Advanced File Manager


El gestor de archivos más potente e intuitivo para WordPress. Editar, borrar, subir, descargar, comprimir (zip), copiar, etc. y otras múltiples operaciones con archivos. No se necesita cPanel ni FTP. Puedes acceder a los archivos dentro y fuera del directorio raíz de WordPress.

Características clave

  • Directorio raíz editable:Puedes editar el directorio raíz.
  • Shortcodes: Shortcodes for logged in and non logged in users with multiple attributes and features (allows users and users role access) are available for frontend (pro)
  • Acceso a archivos:Accede a archivos dentro y fuera del directorio raíz de WordPress
  • Operaciones de usuario: Subir, descargar y borrar operaciones
  • Operaciones con archivos: Todas las operaciones con archivos y carpetas (copiar, mover, subir, crear carpeta/archivo, renombrar, archivar, extraer, editar, etc.)
  • Previsualizar PDF: Característica de previsualización de PDF disponible
  • FTP Support: Alternative to FTP
  • Ocultar la ruta real de los archivos: Característica para ocultar la ruta real y actual de los archivos.
  • Trash: Move to Trash Feature
  • Themes: Light and Elegant client UI
  • Drag and drop: Drag & Drop file upload support
  • Icon View: List and Icons view available
  • Archives: Archives create/extract (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2)
  • Image Edit: Image and File Edit Support
  • Preview: Quicklook, preview for common file types
  • Directory Size: Calculate directory sizes
  • Video and Audio: Video and audio preview/play
  • File Search: Support file search and sort
  • High Performance: High performance server backend
  • Local File System: Uses local file system no need of database
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts available
  • Multi Selection: Multiple file/folder selection
  • Move Files: Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop
  • Toolbar: Rich context menu and toolbar
  • Thumbnails: Thumbnails for image files
  • Auto resize: Auto resize on file upload.
  • UTF-8: UTF-8 Normalizer of file-name and file-path etc.
  • Sanitizer: Sanitizer of file-name and file-path etc.
  • Folder upload: Folder upload (supports on google chrome/Chromium)
  • Chunked file upload: Chunked file upload
  • Upload: Upload directly to the folder
  • Creating Archive: Creating the archive by specifying the file name
  • Browsing History: File browsing history
  • Responsive: Works on tablet and phone

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Key Features of Advanced File Manager Shortcode

  • File Manager Access for Logged in Users: Logged in users can access and manage files on your website front end.

  • File Manager Access for Non Logged in Users: Non Logged in users or visitors can access and manage files on your website front end.

  • User Role Restrictions: You can restrict any user role to access file manager on your website front end.

  • Users Restrictions: You can restrict or block any user to access file manager on your website front end.

  • Private Folder Path: You can set private folder path where users can access files in shortcode.

  • Hide files or folders: You can hide folders or file from private file path for users in shortcode.

  • Carpeta personal: Carpeta personal de usuario.

  • Theme: You can set theme for file manager in shortcode.

  • Language: You can set any country language for file manager in shortcode.

  • Control User Operations: You can control users operations in Shortcode. You can set operations for your users (upload,download etc).

  • View: Grid and list view for file manager in shortcode.

How to use

  1. Install Plugin
  2. In Admin File Manager Advanced Menu will appear, click and thats all.

Minimum requirements for File Manager Advanced

  • WordPress 4.0+
  • PHP > 7.0
  • MySQL > 5.0


  • File Manager View - Light Theme.
  • File Manager View - Dark Theme.
  • Settings
  • Editor de imágenes
  • Previsualizar PDF
  • Comprimir archivos y carpetas
  • Descargar archivos
  • Editor de ACE
  • Espejo de código
  • Múltiples temas para File Manager
  • Múltiples idiomas para File Manager


  1. Download and Upload the file-manager-advanced folder to the directory /wp-content/plugins/ or simply search in your wordpress admin.
  2. Then simply activate the plugin.
  3. You can see File Manager Advanced menu in your wordpress admin menus.


¿Podemos acceder a carpetas fuera del directorio de WordPress?

Sí, puedes, ve a los ajustes y cambia la ruta raíz.


8 de noviembre de 2023
Works fine after purchase but then I never received an update. The contact form on the website does not work. Now the plugin is causing a critical error in Woocommerce.Fortunately now in good contact with the programmer who has promised to fix the bug.
21 de septiembre de 2023
It took the bland file manager within my hosting provider to a new level. I easily downloaded all of my image files to my computer. There is a limit of 1,000 images per download. With over 3,500 images it only took a few minutes. Very glad I found this plugin.
23 de junio de 2023
It is much easier to finds things or move around than with the native Wordpress system.
25 de abril de 2023 1 reply
The range of functions looks excellent, but when I try to use them I get the message "Invalid backend response. Data is not JSON". I carefully backed up the wp-config.php file but then could not restore it. Something wrong with the plugin or its installation on my site.
24 de abril de 2023 1 reply
Since current year plugin didn't work. While testing and trying to find solution my server load was exceeded. Console error: [file_manager_advanced] Unable to connect to backend, HTTP Error: 0
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5.2 (03 Dec, 2023)

  • Compatible with wp 6.4
  • Upload issue in firefox fixes
  • Directory traversal fixes

5.1.2 (10 Sep, 2023)

  • Compatible with wp 6.3.1
  • Network sites access permitted to super admins and authorized roles.

