem. I upload images and I get exactly what I want. I've checked everything across mobile devices too. Same excellent results to report. Really excellent. Very happy.]
14 de junio, 2021
I'm really bummed this plugin doesn't work. I REALLY wanted this to work, as it has all the features I'm looking for. Problem #1: Transparent bg PNG, transparent GIF, plain white JPG's show up as all black rectangle (instead of transparent bg). Problem #2: If no problem #1, then the logo itself is black, instead of the grey or white color. Same applies to when I used a 50% opacity transparent PNG logo (done in Photoshop), the preview shows the logo as just black and not dimmed/grey. Problem #3: After testing one image (Media > Library > "Bulk Select" > (selected one image to apply the watermark I created), after refreshing and clearing cache, it shows up ginormous logo across the image. The preview in the "edit" watermark setting does NOT show the real thing, as in the preview it showed up perfectly small in the bottom right corner. Changing the scale (I tried 5%, 20%, 50%, 100%) Problem #4: After restoring the image I tested it on to remove the watermark, the logo will not disappear. I used the clear cache plugin, then opened the page in a completely new browser that I never use and cleared the cache, and it STILL shows the huge black logo on the image I tested on. There are more problems that I've come across, but there are just so many I can't remember them all. In short, this plugin does not work in any shape or form. I'm really confused how it works for other people. Other info: I have the most up-to-date plugin for Easy Watermark. I have SiteGround hosting (not sure if that's relevant info). I uploaded an image logo (I've tried transparent PNG, transparent GIF, and a regular JPG). I picked an image for the preview. I selected the bottom right alignment and offset (40px each). I've tried leaving Scaling mode to "None" and all the other options. I've tried checking the "Scale down only" box and tried without it. Tried adjusting the scaling to 5%, 20%, 50%, and 100% (in the preview they do nothing and everything remains the same). Nothing works.
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  • [Fixed] Watermark preview url fixed to work with non-standard WordPress installations
  • [Fixed] Error in Cache Busting feature.


  • [Added] Role existence checks during plugin activation.
  • [Added] Filter to prevent applying certain watermark.


  • [Fixed] Translated view file names causing missing view errors.
  • [Fixed] Errors occuring on the first plugin activation.


  • [Added] New form styles compatible with new WordPress form styles.
  • [Added] Option to disable cache buster responsible for adding version param to image urls.
  • [Fixed] Watermark preview.


  • [Removed] Freemius library.
  • [Fixed] Potential PHP 8 issue.


  • [Fixed] Compatibility with other media-related plugins
  • [Fixed] Backup file paths on Windows
  • [Fixed] Bulk actions in media library list view


  • Images will now hold information about applied watermarks which has been removed
  • [Fixed] Missing FileBird dependency
  • [Fixed] Database query error in bulk actions


  • [Fixed] Improved error handling
  • [Fixed] “Enhanced Media Library” plugin compatibility (and possibly some other plugins which replace media library components)
  • [Fixed] Watermark delete error fixed
  • [Fixed] Source set filtering improved


  • [Fixed] FileBird compatibility
  • [Fixed] Frontend content builders compatibility


  • [Fixed] Media library not working with ACF plugin enabled


  • [Fixed] Freemius screen displayed incorrectly after activation
  • [Fixed] Permission settings now actualy works
  • [Fixed] Config is now saved in unicode so you can use other character sets, like cyrylic
  • [Fixed] Incompatibilities with caching plugins
  • [Fixed] Srcset fatal error edge case
  • [Fixed] Watermark deleting


  • The plugin has been rewrote from ground up.


  • Freemius integration


  • Minor adjustments for newest WordPress version


  • Added: backup option for watermarked images – allows to restore original image
  • Added: button to restore all original images on the plugins page
  • Changed method of watermarking all images
    • it now uses ajax and watermarks 10 images at once so it needs less time and memory per request


  • Fix: watermarking class optimised to avoid out-of-memory errors
  • Fix: settings are now kept after deactivation
  • Fix: many small bugs in a code
  • Added: bunch of new text placeholders
  • small changes in UI


  • fixed cooperation with front-end upload plugins (like BuddyPress Media)
  • added possibility to define which post type attachments should be watermarked on upload


  • fixed issue with watermarking not selected image types on upload
  • png transparency in watermarked images is now preserved
  • added possibility to disable watermarking feature for particular roles
  • user which can only add posts (like ‘author’) can only add watermark to the images uploaded by him
  • introduced placeholders in text watermark
  • color picker changed to Iris (integrated with wordpress)
  • added information about image status (watermarked or not)
  • added ‘Easy Watermark’ column in media table and metabox on an image editing page
  • a lot of ‘invisible’ changes in the code


  • repaired issue with auto-watermark option


  • added support for additional image sizes registered by some templates or plugins (e.g. ‘post-thumbnail’)


  • added possibility to define jpeg quality


  • added an option to scale watermark only for smaller images
  • added confirmation button for ‘Add watermark to all images’ action
  • some changes in the code to make the plugin more compatible


  • introduced watermark image scaling option


  • added support for all image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large), not only the fullsize image
  • plugin now checks if the GD library is available, if not, it’ll inform you about it instead of throw errors


  • added bulk action on media library page


  • added live text preview on the settings page


  • some changes on settings page


  • added text watermark handling
  • corrected issue with auto adding watermark on upload


  • offset can be now also a percentage, not only pixel value
  • changed code structure
    • separete class responsible only for watermarking (can be used alone)


  • Initial release