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Getlocations Lite


Getlocations Lite for WordPress allows you to create a default map using a form to help set the many features available.

It uses the software from to create the maps and to enable different map providers

There is support for the following Leaflet plugins:

  • Leaflet.awesome-markers
  • leaflet-control-geocoder
  • leaflet.fullscreen
  • leaflet.kml
  • leaflet.latlng-graticule
  • leaflet.layerscontrol-minimap
  • Leaflet.MagnifyingGlass
  • Leaflet.markercluster
  • Leaflet.MousePosition
  • Leaflet.Pancontrol
  • Leaflet.Terminator
  • Leaflet.zoomslider

These can be enabled on the Plugins settings page. This will make them available to any map where they can be enabled and configured. The settings for the Default map will provide a starting point for any maps created using shortcodes.

There are 65 markers builtin and many more can be made available by installing the font-awesome plugin, either from the URL below or by typing ‘Font Awesome’ in the search on the Add Plugins page.
The awesome-markers Leaflet plugin is well worth enabling too.

Getlocations Lite fully supports WordPress shortcodes and also supports a good many map providers, most of them free. There are also a number of Search engines available.

Getlocations Lite allows multiple maps on one page, each one defined with shortcodes.


  1. Install Getlocations Lite either via the plugin repository or by uploading the files to your server. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin)
  2. Activate Getlocations Lite in the Plugins menu.
  3. Navigate to the Getlocations Lite entry under Settings where you can setup your default map, which map providers to enable and which Leaflet plugins to enable.
  4. If you also install the font-awesome plugin from you will gain access to a great many markers and icons from fontawesome, ionicons and dashicons.


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