RSVPMaker is an event and email marketing tool. Use PayPal or Stripe to collect event payments. RSVPMaker handles scheduling, event marketing, and RSVP tracking. You can send email to small lists through your web server or take advantage of the integrations with Postmark and Mailchimp to scale up.

When implemented in combination with Postmark for reliable email delivery, RSVPMaker can function as an alternative to Mailchimp or MailPoet that allows you to format messages in the WordPress editor and easily incorporate events (for invitations) and blog posts or excerpts from posts (for email newsletters and promotions).

Use RSVPMaker to:
– Schedule and promote events of all sorts: conferences, classes, seminars, speaking events, parties and weddings are a few common uses.
– Register attendees, prompting them to enter whatever information you need, including the names of guests.
– Collect money using PayPal or Stripe.
– Create webinars and other online events leveraging free resources like the YouTube Live service.
– Create, format, and edit email newsletters within the WordPress block editor, rather than learning another content composer tool. Use dynamic blocks or shortcodes to incorporate dynamic content like lists of recent blog posts or upcoming events.
– Power membership-oriented websites with tools for emailing all your members or just those who have or have not registered for a specific event.
– Send email using your own web server, an SMTP plugin or the integrations with Mailchimp and Postmark.
– Postmark integration has the advantage of supporting both broadcast / mailing list and transactional messages (like RSVP Confirmations).

Creating and Managing Events

RSVPMaker events are created and edited just like blog posts in the WordPress editor, with the addition of parameters like event date (so the items can be listed chronologically and displayed on a calendar grid).

You can use RSVPMaker for event announcements, or turn on the Collect RSVPs function and set additional options for sending email notifications, customizing confirmation and reminder messages, and setting a price or prices if you will be requesting online payments via PayPal.

RSVP reports can be viewed on the administrator’s dashboard or downloaded as spreadsheets.

If you hold events on a recurring schedule, such as First Monday or Every Friday, you can define a template with the boilerplate details and quickly generate multiple entries that follow that schedule. Individual event posts can still be customized. For example, you might book a series of monthly events for the year and add the names of speakers or agenda details as you go along.

The RSVP Mailer tool allows you to use the familiar WordPress editor to format email newsletters and promotional messages, which can include embedded events and other dynamic content from your website. You use the same tools to format transactional messages such as confirmation and reminder messages.

Hosting and Support

RSVPMaker is a free plugin that doesn’t hold much back in terms of “premium” features.

The plugin author is available to consult on customizations, but most generally useful enhancements are folded back into the core plugin code. RSVPMaker also aims to be developer-friendly, allowing you to build event-centric applications on top of it.

Hosting and support of pre-configured websites is available through uses Siteground hosting behind the scenes and Postmark for reliable delivery of email newsletters and transactional messages.

Contact the plugin author for details about additional customizations for reselling Postmark services across WordPress multisite networks.
RSVPMaker on GitHub

Free Extensions:

RSVPMaker for Toastmasters provides meeting management for public speaking and leadership development clubs that are part of Toastmasters International.

RSVPMaker Volunteer Roles Sign up people to fill specific roles at an event.

Translations (some may be out of date):

German: Markus König, Björn Wilkens

Dutch: Els van der Zalm

Spanish: Andrew Kurtis, WebHostingHub

Polish: Jarosław Żeliński

Norwegian: Thomas Nybø

Turkish: Göksel UÇAK


Translators please reach out to me if you want an updated POT source file


Copyright (C) 2010-2023 David F. Carr

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

See the GNU General Public License at <>.

RSVPMaker also includes code derived from the software development kits for PayPal, 
Stripe and MailChimp under the license of their creators. Inlining of CSS code in
the HTML of email messages provided by the [Emogrifier]( library.


  • Example of an event listing with an RSVP Now! button.
  • Customizable RSVPMaker registration form.
  • Prompt to pay by credit card (PayPal also supported).
  • Email confirmation message.
  • Event options displayed within the WordPress editor. This is where you turn on registration, customize the form, define confirmation and reminder messages, and set pricing (if any).
  • Timezone conversions displayed automatically, which is handy for webinars and online meetings with a global audience.
  • Built-in email template with options for which list the message should be distributed to.


Este plugin proporciona 11 bloques.

