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Responsive Accordion Tabs


Tabs can look ugly and unresponsive on smaller screens, whilst being highly effective on larger screens. With this plugin you have the best of both worlds as they will respond to the screen size and either show as tabs or accordions.

With the pro version you can choose to display the tabs vertically as well as horizontally, and set custom colours to match your theme.

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  • Responsive Tabs Responsive Accordion Tabs.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder.
  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.


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Registro de cambios

– NEW: Line height added for custom styles – PRO version
– FIX: Update to CSS for custom styles – PRO version
– UPDATE: SDK version 2.5.9

– NEW: Several new options for custom styles – PRO version
– UPDATE: SDK version 2.5.6

– NEW: Add additional setting options: collapse on load, set selected tab, hide tabs
– NEW: Add an export / import option to premium plugin, to save settings and styles
– FIX: Potential fatal error adding new accordion tabs

– NEW: Add wrapper div to title and description
– UPDATE: Style updates to stop content expanding width of content area
– FIX: Take post description out of ‘the_content’ filter so stop first tab content not rendering properly

– NEW: Add new option to styles to account for header spacing when using jump links
– UPDATE: Remove auto p when saving accordion tab descriptions

– NEW: Include a hash value option to create custom has values to load the page to a specific tab and open it.
– FIX: Issue with accordions not displaying when resizing screen
– UPDATE: set colour of open accordion to match selected tab
– UPDATE: turn off the enter key from triggering an open tab to select or deselect
– UPDATE: replace dashicons with fontawesome subset
– UPDATE: Rewrite JS to be its own object
– UPDATE: SDK version 2.5.3

– UPDATE: SDK version 2.5.2
– UPDATE: Allow shortcodes to be included in description and tab content
– UPDATE: trigger tab to be opened based on hash value in URL

– NEW: Add option to set size of bottom border width
– NEW: Add tabindex to tabs for accessibility
– ADD: Add height 100% to vertical tabs list
– UPDATE: Typo in admin settings page
– UPDATE: Add option to set width of vertical tab list
– FIX: issue with vertical tab list extending in width
– UPDATE: Test up to 6.1
– UPDATE: SDK version 2.4.5
– FIX: PHP Error for some in PHP 8
– UPDATE: Add new tags to the readme file

– NEW: Add action for updates
– FIX: Trigger custom styles creation on plugin update

– FIX: Custom styles now reload after deactivation and activation of plugin
– FIX: PHP Error when saving an Accordion Tab

– compatibility updates with WordPress repository

– Add icon to the plugin
– Remove upgrade notice
– Add screenshots

– Bug fix with Styles option in premium version

– First release