Mosne Dark Palette


Mosne Dark Palette

This plugin provides the following features:

  • A Gutenberg block for the navigation menu, serving as a dropdown switcher that enables you to select the desired color mode using custom labels.
  • A color picker for seamlessly remapping your color palette.

Key Features

  • Dark palette block for the block navigation menu
  • Utilize all your custom colors and custom labels
  • Accessibility-ready
  • No cookies used (GDPR-friendly)
  • Performance-optimized and lightweight
  • No block library required
  • Primarily built with native WordPress components
  • Developer-friendly and easy to customize

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  • Add custom colors
  • Setup options and labels
  • Edit the dark palette


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • Dark Palette Switcher Create and apply your dark palette in an accessibility-friendly manner using the new Interactivity API.


  1. You have a couple of options:
    • Go to Plugins → Add New and search for “Dark Palette”. Once found, click “Install”.
    • Download the Dark Palette from and make sure the folder is zipped. Then upload via Plugins → Add New → Upload.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen on WordPress.
  3. Search for the “Dark Palette Switcher” block within the Block Editor (Gutenberg) and add it to a block navigation.


How can I customize my CSS?

You can change the desired behavior using CSS in your theme or in the customizer.

body[data-theme="dark"]  {
    /* your CSS here */

Where can I add custom colors

You can go in the style editor (Appearance > Editor > Styles) and add color to your custom palette.

Where can I change the icons?

You can change the icons using CSS in your theme or in the customizer.

.wp-block-mosne-dark-palette.has-icon button.has-icon {
    mask: url("[your svg path]") no-repeat;
.wp-block-mosne-dark-palette.has-icon button.has-icon--dark {
    mask: url("[your svg path]") no-repeat;
.wp-block-mosne-dark-palette.has-icon button.has-icon--light {
    mask: url("[your svg path]") no-repeat;


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Registro de cambios

0.1.2 – 2023-06-09

  • Fix escaping via wp_kses_data and changelogs

0.1.2 – 2023-06-01

  • Fix escaping and changelogs

0.1.1 – 2023-05-30

  • Fix security (disallow direct access to files)

0.1.0 – 2023-04-04

  • Initial release