  • RSVPMaker Calendar Displays the calendar grid for RSVPMaker events
  • RSVPMaker Date Element Allows independent access to date display components, including formatted date, calendar icons, and timezone conversion
  • RSVPMaker Upcoming Events Displays an RSVPMaker event listing and/or a calendar widget. (Alternative: the RSVPMaker Query Loop block variation allows more control over the formatting of your events listing)
  • RSVPMaker Query Loop Combo (Single Block) Displays excerpt plus date and optional RSVP button. Single block version.
  • RSVPMaker Date Block Use for custom placement of the date / time block
  • RSVPMaker Button Use for custom placement of the date / time block
  • YouTube Email YouTube Preview/Link for RSVPMaker Email
  • RSVPMaker Excerpt Simple excerpt of an RSVPMaker event
  • Admin Collection of editor customizations for RSVPMaker content.
  • RSVPMaker Title + Date One-line link to event with title and date
  • RSVPMaker Loop Blocks A container for blocks representing the date, excerpt, RSVP Now! registration button.


  1. Upload the entire rsvpmaker folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Visit the RSVPMaker options page to configure default values for RSVP email notifications, etc.
  4. Check that you have set the timezone for your site on the Settings -> General WordPress admin screen
  5. Create and customize your events listing page. Embed the RSVPMaker Upcoming block or the RSVPMaker Query Loop block (a variation on WordPress’s standard Query Loop). The RSVPMaker Calendar block displays a calendar grid. These blocks can also be used to customize the standard archive page displayed at /rsvpmaker/ on your site.
  6. OPTIONAL: Depending on your theme, you may want to create a single-rsvpmaker template to prevent confusion between the the event date and the post publication date (move the post publication date to the bottom or just remove it).
  7. OPTIONAL: To enable online payments for events, obtain the necessary credentials from PayPal or Stripe to enter into RSVPMaker settings.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin homepage.


Where can I get more information about using RSVPMaker?

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin homepage.


16 de octubre de 2019
We only needed some VERY basic functionality which is oddly hard to find in the other RSVP plugins I tried. Most of the other had hard coded requirements that I couldn’t find a way around. RSVPMaker’s form builder was exactly what we needed. It take s a little bit to navigate because of all of the features and options, but it can do a lot.
30 de septiembre de 2019
I tried several premium and free plugins but this seems to be doing the job very nicely. However, the admin flow and design has to be changed a bit. I can help with the design part of admin section.
20 de noviembre de 2018
Works very well, it’s free and you have the support when needed.
10 de octubre de 2018 2 respuestas
Works like a champ! One of the best plugin out there! Thank you for the hard work! The support is amazing! David you rock!!! Thank you! Best plugin for RSVP!!!
11 de mayo de 2017
Hi there! This is the perfect plugin for me! I use it to plan how many team members will come to the next trainings. We had an email list with 20 emails each week. Now every member subscribes, if he will or will not play at the next training. Thanks!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios


  • Bug fix for registration system, tweak for RSVP Report


  • Overhaul of event pricing and coupon discounts
  • Improvements to the RSVP Report, including grouping of registrations by party (host + guests)
  • Better support for adding / editing records from the RSVP Report screen


  • Improved support for the WordPress native import / export tools (WXR file method)
  • Prevent event templates, forms, and other internal post types from being displayed in search results
  • Support for dynamic menu items. In the site editor, you can add class name “rsvpmaker_menu_dropdown” to menu item with a submenu specified to have a future events listing added to the submenu. Or use “rsvpmaker_menu_dropdown rsvmpaker_menu_type_featured-event” to get a listing of events tagged with the featured-event event type (substitute any other event type for ‘featured-event’)


  • Fixed bug with regenerating default email template
  • Option for sending Postmark heavy message volume alerts to a different email (other than admin)


  • More responsive email CSS for columns (fluid 2 columns grid template)
  • Option to set timezone in event template
  • Removed filters wp_theme_json_data_user and wp_theme_json_data_theme


  • Fixed Settings screen for Mailchimp Default List
  • Changed name of options page that includes Postmark Settings


  • RSVPMaker Date Element block for fine-grained control over placement / formatting of date, calendar icons, timezone conversion button
  • More consistent use of the RSVPMaker Loop Blocks collection across templates and loop variations


  • Fix for issue with html entities in email


  • Block transform from excerpt to RSVPMaker Loop Blocks block (contains templated elements as InnerBlocks)


  • Block transform from RSVPMaker Upcoming to Query Loop variation.


