With Filerobot you can enrich your images and video libraries by integrating our widget into your WordPress back office and uploading new visuals. You can then store them in our multi-tenant, searchable repository for increased flexibility and smoother collaboration.

You can edit and collaborate directly within Filerobot, as you modify or create new versions of your visuals within seconds. Work closely with your teams, manage different levels of access and easily share resources through customizable brand portals.

Make sure to control compliance, avoid duplicates and detect inaccuracies! You can do all that and more through our customizable validation steps. Thanks to our tailored AI features, you can streamline validation for your industry’s visual catalog.

Finally, you can easily retrieve all enriched visuals thanks to powerful content tags and indexation capabilities. Use adapted methods of compression to enjoy lighter and faster media as you easily publish to any channel by automatically creating new variants.

Filerobot serves as a Single Source of Truth for all of your digital media assets (think images and videos, as well as any other type of file). It allows for seamless collaboration across platforms via its Asset Hub, and it proposes a lively ecosystem of plugins and connectors. With Filerobot, no need to concern yourself with image editors and CDN setups: Filerobot takes care of the media lifecycle from A to Z.

There’s no development needed! Quite simply: set up your account, activate the plugin, and enjoy a fast, secure, and intuitive media gallery.

If you want to start connecting to your images’ library, you can request the creation of an account at

Regardless of the Filerobot flavor you choose, our base Plans include Cloud Storage, CDN Traffic, 2 Projects, and 5 Users. Base Plan starts at 299€ / month exc. VAT.

Many add-ons are available to boost your project (video compression, visual AI enrichment and enhancement, China delivery, brand portal, analytics).
Tell us about your project to pick the best pack for you: Filerobot Plans

How does it work?

As you work on a block of content directly within the WordPress editor, you’ll choose the “add an image” option as you normally would. The media picker from Filerobot will then be opened, as the single source of all your visuals, you may then pick one or several visuals that will load in the editor and be rendered in the page content once the article has been published.

Admins may easily migrate all WordPress library visuals to Filerobot when activating the plugin, to use it as a centralized repository for all visual content. Using the Filerobot plugin as your single source of truth for all your visuals allows for better performance for your internal content managers, as they’ll lead to faster loading times and upload to WordPress, as well as automatic data sync and metadata updates. You may also enable advanced user permissions and facilitate login with SSO. Filerobot offers a premium backup procedure of up to 30 days in case of accidental deletion of a file.

If you have suggestions for new features, feel free to email us at

Filerobot is crafted by the Scaleflex team.


  • Filerobot website
  • Benefits of Digital Asset Management
  • Plugin configuration page
  • Plugin activated, replacing the local WordPress gallery


Follow these steps to install the plugin on your WordPress site seamlessly:

  1. Navigate to the Install Plugins page in your WordPress dashboard.
  2. If you haven’t done so already, create an account on the Filerobot website.
  3. Activate the Filerobot plugin within the Plugins page of your WordPress dashboard. Simply input your Filerobot token to complete the activation process.


Question 1: Why are my images not going through Filerobot?

If your images aren’t processing through Filerobot, check if you have cache services like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, or others. If this is the case, you will need to reload the cache to enable the transformation of your URL.

If however the problem persists, please contact us directly at:

Question 2: How much does Filerobot cost?

Filerobot is a SaaS that doesn’t offer a free tier for the time being. Depending on your needs, one of our representatives can present the best match for you in terms of plan and options included. You can request your quote here.

Question 3: Will my original images be affected?

Filerobot automatically downloads your images and modifies the links in the WordPress database to call upon your Filerobot container. The original images are thus kept on your WordPress server, and then synchronized and uploaded in your Filerobot container.

You can use the integrated Filerobot Image Editor to then modify your images and create additional versions. These modifications will show only in your Filerobot container, and the original image will not be modified.

Question 4: What happens if I deactivate Filerobot WP plugin?

