Este plugin no se ha probado con las últimas 3 versiones mayores de WordPress. Puede que ya no tenga soporte ni lo mantenga nadie, o puede que tenga problemas de compatibilidad cuando se usa con las versiones más recientes de WordPress.

Rokka Integration


rokka is digital image processing done right. Store, render and deliver images. Easy and blazingly fast. This WordPress plugin automatically uploads your pictures to rokka and delivers them in the right format, as light and as fast as possible. And you only pay what you use, no upfront and fixed costs.
This WordPress plugin integrates the rokka image service. All images from your image libary will be synchronized to your rokka account and be served directly through rokka.


  • WordPress >= 4.7
  • PHP >= 7.1

Further Information


  • Media management with rokka integration
  • Rokka settings
  • Rokka stack synchronization
  • Rokka mass uploader


  1. Upload the rokka-integration directory into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Add your rokka credentials in the rokka settings (Settings > Rokka Settings)
  4. Synchronize your image sizes to rokka (Settings > Rokka Settings > Sync stacks)
  5. Enable rokka support (Settings > Rokka Settings > Enable rokka integration)
  6. Start uploading your images to rokka via mass uploader (Settings > Rokka Settings > Mass upload/delete) or image by image in the media management (Media (list mode))


What will happen to my image sizes?

You can synchronize all defined image sizes as so called stacks to rokka.

An image from rokka can’t be loaded anymore. What should I do?

If an image which was previously uploaded to rokka can’t be loaded anymore try comparing the rokka hash in the WordPress attachment edit screen with the hash of the image on ( itself.
If it doesn’t match anymore just copy & paste the hash from to the WordPress attachment edit screen and save the image.

What is the stack prefix used for?

When synchronizing image sizes from WordPress to rokka the name of the size will be prefixed with this value to create a new stack on rokka.
By prefixing the rokka stack names we ensure that already existing stacks on rokka won’t be overwritten.
Additionally we are able to identify deleted image sizes on WordPress and delete them on rokka as well.

I created a new / changed an existing size in WordPress. What do I have to do now?

Everytime you change something on your size configuration in WordPress you need to re-synchronize the sizes with the rokka stacks.
You can do this in the rokka settings (Settings > Rokka Settings > Sync stacks).

Have you found a bug or do you have a feature request?

Please create a new GitHub issue and let us know:


31 de enero de 2023
Rokka makes images load fast with zero hassle for configuration or setup. With my company website, I’m comfortably in the free tier, so no issues on that end either. I just got very fast and thourough personal support in fixing an issue, now everything works great.
29 de noviembre de 2022 2 respuestas
Favicon and other icons are not displayed because webp format is not supported as favicon.
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Registro de cambios


  • [FIX] Create stacks for custom site_icon sizes. If the theme registers custom site_icon sizes via the site_icon_image_sizes filter, the stacks for those sizes haven’t been created in rokka which resulted in not rendering the favicons correctly in some cases. Please check if your stacks are up-to-date after updating to this version.


  • Breaking Change [CHANGE] Removed autoformat option. The autoformat option has been removed. This option is now always enabled on every stack. There is no reason anymore to disable this option. Please check if your stacks are up-to-date after updating to this version.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Tested with WordPress 6.1.


Starting with this version the plugin only supports WordPress version >= 4.7 and PHP versions >= 7.1.
This step was needed to be compatible with the latest rokka PHP client library.

  • [COMPATIBILITY] Dropped support for WordPress < 4.7 and PHP < 7.1. Please update your website if you still would like to receive updates for this plugin.
  • [COMPATIBILITY] Tested with WordPress 6.0.


  • [FIX] The autoformat option wasn’t respected in the stack synchronization for the no-operation (full) stack.


  • [FEATURE] Add possibility to remove all rokka hashes from files. This can be useful after copying a database from one environment to another.
  • [FIX] Use new block_editor_settings_all filter instead of deprecated block_editor_settings to disable image editing (WP >= 5.8).
  • [NOTICE] Tested with WordPress 5.8.1.


