Smart Variations Images for WooCommerce


This plugin allows the user to assign additional variation images as WooCommerce product variations and swap them accordingly.

How To SVI works and Setup

Smart Variations Images is packed with the essential features to optimise your WooCommerce product image gallery and boost your sales.

By default WooCommerce will only swap the main variation image when you select a product variation, not the gallery images below it.

This extension allows visitors to your online store to be able to swap different gallery images when they select a product variation.
Adding this feature will let visitors see different images of a product variation all in the same color and style.

What differentiates SVI from the other Additional Variations Images?

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Live Demo | Support

  • Main Image/thumbnails swap on choose variation
  • Multiple Images for single Variation
  • Show one Variation Images Under swatches/dropdowns
  • Show 2 Variations galleries on product loop pages
  • Simple Slider
  • Simple Magnifier Lens
  • Simple Ligthbox
  • Custom Thumbnail Columns
  • Hidden Thumbnails
  • WPML Compatible
  • Responsive


  • PHP 5.6.30 or later
  • WordPress 4.0 or later

WooCommerce 3.0+ Ready

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Live Demo | Upgrade to PRO | Support

Go PRO to access a full set of features to further optimise your WooCommerce product image gallery and boost your sales.

  • Main Image/thumbnails swap on choose variation
  • Multiple Images for Variation
  • Ability to assign images to a Multiple Variations.
  • Ability to use same image across multiple variations.
  • Allow same image to be shared across different products with diferent variations
  • Show Variation Images Under swatches/dropdowns
  • Variations on product loop
  • Show Variation as Cart Image
  • Show Variation in admin order
  • Show Variation in email order
  • Ligthbox
  • Stacked Image display – Fully Responsive
  • Advanced Slider (Navigation Arrows & Color + Thumbnail Positions and more) – Fully Responsive
  • Advanced Magnifier Lens (Lens Style & Size + Lens Border Color + Zoom Type & Effects and more)
  • Extra Thumbnail Options (Disabled Thumbnails + Select Swap + Thumbnail Click Swap + Keep Thumbnails Visible)
  • Extra Layout Fixes (Add Custom CSS Classes + Remove Image Class)
  • Import/Export handling
  • WPML Compatible
  • Responsive
  • Priority Support

Visit SMART VARIATIONS for more information


  • Display Images according to variation
  • Ligthbox
  • Setup the combinations
  • ReduxFramework to manage the options
  • Display variations under Variations Select
  • Display variations on Product Loop Pages


  1. Upload the entire smart-variations-images folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to WooCommerce > SVI and enable SVI to work in the front-end
  4. On your product go to SVI Variations Gallery and setup the galleries according to the variations you want
  5. Save the product
  6. Good luck with sales 🙂


Is it compatible with any Theme?

Yes! Themes that follow the default WooCommerce implementation will usually work with this plugin. However, some themes use an unorthodox method to add their own lightbox/slider, which breaks the hooks this plugin needs.
SVI was tested with the mos popular themes like OceanWP / Astra / Flatsome / Avada / Storefront / WR Nitro / Divi / BeTheme / Zerif Lite / Hestia / Shopisle and more.

Does it support page builders?

SVI is not compatible with custom product pages built with Builders (ex: Visual Composer, UX, Builder, Unyson, etc.), these Builders completely take over the design and hooks of the pages running them, so if a builder is applied to a product page SVI will not be accessible.

Although if you need it, I can probably figure something out!

How do I configure it to work?

  1. Create a product and build it’s attributes & variations
  2. Go to “SVI Variations Gallery” tab and setup the galleries according to the variations you want displayed
  3. Save the product
  4. Go to WooCommerce > SVI > Global TAB and “Enable SVI” so that is works on the Front-End
  5. Good luck with sales 🙂
  6. What the video if have doubts (

What Browsers does SVI support

SVI doesn’t support IE since is no longer maintained by Microsoft since at least 2015. and it doesn’t support ecmascript. READ MORE

SVI is tested to run on:
– Microsoft EDGE
– Safari
– Chrome
– Firefox

What happens to my theme default gallery display

SVI replaces your default theme settings/options for the image & thumbnails area so don’t expect to use any of your theme features for this area.
Otherwise SVI wouldn’t be able to do the magic. Each theme has is own structure and wouldn’t be feasible to create all the available layouts combinations on the same plugin so SVI just had to build is own layout.


