kineticPay for WooCommerce


Allows customer to pay for the order using kineticPay.
Version 2 kineticpay:
Custom checkout fields and user ban list.

For custom checkout fields:-
Now you can add text, field, upload file to your checkout, and see the file on you order list.

For banlist:
You can ban buyer who are listed as scammer, or related to “customer from hell” to deal any business with you,
Suitable for car rental, house and room rental.

You also can do this as KYC or specific person/group to buy your product.


Sign Up Kineticpay account to accept payment.
Facebook Page Message us for any question.


  • screenshot-1.png (App Setup).
  • screenshot-2.png (Kineticpay dashboard).
  • screenshot-3.png (Kineticpay add collection).
  • screenshot-4.png (Woocommerce user ban list).
  • screenshot-5.png (Custom checkout fields).
  • screenshot-6.png (Order Verfication information).
  • screenshot-7.png (kineticpay extra features setting).


  1. Log in to your WordPress admin.
  2. Search plugins “kineticPay for WooCommerce” and click “Install Now”.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. Update your API credentials in WooCommerce payments setting.
  5. Please makesure manage stock inventory on woocommerce has been enable, minimum stock is 2, if 0 stock, system will get an ERROR


Where can I get Merchant Key?

Get your Merchant Key from your Collection page. Key will be generated automatically after you fill up Collection Name and your website url.


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  • Added Compatibility for Woocommerce HPOS


  • Fixed Compatibility issues


  • Updated Kineticpay Checkout Form


  • Compatibility Release


  • Optimized Kineticpay Api


  • Fixed important bug


  • Improved admin settings screen


  • Added WP Cron Scheduled Event For Automatic Order Status Change


  • Fixed minor bug
  • Added Custom WooCommerce Checkout Fields
  • Added Manual WC Orders Ban List
  • Added kineticPay Worldwide Ban List

1.0.0 – 2021-05-07

  • Initial release of the plugin.