  • [NOTICE] Tested with WordPress 5.5.
  • [FIX] Disabled image editing in block editor.


  • [NOTICE] Tested with WordPress 5.4.
  • [UPDATE] Update dependency versions


This release fixes some compatibility issues with WordPress 5.3. The new version of WordPress introduces a big_image_size_threshold filter (see: which limits the image size of new uploaded images. Since this could lead to unexpected behaviour when loading bigger image sizes we disable this filter when the rokka plugin is enabled.

  • [FIX] Fix styling issues with WordPress 5.3.
  • [NOTICE] Disable new big_image_size_threshold filter which was introduced in WordPress 5.3.


  • [IMPROVEMENT] Improve admin settings
  • [UPDATE] Update rokka-client-php to v1.10.0


This release fixes an issue in WordPress where srcsets are generated with images of a ratio that doesn’t match the ratio of the requested image size. This happens when the requested size is larger than the original image. When requesting an image size with a fixed ratio and the original image is smaller than this size you would expect to get all smaller sizes of the same ratio.

To achieve this behavior this release changes the way images are downsized by WordPress. This means that you need to regenerate the thumbnails when you activate and deactivate this plugin. This can be done for example with the following plugin:

Everything works fine if you don’t do it but the fix will then only apply to newly uploaded images.

  • [BUGFIX] Fix WordPress bug where srcsets are generated with images of a wrong ratio.
  • [BUGFIX] Fix warning in media library if attachment metadata is not yet generated after file upload.
  • [UPDATE] Update rokka-client-php to v1.8.0


  • [BUGFIX] Fix WordPress bug where $detached parameter in manage_media_columns-filter is not set.


  • [BUGFIX] Fetch image meta data if not passed to get_size_by_image_url()


  • [BUGFIX] Autoformat option was not set when syncing stacks for the first time.
  • [BUGFIX] Backport wp_image_matches_ratio function to be compatible with older WordPress versions than 4.6.0
  • [BUGFIX] Fix finding of nearest matching size if image is requested with a width/height array instead of a size string


This is a huge rewrite of the plugin but there shouldn’t be any breaking changes.

  • [FEATURE] Support attachments which are uploaded through the WordPress REST API (This ensures compatibility to the new Gutenberg editor)
  • [FEATURE] Auto disable rokka integration if settings are incomplete
  • [UPDATE] Update rokka-client-php to v1.2.0
  • [CHANGE] Improve unit test coverage


  • [FEATURE] Add unit tests to test url filtering
  • [UPDATE] Update rokka-client-php to v1.0.0
  • [FIX] Fix URL filtering when creating srcset
  • [FIX] Use correct filenames for different sizes
  • [FIX] There shouldn’t be an upload error when it’s not needed to upload an attachment to rokka


  • [UPDATE] Update rokka-client-php to v0.10.0
  • [CHANGE] Improve generation of prefixed stack names


  • [FEATURE] Add autoformat option. If autoformat is enabled, rokka will deliver an image in the usually smaller WebP format instead of PNG or JPG, if the client supports it.
  • [FIX] Fix usage of ROKKA_DOMAIN constant


  • [FEATURE] Add possibility to define options with constants. Available constants are: ROKKA_COMPANY_NAME, ROKKA_API_KEY and ROKKA_STACK_PREFIX
  • [FEATURE] Add possibility to overwrite base settings with constants. Available constants are: ROKKA_DOMAIN (default: and ROKKA_SCHEME (default: https)
  • [REMOVE] Remove rokka api secret option since it’s not used anymore


  • [FEATURE] Add Cli-Commands to create stacks and noop-stacks on rokka
  • [CHANGE] Use overwrite option to update existsing stack


  • [FIX] Do not delete rokka image if there are other images with the same hash


  • [CHANGE] Save plugin options as booleans
  • [FIX] Fix a problem with allowed filenames (slugs) on rokka


  • [FEATURE] Add option to define if previous image should be deleted on rokka if metadata changes


  • Initial release of this plugin