  • Refinements to Query Loop block support
  • Remove deprecated PHP code for UTF-8 encoding


  • Custom past / future and exclude post type controls for the Query Block variations


  • Rendering of RSVPMaker Upcoming block within the editor


  • Tweaks to RSVPMaker Query block variation
  • Prevent rsvpmaker_where filter on single event posts to allow display of past events


  • RSVPMaker Query Loop block variation added: sets default formatting for event listings displayed using the Query Loop block
  • New RSVPMaker Calendar block for displaying the calendar grid
  • Event sort order corrected to work with the standard Query Loop block, not just custom RSVPMaker Upcoming blocknpm


  • Update Stripe library, fix conflict with PHP 8.x
  • Fixes to settings screen for Stripe
  • Fixes to the settings screens for email and mailing list functions


  • Fix for encoding the event venue in ical link / email attachment and Google Calendar links

10.8.1 to 10.8.3

  • Updated database routines for events. Better compatability with wpdb apis.


  • Disabling patterns intended for use in email, which were causing react validation errors in editor / site editor


  • Fixes to scheduled email, newsletter popup functions


  • Misc cleanup. Removal of feature for hiding page menus.


  • Clearer event date display including weekday count (1st Monday, 2nd Monday …) on dashboard event listing and template page.


  • Always create a new copy of the RSVP form and confirmation before allowing it to be customized per event, whether inherited from the default settings or from a template. The goal is to reduce opportunities for confusion, such as altering the default form or message by mistake.


  • Remove dependency on dbDelta utility


  • rsvpmaker/upcoming block uses inline styles to avoid theme conflicts. Item colors can be specified within editor.
  • Began migrating blocks to use Create Block vs Create Guten Block


  • Better management of default versus custom forms

10.6.6 and 10.6.7

  • Responding to Patchstack alerts


  • Email scheduling / cancel emails


  • Links to email design templates in the email editor sidebar.


  • Postmark Email Log now shows monthly breakdown of emails sent, sorted by date and site (for multisite) or sorted by volume


  • Fix calendar display issues (style conflicts with themes)


  • Fix for setting event deadlines
  • Fix Create / Update modal and API code glitch producing duplicates
  • Display template for an event on post listing screen and DateTime UI in editor, with edit link


  • Event title and date/time included in confirmation / reminder emails by default
  • Confirmation emails on by default unless you turn off per-event


  • Addresses reported SQL injection vulnerability within admin functions


  • Improved saving of event variables from editor screen using React Query


  • RSVP Button can now be customized in the editor


  • Better formatting of headline and Read More button for posts and events imported into an email.


  • Correct when end time set earlier than start.


  • Enable Patterns inserter to add email newsletter _rsvp_confirmation_include_event
  • Improvements to newsletter builder


  • Remove duplicates on Cleanup screen
  • Fix for get_events_by_template


  • Correct end time in projected dates based on a template.


  • Remove obsolete confirmation / reminder links


  • Fix timezone display bug


  • Newsletter Builder screen – pull content from multiple blog posts and events


  • Mailer creates static version of email image.


  • Improved copy to email for events


  • Prevent theme styles and global styles from being added to the editor for email content.


  • Fix “show in my timezone” feature


  • Make RSVP Email display within the editor more consistent with email template (as distinct from web theme)


  • Improved YouTube embed to email preview
  • Admin bar option to turn rsvpemail post into a blog post


  • Cleaner implementation of the email forwarding system for Postmark


  • Fix date display and quick edit issues


  • Better error checking for React Query
  • Fix glitch with event submission


  • Create/Update dialog appears inside the editor when a template is saved
  • Improvements to pricing screen


  • Fix price display PHP 8.1


  • Fix quick edit


  • Fix price display glitch


  • Updated uninstall script


  • Correct defaults for new events


  • Fix Javascript bugs


  • Replaces the old RSVP / Event Options page in favor of a dialog box that displays within the editor to show options that don’t fit within a sidebar. Options such as pricing can now be managed within the editor.
  • Initial setup page for new event posts also goes away.
  • Fixes a bug with PayPal credential setup on the admin screen.
  • Removes vestigages with legacy data model for event dates, timezones, and date / time display


  • Tweaks to form editor


  • New RSVP form editor


  • Postmark settings fix
  • rsvpmaker_form post type


  • Better compatibility with PHP 8.0 — 8.1 seems to cause problems with core WP functions, not just RSVPMaker. Tested with 8.0.22


  • Fixes for email functions


  • Allow email recipients to change email as alternative to unsubscribe (built in list)
  • Fix ?rmail=1 query parameter output on email
  • Clean up unnecessary debug logging


  • Added a check for holidays that may overlap with a recurring event schedule. Administrators can customize the list of holidays observed.
  • Fixed an issue with HTML email centering not working on Outlook.
  • Also corrected an issue with email forwarding functions (more specific pattern matching).


