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JobWP is the Easiest Job Board, Career and Recruitment Plugin for WordPress to display job listing in a career page.

Employer can add multiple job listings and can show them on a career page by inserting [jobwp_listing] shortcode.
Applicants can apply directly via the job application form.
After an applicant apply for a job, employer can see that application instantly in the Application List page.

How It Works!

✅ Fully Customizable

With this job board plugin you can customize your job listing very easily and extensively. You active, inactive a job, you can show hide and change colors and font size of your job info.

✅ Suitable for Recruitment Agency

This plugin is designed to display jobs for various companies. You can display the related company’s name and their logo in the job listing and job details page. You can also display jobs in various pages for various companies with the help of provided shortcode option.

✅ Flexible for Internal Hiring

Individual companies can use this plugin for their internal hiring. They can open job vacancies within their organization and accept applications directly with a CV copy.

✅ Accept Online Application

Job seeker can serch Jobs by keywords or category. If they find any suitable job they can apply directly to it. An apply online button is available in the job detail page which will open an application form where applicants can apply easily.

✅ Direct Application Link to Another Platform

You can display the job information and apply a url to that individual job which will redirect the job seekers to apply there. This could be use as an affiliate service.

Live Demo

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🌟 Key Features:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Option to use external form in the application form
  • Fully responsive for any device
  • Translation Ready
  • Display job listing in a career page
  • Two layouts – List and Grid view
  • Display job details in a single page
  • Lots of job informations
  • Job search panel
  • Applicants can apply directly to a job
  • Instant notification email when an application is submitted
  • Admin application list panel
  • Delete jobs in Job Application Panel
  • Pagination in Job listing page
  • Google reCaptcha in Job Applicaiton Form
  • Job Expiry Option Available
  • Show Hide Jobs When Deadline is Over

✅ Available Job Information

  • Job overview
  • Year of Experience
  • Number of Vacancies
  • Job Deadline
  • Job Status – Active / Inactive a job
  • Job Categories – Sales / Marketing / IT etc.
  • Job Nature – Full time / part time etc.
  • Job Level – Sr. / Jr. Position
  • Job Location
  • Job Responsibilities
  • Skills Required
  • Educational Requirements
  • Additional Requirements
  • Salary
  • Other Benefits

✅ Search Panel Items

  • Search by Job Title
  • Search by Job Category
  • Search by Job Type
  • Search by Job Location

✅ Options In Listing Page Settings

  • Overview show-hide option
  • Overview word length option
  • Deadline label text option
  • Experience label text option
  • Title font color option
  • Title font size option
  • Overview font color option
  • Overview font size option

✅ Options In Search Panel Settings

  • Hide search panel option
  • Search keyword show hide option
  • Search category show hide option
  • Search job type show hide option
  • Search location show hide option
  • Search button text option

✅ Options In Details Page Settings

  • Apply procedure title option
  • Apply procedure content option
  • Title font color option
  • Title font size option

✅ Application Form Settings

  • Application form title show-hide option
  • Application form title text option
  • Applicant name label text option
  • Applicant email label text option
  • Cover letter label text option
  • Application form submit button text option

➡️ Useage of Shortcode:⬅️

Use the below Shortcode to display Jobs


Shortcode to limit Jobs

 [jobwp_listing limit=5] 

Shortcode to display Jobs of a Category

 [jobwp_listing category="Category Name"] 

Shortcode to display Layout: list or grid

 [jobwp_listing layout="list"] 

✅ Pro Features

  • Application List Export to CSV
  • Notification Email to the Job Applicants
  • External Application URL
  • More Style Options for Job Details Page
  • Application Form Styling
  • More Style Options for Job Listing Page
  • Third Party Application Form Supported
  • User Consent Checkbox to Handle Personal Data
  • Role Based Notification Email
  • Docx file type allowed for job application
  • Admin Company Profile Panel
  • Assign a Job to a Company
  • Display Company Name on Listing
  • Display Company Logo on Listing
  • Shortcode Option to Display Jobs of a Company
  • Option to Select Job Title Tag in Single Page
  • Option to Allow Login Users to Apply
  • Display Job Search Panel at Home
  • Display Featured Jobs With Slider
  • HR User Role to Manage Jobs

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📋 Translation Ready:

  • POT file included (/languages/)
  • English (United States) (Default)
  • Bengoli (Bangla)

👍 Feedback/Rating:
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  • Showing Job Listing in List View
  • Showing Job Listing in Grid View
  • Showing Job Details Page
  • Showing Application Form
  • Listing page content settings
  • Listing page styles settings
  • Details page content settings
  • Details page styles settings
  • Application list panel in admin
  • Job listing minimal view


Install JobWp as a regular WordPress plugin. Here are different ways to install plugin:

Install by search plugin:

  1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  2. Search Display jobwp
  3. Click to install
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Setup the proper settings in WP Jobs menu

Install by upload plugin:

  1. Download the latest version of JobWp (.zip file)
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  3. Select “Upload Plugin”
  4. Click on “Choose File”
  5. Select downloaded jobwp.zip and click on “Install Now” button
  6. Activate the plugin


How can I Display Job?