5.1.1 (09 Aug, 2023)

  • Compatible with wp 6.3
  • Directory Traversal bug fixes
  • Network sites access permitted to super admins.

5.1 (11 June, 2023)

  • Security fixes

5.0.5 (22 May, 2023)

  • Compatible with wp 6.2.2

5.0.4 (16 Apr, 2023)

  • Compatible with wp 6.2

5.0.3 (07 Mar, 2023)

  • Compatibility verified

5.0.2 (07 Jan, 2023)

  • Max upload limit field added in settings
  • User role compatibility added
  • Fixed firefox dragdrop issue
  • Performance enhancement

5.0.1 (27 Nov, 2022)

  • Compatible with wp 6.1.1

5.0 (25 Oct, 2022)

  • Code updations and security fixes

4.1.6 (11 Oct, 2022)

  • Compatible with WP 6.0.2

4.1.5 (14 June, 2022)

  • Compatible with WP 6.0

4.1.4 (19 May, 2022)

  • Added Tags

4.1.3 (18 Apr, 2022)

  • Compatible with WP 5.9.3

4.1.2 (29 Jan, 2022)

  • Removed warnings and compatible with WP 5.9.

4.1.1 (13 Dec, 2021)

  • Added mime check.

4.1 (02 Oct, 2021)

  • Fixed security issues, elFinder Library Update

4.0 (18 July, 2021)

  • Removed warnings and compatible with WP 5.8.

3.9 (28 Mar, 2021)

  • Userroles permissions added

3.8 (13 Mar, 2021)

  • compatible with 5.7

3.7 (19 Dec, 2020)

  • compatible with 5.6

3.6 (31st Aug, 2020)

  • compatible with 5.5

3.5 (19th July, 2020)

  • compatible with 5.4.2

3.4 (1st Apr, 2020)

  • compatible with 5.4

3.3 (23rd Feb, 2020)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

3.2 (16th Feb, 2020)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

3.1 (16th Oct, 2019)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

3.0 (10th Oct, 2019)

  • Minor Bug Fixes

2.9 (14th Sep, 2019)

  • Arreglos menores

2.8 (14th May, 2019)

  • WordPress 5.2 compatible

2.7 (24th Mar, 2019)

  • Arreglos menores

2.6 (21st Feb, 2019)

  • Arreglos menores de código

2.5 (21st Feb, 2019)

  • El-finder Library Updations

2.4 (23rd Jan, 2019)

  • Cambios menores

2.3 (13th Jan, 2019)

  • cambios menores en css

2.2 (3rd Jan, 2019)

  • arreglos menores

2.1 (25th Dec, 2018)

  • cambios menores

2.0 (24th Dec, 2018)

  • resuelta advertencia de php y errores varios

1.9 (29th Nov, 2018)

  • Arreglos menores

1.8 (28th Oct, 2018)

  • Arreglos menores

1.7 (16th Sep, 2018)

  • Arreglos menores

1.6 (17th May, 2018)

  • Major Update – Delete issue fixed

1.5 (25th Apr, 2018)

  • Major Update – Elfinder missing jQuery fixes

1.4.6 (04th Apr, 2018)

  • Cambios menores en jQuery

1.4.5 (28th Mar, 2018)

  • Cambios menores de diseño

1.4.4 (23rd Mar, 2018)

  • Actualizaciones menores

1.4.3 (1st Mar, 2018)

  • New Themes Added for File Manager

1.4.2 (1st Mar, 2018)

  • Conflicto de la interfaz de jQuery resuelto

1.4.1 (24th Feb, 2018)

  • Nuevo campo añadido en los ajustes

1.4 (22th Feb, 2018)

  • Elfinder Library Updated

1.3.3 (16th Feb, 2018)

  • Code editing issue resolved

1.3.2 (13th Feb, 2018)

  • Actualizaciones menores

1.3.1 (06th Feb, 2018)

  • Directorio raíz editable – por favor, comprobar en ajustes (menú de controles)

1.3 (30th Jan, 2018)

  • Mejora de rendimiento
  • Shortcode Guide added

1.2 (15th Dec, 2017)

  • Resuelto un problema en el editor de código
  • Language class confliction issue resolved

1.1 (12th Dec, 2017)

  • Ajustes añadidos
  • Añadidas opciones de idiomas y temas.