  • Removed function for automatically addding single-rsvpmaker block template (causing more problems than it solved)


  • Better event display on archive pages
  • PayPal code fix


  • Option to set pricing on the event setup screen.
  • Screenshot showing where to find configuration options from within the editor.


  • Use standard DateTime component for setting event end time.
  • Better navigation to event payment options.
  • Keep admin bar visible in editor for RSVP documents – based on Admin Bar in Fullscreen Mode by srikat


  • Improved settings screen for RSVPMaker Mailer, separating some settings that used to be tied to MailChimp.
  • Added a link from email preview screen to settings screen (displayed for admins)
  • Improved email preview, showing substitution of template codes.


  • Changed email type label to RSVP Email Newsletters and Notifications
  • Added more instructive notification to be the editor screen for emails


  • Improved notifications in editor for event template and email documents


  • Corrected handling of currencies other than USD for PayPal payments.
  • Added currency as an option that can be set for individual events, or individual Stripe or PayPal payment blocks, separate from the choice on the RSVPMaker Settings screen.
  • Per-event currency code choice can be set from the RSVP Options screen (not available within the editor sidebar yet)


  • Removed a caching function that was causing more problems than it solved.


  • Fix bugs associated with memory problems, other mysterious issues


  • Removed get_post_metadata filter that was causing memory problems / editor errors


  • Performance tuning
  • Changes to Postmark log screen


  • Corrected an issue with duplicate email sends.


  • Integrated Postmark options from beta test into main plugin.
  • Integrated “Join mailing list” popup with configuration options for text, colors, and CSS properties.


  • RSVP Mailer refinements


  • Refined functions for creating RSVP Mailer emails based on post excerpts
  • Tweaked some anti-form spam code.


  • Fixing output of registrant and guest details onscreen and in notification / confirmation emails


  • Improvements to email scheduling


  • Updated RSVP Email Embed Post or Post List block for including one or more blog post excerpts in a message.


  • Fix for YouTube embeds in email


  • Neater reporting of opens and links for Postmark sends
  • Checkbox option to add an email signup page


  • Improvements to email list signup form, admin utility
  • Confirmation for email list signup
  • Prompt to confirm sending to more than 100 recipients
  • For multisite, option to restrict sending to more than 100 recipients to specific sites
  • Better detection / prevention of duplicate messages
  • Refinements to Postmark integration


  • Formatting options for email background images.


  • Add background image picker along with color pickers to email body block.



  • Another tweak to mail queue


  • Rewrote sql for mail queue, avoid get_post_meta glitches.


  • Added rsvpmailer_mail filter of $mail array within rsvpmailer function


  • Fix check for user email notification rules


  • Separated out event templates as a separate rsvpmaker_template post type


  • More consistent presentation of knowledge base articles within admin screens
  • Selective inclusion of the code for displaying tabbed UI


  • More mailer tweaks


  • Cleanup of RSVP Mailer screens.


  • ColorPalette component added to email wrapper blocks


  • Multiple improvements to the RSVP Mailer utility.
  • Improvements to inline CSS for email, including substitutions for classes like .has-color-black and .has-background-color-black. For themes with a themes.json file, the theme color palette is imported.
  • Option for users to register their own simple CSS substitution like .my-custom-class{background-image:linear-gradient(red,yellow);padding-bottom:5px} – limited to single class / rule pairs
  • Partial support in email for the core/columns block – 2 columns only, 3rd or 4th column will wrap to below columns 1 and 2
  • Better YouTube preview image with play button overlay for email
  • Email List Signup block for use as a standalone mailing list utility. Built in email functions have the advantage of being able to send to just those who have or have not RSVP’ed for event.
  • For large lists, use the integration with MailChimp or use in combination with plugins for integration with Sendgrid and other high-capacity email service with better handling of spam and email bounce issues.