After activating the plugin, you will see “WP Jobs” in WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Firstly, Go to “Add New” and add your Job there.

Next, create a page and in the page editor put the shortcode [jobwp_listing] and Update it.
You will see a Job Listing on that page.

Job detail page is not working! Showing 404 not found!

Please go to your admin panel settings -> Permalinks.

After that just press Save Changes button.

Now go to your detail page and refresh it.


7 de mayo de 2024
That is how I can describe it.
1 de mayo de 2024
Wow! I had been searching for a job board plugin for a client for some time and tried a few which always required CSS to get them to work.This plugin is sensational. Easy to use and the options are all laid out in an easy to understand format. I love the colour styles panel which allows you to really brand this to your company (no more coding and css)But the true mark of a great plugin is in it’s support. I have had a few questions during the set up and Hossni has been truly outstanding in quick and knowledgebale support. At $49 for a single site license, this plugin is truly a bargain.I’d implore any developer who is building a recruitment site or needs to add job board functionality to an existing site, take a look at this plugin.Has a great range of shortcodes to show jobs in different formats.Has the checkbox function for users to accept data privacy (very important)Has a great applications database showing all your applicants.I could not be more happier.
21 de febrero de 2024
Plugin is easy to use. Clean, meaning it is easy for your eyes and for finding things. Not confusing at all. Person who made it is very professional. Provides support fast if you have any additional questions. Added new feature ( asking for login when applying ) in 1 -2 days. After that the original version got the update with this feature. Simply awesome. Could not ask for a better service / product.
1 de febrero de 2024
These guys are responsive. One email and your issue is addressed. That’s the way it should be and these guys nailed the support.
29 de diciembre de 2023
I don’t often give reviews but this time I didn’t hesitate! The UI is visually stunning and the backend is easy to use and well laid out. I can’t wait to put it to use and give a follow up review… thanks for all the (obvious) hard work that went into this plugin!
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  • Layout changing option at front view
  • CSS fixed


  • Hide Jobs When Deadline Over option added
  • Hide Total Jobs Found option added
  • Action added for job single page before, after body container
  • reCaptcha implemented for job apply form
  • Enable/Disable reCaptcha option added
  • Delete resume when delete an application


  • Display jobs which deadlines are equal or grater than Today
  • Search button bg color option added
  • Search button font color option added
  • Search button font size option added
  • Search button hover bg color option added
  • Search button hover font color option added
  • Search container bg color option added
  • Search container border color option added
  • Search item bg color option added
  • Search item border color option added
  • Search item font size option added
  • Freemius SDK updated to 2.6.2
  • Css improved


  • Css improved
  • Code optimized
  • Minor bug fixed


  • UniqueId added to filename to make it more secured
  • Freemius SDK upgraded
  • Pro feature panel added to admin sidebar


  • Security fix at server side


  • Freemius SDK update to 2.5.10


  • Total job found message added
  • Parsing bug fixed
  • Listing page styling issue fixed
  • File security issue fixed
  • Css fixed
  • Grid layout issue fixed
  • General and Details page styling conflict issue fixed


  • Limit shortcoded option added
  • Category shortcoded option added
  • Search shortcoded option added
  • Pagination added
  • Job application delete feature added
  • Made content hidden if they are empty in detail page
  • Hide search panel option added
  • Search keyword show hide option added
  • Search category show hide option added
  • Search job type show hide option added
  • Search location show hide option added
  • Search button text option added
  • Application form settings added


  • Listing and detail settings bug fixed


  • Job detail page not found issue fixed
  • Apply form nonce field verified
  • Application table drop issue fixed
  • Freemius sdk updated
  • Modal css fixed
  • Option to use external form in the application form


  • Location label text option added
  • Job type label text option added
  • Details page item show hide option added
  • Details page item label text option added
  • Detail container bg color option added
  • Detail job info font color option added
  • Detail apply online button bg color option added
  • Detail mobile responsive improved
  • List job info item show hide option added
  • List mobile responsive improved
  • Two layouts added – List/Grid


  • Font Awesome Free 6.1.1 integrated
  • Search by Job Type Feature added
  • Search by Job Location Feature added
  • Css fixed
  • js console error fixed
  • Job location added in listing
  • Job type added in listing
  • Admin notification email features added


  • Search by Job Title item added
  • Search by Job Category item added
  • Job Application Form Added


  • List page overview show-hide option added
  • List page overview word length option added
  • List page experience label text option added
  • List page deadline label text option added
  • List page title font color option added
  • List page title font size option added
  • List page overview font color option added
  • List page overview font size option added
  • Single page title font color option added
  • Single page title font size option added
  • Admin design improved


  • Primary color changed
  • Job listing hover color changed
  • Font Awesome 4 integrated
  • Css changed


  • Initial release