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Sharespine Woocommerce Connector



Reduce your workload by automating your bookkeeping efforts. Tie your accounting system, e-commerce, payment supplier, marketplaces and logistics system together, so that every event is recorded swiftly and accurately.

ERP Systems supported at the moment:
– Business Central
– Fortnox
– HiCore Systems
– iFenix
– Kodmyran
– Mamut
– Specter
– Visma Administration
– Visma eAccounting / eEkonomi
– Visma e-conomic


With our automatic reconciliation service, payments from your payment provider are matched against the invoice in your accounting system and then booked.
This means that you do not have to handle the flow of payments manually.
PSP’s supported at the moment:
– PayPal
– Klarna
– Stripe
– Nets easy
– Svea Checkout
– Payson
– CDON Settlement


With Sharespine Plugboard you can sell your WooCommerce products on several Nordic and European marketplaces. The Plugboard Integration platform will connect your store to the selected marketplace(s) and make sure you always have your WooCommerce and Marketplace data synchronized.

Data we push to the Marketplaces:
– Product details (descriptions, pictures, SKU)
– Pricing details
– Stock value
– Variants & attributes

Data we pull from the Marketplaces:
– Orders
– Customer details
– Settlements (if availiable)

With Plugboard you can also convert and/or differentiate your data. Lets say you want each marketplace to contain different description or images, or some marketplaces do not allow non-numerical SKU:s. With plugboard you can set rules as well as change specific data to specific marketplace(s).

Marketplaces supported at the moment:
– Tradera


Automate your work flows in Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Transport Management System (TSM) – regardless of sales channel. You can choose among multiple integrations to improve your logistics and create a better overview of deliveries.

Logistics systems supported at the moment:
– nShift
– Ongoing
– Shiplink
– PostNord


Do you combine a physical store with online sales? Sync everything including product data, price lists and stock via our platform, between the web store, marketplaces, business systems and your physical cashier point – seamlessly and regardless of channels.
POS-systems supported at the moment:
– Sitoo



If upgrading from 3.x or earlier or you have the “Sharespine
Woocommerce API extensions” plugin installed you need to uninstall
that version before installing this.


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Fix warning on missing properties on some API calls.
Tested with newer versions of WP and Woocommerce.


Fixed issue causing a loop in product timestamp update when metadata changes.
Don’t propagate inconsequential errors in timestamp update.
Don’t fire after-hooks when updating timestamp on metadata updates.
Ignore some troublesome wpml metadata fields.


Work around some issues with misconfigured time zones.


Work around


Fixes typing issue when connection data was missing.


Plugin admin page now contains information and links to the connected
integration system and user account.


Published in WordPress Plugin Directory.
Replaces the older “Sharespine Woocommerce API extensions” plugin.


Added support for GTIN if present in system.