  • Decoding of UTF-8 encoded subject lines in incoming email for group email discussion list functions
  • Refinements to email content wrapper blocks
  • Latest post block designed for use in email


  • Addition of ability to manage a guest email list
  • Filtering for RSVP / no RSVP now works with all local email broadcasts (but not with Mailchimp)
  • Add recipient name when sending email (supposed to improve deliverability) if available from RSVP list, member list, or guest list


  • Updated email templates that can be formatted in the editor.
  • When emailing website members (with user accounts), you can selectively email those who either have or have not RSVP’ed (registered) for a specified event. This does not work with the MailChimp interation.


  • Security updates
  • Added rsvp_to_array filter


  • Updates related to email functions.


  • Bug fix. Improper output of email stylesheet


  • Tested with WordPress 6.0.
  • Improvements to PayPal integration
  • First guest blank no longer displayed until user clicks “Add more guests.” Seems to avoid some confusion where people were adding their own name twice.


  • Fix for adding date, other variables to email footer on confirmation messages
  • Option to number events in a series defined by an event template

9.2.6 and 9.2.7

  • Code security fixes


  • Fix for issue where transients used to prevent duplicate emails accumulated in the options table


  • Improvement to the convert timezone function, in the context of schedule display.


  • Bug fix, projected time for templates


  • When you activate a full-site editing block theme (or activate RSVPMaker on a site that has it active), the plugin will now create a template based on the single post template tweaked to remove the post date (which can be confusing when emphasized over the event date) and post author fields.


  • Fixed issues with RSVP Mail utility conflicts with lazy loading of images (not useful for email)
  • Cleaned up email preview display
  • Tweak for compatibility with block-based themes introduced with WordPress 5.9.


  • Fix to CSS for Stripe widgets
  • Ensuring initiation of table that tracks payments


  • Fix problem with templates set to automatically add dates.


  • Making it easier to see if “Auto add dates” is active for a template.


  • Added get_rsvpmaker_timestamp utility function
  • Tweak to rsvpmaker_where filter, correcting for timezone


  • Update event row whenever event post is updated


  • Auto add events checkbox for templates in Gutenberg editor
  • Email notification to admin when events are automatically added


  • Form spam countermeasures


  • Fix for autornew templates


  • Additional checks to sync rsvp_dates meta tag with rsvpmaker_event table


  • Fix RSVPMaker Submission` block for front end (allow anonymous users to submit event draft event posts for approval)


  • Fix to agenda notification templates setup screen.


  • Tweaks to some payment functions
  • rsvpmaker_verify_nonce() for simplified verification of form submissions


  • Simplified date entry for new events, quick event setup screen, front end submission


  • bug fix, consistency check function post titles


  • Selectively copy metadata when applying a template to an existing event


  • More consistency between PayPal and Stripe integrations


  • Fine tune date table routines


  • Check that event timestamps, deadlines are set properly.


  • Test whether PayPal and Stripe keys are valid


  • Updates to PayPal integration
  • Option to show both Stripe and PayPal buttons – toggle on in Stripe block
  • Separate PayPal payment block


  • Updated translation POT file
  • Updated French translation with content from


  • Caching of event attributes using transient


  • Updates to email queue functions


  • Utility for checking database tables added to Cleanup RSVPMaker (under Tools)


  • Simplified email template for group email function.


  • Fix for MailChimp integration


  • Delayed send option for RSVP Mail Utility

  • Turkish translation care of Göksel UÇAK


  • Security fix


  • Fix to calendar navigation


  • Switched from strftime to wp_date to take advantage of WordPress internationalization functions for dates


  • Consistency check after event dates are updated
  • Timezone conversion API tweaked to prevent inappropriate display when two region/city zones are effectively same timezone


  • Email reminder to do Create/Update after template update


  • If timezone conversions are active, they’re now displayed automatically if the user’s timezone is diff from event local time
  • User can switch to display timezones other than ones reported by JavaScript


  • Refinements to timezone adjustment functions
  • Fine tuning rsvpmaker/next-events


  • rsvpmaker/next-events block
  • Tweaks to projected events function (timezone adjustment)


  • When viewing a specific post status like draft or trashed, show all events, not just future.


  • Fix csv export issue
  • Prompt in editor for individual event in series (edit template instead?)