1 de octubre, 2020
Having an ecommerce site with +30.000 products can be a bit taxing for our VPS. Lots of SQL queries every time a product is accessed. Lots of clients accessing at a time. We were using additional gallery images, and soon it was clear it wouldnt work out. Every time a client changes variation the page refreshes, at least the gallery. SVI fixes this, because it assigns variation images to the colors or other attribute instead of the variation itself. This is important, specially on a clothing ecommerce. There isnt any difference between sizes, the images are the same, so why have them change every time the customer changes the size. With SVI images change fluidly but only when the customer changes the color, not the size. This is good for performance, and also for user experience, since the page does not refresh! David, the developer provides great support, you can see he is commited in having his plugin remain one of the best, with no issues on any site. Again, nothing but good things to say about this plugin and the dev. Cheers!
12 de agosto, 2020
Dear David, I am a premium user. I love your plugin. Are you planning in a future update to add videos so you can display YouTube, Vimeo, Hosted Video Per Product Variation? Kind regards. Guillermo
6 de agosto, 2020
Breaks shop layout and make the layout settings only for paid plan. I felt scammed by a fake freemium. Furthermore the paid plan is very expensive and billed annually, no support under 60$/year...even the support message is a bit proud...
1 de mayo, 2020
Not what I was looking for, as it doesn't change the main product image and only displays a tiny thumbnail under the variation choice... it's confusing and doesn't add anything interesting. In my case it looks better just adding images variations to the original gallery (which the plugin overrides so it's no longer showing). However the plugin is very easy to use and might be interesting in the paying version for large stores ! Le plugin en version gratuite ne change pas l'image principale du produit selon la variation choisie, ça ajoute simplement une toute petite image sous le choix de variation... tout en n'affichant plus la galerie d'origine, ce qui ne donne pas un résultat agréable. Il vaut mieux laisser tomber ce plugin (à moins de payer) et juste ajouter les différentes images de variation à la gallerie principale, du moins dans mon cas c'est ce qui rend le mieux.
28 de abril, 2020
Great plugin - Excellent Support! I had an issue that was not caused by the plugin, but rather it was caused by my development server. David still quickly provided a solution. Will definitely keep using this plugin.
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  • Updated WC support to v4.7.0
  • Updated WordPress support to v5.5.3


  • Updated Freemius SDK v2.4.1
  • Updated WC support to v4.6.1


  • Updated Freemius SDK
  • Updated WC support to v4.6


  • Fix slider issue with missing jquery migrate


  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility
  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Notice: v5 coming up….


  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility


  • File optimization


  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility
  • Added Slider Swiper locally prevent CDN dependency


  • Added missing ReduxFramework files


  • Code cleanup


  • Update WC version compatibility


  • Added ability to create default gallery for free version
  • Integrated ReduxFramork into plugin so that it doesnt require user to install it


  • Update support to WP 5.4.2
  • Fallback for missing ID attribute in variations dropdowns


  • Fixed compatibility from trowing warning messages
  • Added better compatibility to Flatsome UX Builder
  • WC version update support


  • Mobile view prevent title to alongside the thumbnails
  • Added support for IOS Safari 9x
  • Better detect isMobile actions
  • Updated WC version support


  • Improvements in SVI galleries display in admin
  • Extra compatibilities for DIVI
  • Fix admin product gallery reading
  • Updated to WC 4.1.0


  • Fixed Warning messages
  • Fix incorrect slug matching


  • Fixed missing icon on magnifier lens thumbnail
  • Changed capability to acess options to edit_products instead of manage_woocommerce
  • Fix incorrect slug matching
  • Updated to WordPress 5.4.1


  • Improved Thumbnail click swap for custom attributes


  • Updated WooCommerce compatibility
  • Improved image swapping
  • Improved Custom attributes match