If you were to deactivate the Filerobot WP plugin, your website will revert to the condition it was in prior to the activation of the Filerobot WP plugin. We do not apply any permanent changes to your WordPress.

However, be mindful that any meta added to your pages after the activation of Filerobot will NOT be available after deactivation, which is why we strongly suggest to backup your WordPress before proceeding to the deactivation.


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Registro de cambios


  • First version of Filerobot WP plugin


  • Bulk upload functionality;
  • WordPress guidelines for using build-in methods;
  • Bug fixes in paths for media files;


  • Design improvements


  • Add hook for clear URL-s on deactivation


  • Add admin messages if working on localhost
  • Add admin message if token is not inserted


  • Implement function to check if file exist in Filerobot storage


  • Added lazy loading additional checkbox
  • Plugin admin improvement


  • Bug fix in validator
  • Update images and assets


  • Fix versioning of same file issues
  • Save low quality backup of main image, even if “Store only in cloud” is turned on


  • Plugin deactivation flow improvement


  • Sync options


  • Redesigned the settings interface
  • Redesigned instructions, documentation and support options
  • Changed auth method from API Key to Security templates
  • Added Filerobot Image Editor
  • Added option to replace the media library by FMAW (Filerobot Media Asset Widget)
  • Added Woocommerce support
  • Added log tab


  • Correct some language strings


  • FMAW, WooCommerce, Add product image and add to product image gallery


  • fix remaining FMAW bugs and imperfections


  • make FMAW work well with Gutenberg Editor – part 1


  • make FMAW more intuitive/user-friendly and misc FMAW improvements


  • for internal testing and demo only


  • plugin in a 1/2 presentable way. Gutenberg feature image with FMAW still have issues


  • fmaw ‘add variant’ hidden


  • fmaw gutenberg – insert multiple images in successive blocks


  • fmaw gutenberg – js code refactored. calling SecTemp SASS less often


  • fixed fmaw-loading-bug when fmaw-only is unchecked


  • fmaw gutenberg – make feature image work


  • fmaw/media library – make default wp insert/select-image button appear only in wp default media library but never in fmaw


  • fmaw gutenberg – temporarily hide more fancy functionalities


  • improved appearances


  • minor code improvements and Gutenberg basics checked


  • Sync down: FR meta -> WP meta, FR tags -> WP alt, FR comments -> WP contents


  • improve “test connection” button


  • improve “sync status” button


  • improvements after 4 May 2022 internal test


  • Edit a language string. Start development on Elementor-FMAW


  • Fix an upload bug in Gutenberg block image


  • Undo all language string. All English now.


  • Remove all ?vh=blahblah in image URLs. Made this Filerobot plugin work better with Gutenberg editor (most notibly: Gutenberg Gallery Block)


  • Made this Filerobot plugin work better with Gutenberg editor (most notibly: The image size and resize issue in Gutenberg post content)


  • Preliminary finish on ACF-Basic with FMAW and Elementor (Non-Pro) with FMAW


  • Preliminary finish (Overall)


  • Added meta synchronization switch to limit transfer of meta from Filerobot to WordPress DB (eg. tags)


  • Tested on WP version 6.1, fixed issue not found “nonce” when change feature image


  • Fixed error select image in another directory and support plugin ACF PRO


  • Tested up to 6.1.1


  • Upgrade Filerobot Widget to latest v3 and tested up to 6.2.2


  • Update Filerobot Widget library


  • Update Filerobot Widget library
  • Add functions:
    • Sync Post ID is using Image/Video into the metadata of Filerobot
    • Sync specific metadata fields from Filerobot to WP database
  • Tested up to 6.4.2


  • Validate value in the settings form


  • Fixed error “Alert” when save setting page


  • Add function “Sync the metadata by custom meta key” and “Change value of _wp_attached_file to CDN link”


  • Upgrade Filerobot Widget to latest version
  • Compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin v23.0