  • Check post status on autorenew templates
  • Updates to RSVPMaker cleanup tool


  • Using input type=”time” on setup form


  • Correct issue with rsvpmaker/schedule block


  • More efficient date and time formatting


  • Better handling of the events database upgrade, particularly for large databases
  • Better fixing of dates with missing enddate.


  • For MailPoet integration, custom:rsvpmaker_youtube shortcode for embedding preview image for a video


  • New API endpoint wp-json/rsvpmaker/v1/events_with_timezone for future events with timezone information


  • Updates to MailPoet and Stripe integration features


  • Improved shortcodes display for MailPoet


  • MailPoet shortcodes widget displayed in the notices header with show/hide toggle


  • Change name space on included MailChimp library to avoid conflicts with other plugins


  • MailPoet integration


  • Another adjustment to HTML output, specifically for dates and calendar icons at the top of each block.
  • Better way of checking whether rsvpmaker_event table needs to be updated


  • Fix to group email functions.


  • Fix for HTML output error


  • Fixes related to updated custom table for event dates


  • Bot account added to RSVPMailer Utilities
  • Bug fix SQL reference missing $wpdb


  • Tweaks for Toastmasters integration
  • Fixed bug in email template setup
  • Moved server side block registration to rsvpmaker.php (was in gutenberg source folder)


  • Alternative RSVP Forms, such as variant for webinars
  • Restored calendar button on event setup form
  • CSS fix for forms to display correctly with the Twenty Twenty One theme


  • Better cross-browser support for countdown block


  • Tweaked countdown timer block to allow you to use next event (or next event with rsvp on) instead of specifying event ID. Added options for what to display after the countdown expires.
  • Fix for glitch in Quick Edit options for setting event dates.


  • New Countdown Timer block. Can be used within an event or on another page or post where you specify the event you want to count down to.
  • Fix issue with Stripe code and minification


  • Fixing confirmation / reminder links on RSVP Options page


  • New template UI more consistent with datetime UI for new events
  • Fix timezone convert link for email
  • Limit quick edit UI for setting dates to events (not templates or special documents)


  • Multiple event entry screen lets you add blanks for additional events (up to 50).
  • Updated video demo included in readme.txt


  • Further refinements to timezone conversion and new date/time editing UI


  • Bug fix, new template creation


  • Additional validation for dates. Removed reference to JQuery UI datepicker


  • New date setup UI allows you to enter dates in either free text or SQL format
  • Quickly Setup Multiple Event Posts screen also uses this format. Good for setting up a series of events on the same day (for example, sessions within a conference) or on subsequent days.


  • Timezone conversion now applied to blocks and cells in tables with tz-convert class (hyphen not underscore)
  • For tables, use tz-table1, tz-table2, tz-table3 class on table to target 1st, 2nd or 3rd column
  • Gutenberg fix to make rsvpmaker-type taxonomy display properly
  • RSVPMaker Schedule block now allows you to specify that Show in my timezone button should be displayed
  • RSVPMaker Setup screen now allows you to quickly specify a series of events without a template. Enter a few paragraphs of text and edit further later. Event Type and basic parameters can be specified.


  • Show in my timezone button will now convert times in paragaphs, headings, or other blocks tagged with “tz_convert”
  • Also applied to cells of a table where the table is tagged with the class “tz_convert”


  • Updated way of handling multi-date events, works better with Gutenberg editor and other updated code
  • Updates to iCal export and add to Google for multi-date events


  • Don’t run inliner on emails with no html


  • AJAX fix for RSVP Options page
  • Correct end time for iCal calendar items


  • Added timezone / calendar icons back to setup page
  • Option to revert to default confirmation message or default form


  • Fix for white screen issue when creating new events or templates (theme or plugin conflict?)


  • Dropping support for multi-date events. Use templates instead.


  • Workaround for problem with event end time gutenberg component
  • Bug fix for template listings


  • Adding defaults to register_meta
  • Check for empty templates (no schedule set)


  • Bug fix, rsvp link


  • More consistent handling of email placeholder codes, whether in a notification template or the body of the confirmation message.


  • Cleanup of data model for templates
  • Import templates between websites


  • Allow RSVP deadline to extend past start time (if you want to welcome people to register after event starts)
  • Fix error in event pricing code (incorrect sanitization)


  • Fix inappropriate data sanitization on Settings screen


  • Tweaks to Group Email mailing list functions


  • Tweaks to RSVP Report, Stipe payment page, Stripe Report


  • Correcting error in email template setup


  • Fix error with $email_context global.


