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HNB Multi Currency for WPML


  • Minimum requirements:

WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3 >
WooCommerce Multilingual 4.7 >

This plugin extends the functionality of WooCommerce Multilingual for automated exchange rates by adding additional exchange rates services:

Why to use this plugin:

  • By Croatian Law all companies that use multi currency have to use official middle exchange rate from HNB (Croatia National Bank)

Currencies can be converted from and to:

  • HRK – Croatian Kuna
  • AUD – Australian Dollar
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar
  • CZK – Czech Koruna
  • DKK – Danish Krone
  • HUF – Hungarian Forint
  • JPY – Japanese Yen
  • NOK – Norwegian Krone
  • SEK – Swedish Krona
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • GBP – Pound sterling
  • USD – United States Dollar
  • BAM – Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark
  • EUR – Euro
  • PLN – Poland złoty
  • Please note other currencies aren’t provided as HNB API doesn’t support them.

Requires following plugins


Special thanks to:


  • HNB Exchange rate service


1. Install the plugin

The latest versions are always available in the WordPress Repository, and you can choose one of your favorite ways to install it:

2. Complete the setup

Select the newly added service in WooCommerce -> WooCommerce Multilingual -> Multi curency.

  1. Enable Enable automatic exchange rates
  2. Select the newly added service – HNB – in Exchange rates source.
  3. Select update frequency – recommended is daily.
  4. Save the settings (otherwise the rate will be changed by following step but you would need to refresh the page in order to see it).
  5. Now you could click on update manually now button to update the rates for the first time.

Important notice about automatic sync time

  • By Croatian law we are required to get exchange rate every day at 0:00h
  • As of restrictions in WCML there is no option to set exact time in day. (Currently we are in touch with WPML support to make it happen in next versions)
  • To set it up make sure to set to “Daily” and save settings and “Update manually now” it at 0:00h as then it will sync it each day at that time.


What about my data & privacy?

The list of currencies used on your website is used to call to exchange rate service to get the exchange rate back. Your store’s data will not be transmitted. All data (e.g., price conversion itself) is still handled by WooCommerce Multilingual.

What about aditional functionality

In next versions of plugin we plan to include functionality to display currency rate and value in original currency on checkout and in order mail.


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Registro de cambios

1.1 (29.2.2020)

  • Compability test for WordPress 5.3.2 – WPML Multilingual CMS 4.3 > and WooCommerce Multilingual 4.7 >

1.0 (02.09.2019)

  • Initial release