  • Fix error in save_post action


  • Fixing plugins_url() syntax to use FILE


  • Additional security fixes required by plugin team
  • MailChimp API functions more clearly bundled as an external library
  • Stripe report screen now allows you to fetch records of past transactions, including fees and refunds


  • Fixed issue with email queue initialization
  • Addressed potential SQL injection vulnerability flagged by GitHub


  • Fixed issue with auto-renew from templates formatting dates incorrectly
  • Improved routine for detecting and fixing garbled dates



  • Filter events listing by author


  • New import/export function for transferring events between sites.
  • Updated PHPMailer init code in anticipation of WordPress 5.5 change


  • Copy to Email option under New RSVP Email, plus Embed in Email for rsvpmaker events


  • ReCaptcha anti-spam enabled on RSVPMaker Event Submission form (if configured in Settings)


  • Added support for limited rich text editing (bold, italic, and link) with RSVPMaker Event Submission block.


  • RSVPMaker Event Submission block. Adds a form to allow site visitors to submit an event for approval by an editor.


  • Fix for event end times in templates.


  • Tweaks to admin menu options
  • Full screen editing off by default for RSVPMaker and related documents.
  • Option to reset confirmation and reminder messages to default


  • Reminder and follow up messages can be set to go only to those who have paid.
  • Clearer admin bar menu structure for related documents, including confirmations, reminders, and forms, as well as showing those inherited from default and template.
  • Admin bar links are also shown in the Related panel of the RSVPMaker editor sidebar. Links in the Confirmation / Reminder and RSVP Form panels are also more consistent.


  • Fixing a glitch with the auto-renew function for automatically adding event dates based on a template schedule.


  • Refinements for payment confirmation message, RSVPMaker Schedule block for displaying a series of related events.


  • Utility for fixing corrupted dates


  • Refinements to payment setup screens
  • Created separate payment confirmation message document for details that should only be disclosed after payment, such as the link to a webinar you’re charging for.


  • Better detection of duplicate entries
  • Group email uses transactional template
  • Date and time displayed in RSVP form.
  • Future RSVP Links block


  • Tweaks to javascript for changing views on the RSVP Events post listing
  • When other plugins, including my Toastmasters extension, send email, the filter ‘rsvpmailer_rule’ is called with email address and type of message as arguments. Return ‘permit’ or ‘deny’ to determine whether the message will be sent. Supersedes the unsubscribed list. Meant to be a user perference for membership applications.


  • Fix for Future Events / Past Events dropdown on posts listing screen. Previous implementation interfered with standard “Bulk Actions” behavior.


  • Fixed error in event template code


  • Fixed error in Gutenberg code.


  • Bug fixes for copying template metadata, rsvpmaker_is_template function


  • Updating POT source file for translators.


  • Complex template schedules like first and third Monday now display properly in Gutenberg editor.


  • Tweaks to the new event setup screen.


  • Limit debug log (if activated) to current day and previous days (delete older files)
  • Clean up WP Cron jobs on plugin deactivate


  • Better support for attachments and embedded images in email shared through the Group Email feature. Still has an issue with messages that have both embedded images and attachments.
  • Polling mailbox and sending messages now handled via WP Cron actions, interval 1 minute (may take longer)


  • Limited support for attachments in Group Email discussion lists.


  • Email distribution lists for member-oriented sites. Any member with a user can send a message from the email address on their profile (or another whietlisted address) for distribution to other list members. See the Group Email tab under settings.


  • Corrects a couple of issues with copying metadata from templates to individual events (when it’s not appropriate).


  • Fix for Stripe payment confirmation message


  • Fix to calendar display (timezone issue)
  • Function to lookup Stripe payments by email


  • Fix to make REST API calls to correct site url


  • Better control over specialized blocks like those for use in the form not being shown in the editor outside of that context.
  • Fix to make the RSVP Mailer module distinguish between sending to all users and users who are members of a specific website in a multisite setup.


  • Wrapping shortcodes and dynamic blocks in test that wp_is_json_request returns false. Was seeing unintended output on document save confusing JSON confirmation message.


  • RSVPMaker Schedule block (also rsvpmaker_daily_schedule shortcode) for displaying …