  • Upgraded to WooCommerce 4.0.0
  • Added extra compatibility to DIVI theme


  • Freemius SDK upgrade 2.3.1 -> 2.3.2
  • Fix lightbox close button from possibly triggering a mobile menu to open – thanks @qoki
  • Improved slider response


  • Fix Warning: id/description was called incorrectly. Product properties should not be accessed directly


  • Added compatibility to WC 3.9.1
  • Clearing possible PHP Warnings and notices


  • Code clean up
  • Added compatibility to WC 3.9.1
  • Fix SVI thumbnails missing value
  • Fix possible null values and convert to empty string


  • Fix possible error on extra whitespace on save product data
  • Fix compatibility with WPML and Cyrillic language
  • Fix possible missing type on cart validation
  • Added compatibility to WC 3.9


  • Lens fix for mobile.
  • Improved compatibility on reading product data
  • Added support for WordPress 5.3.2


  • WooCommerce compatibility 3.8.1
  • Fix Cannot declare class VUE_SVI
  • Fix notice message on order Email
  • Fix proper display of srcset attribute
  • Added option to show Title attribute in image


  • WordPress 5.3 compatibility
  • Added SVI catch method for JS developers : svi_method


  • Feature simplify creation of SVI galleries via Variations TAB
  • Improvement: Flatsome has-hover effect
  • Freemius SDK update 2.3.1


  • Optimize custom attribute sanitation
  • Fix DIVI compatibility duo to prevent multiple SVI galleries show


  • Optimize Admin CSS to fix compatibility with pointer-event rules


  • WordPress update version compatibility


  • Code improvement
  • Changed to laravelMixs
  • Added IE 11 support


  • Improved attributes sanitation


  • Improved Attribute matching including Custom & Global
  • Cleanup DOM data
  • Product admin gallery improvements


  • Fix import slug matching for WPML
  • Swiper update


  • Fix WPML compatibility
  • Improved support for Export via WooCommerce tool
  • Added ability to Show/hide srcset attribute in images
  • Code cleanup


  • Added warning for missmatching attributes
  • cleaning error messages
  • Cleaning JS


  • Fix Showcase Images under Variations from not showing


  • Missing file causing fatal error


  • Better compatibility with themes
  • Added support for WooCommerce 3.7.0
  • Vendor cleanup


  • Code cleanup


  • Code cleanup


  • Improved matching for Keep thumbnails visible option with
  • Fix warning messages
  • Added simple slider to free version
  • Added Variations galleries to be displayed in product loop pages


  • Fix Jetpack lazyLoad compatibility
  • Fix invalid argument supplied for foreach()


  • Fix warning messages
  • Fix findsummary not present from causing infinite loop for search
  • Freemius SDK update


  • Added support for Export via WooCommerce tool
  • Improved product save method


  • Prevent notice error
  • Fix create duplicate not properly cleaning up
  • Feature Showcase Images under Variations


  • Prevent notice error of missing post->id


  • Fix static shortcode usage fix


  • Added ability to filter images before display, apply_filters(‘svi_gallery_images’)
  • Prevent Fatal errors with free version if installed
  • Support for other product types besides the default ones
  • Fix access for shortcode handling
  • [PRO] Improved quickview support


  • Fix PhotoSwipe element from showing when not called
  • Improved PhotoSwipe Load
  • PRO slider hide navigation arrows if not needed


  • Fix Disable SVI option on product from not showing any image


  • Further improvement for vendor.js faster load times


  • Fix incorrect install message


  • Optimized vendor file
  • Improvement to detect proper attributes_form


  • Fix Prevent jQuery conflict with some themes
  • PRO added Stacked Images layout


  • PRO fix Slider time display
  • Fix Multisite license control


  • PRO fix Fallback for Default Gallery if no matching found and Default gallery exists
  • Fix Lens RTL/LTR window position


  • PRO fix Slider autoHeigth
  • PRO fix Fallback for Default Gallery if no matching found and Default gallery exists


  • Fix Admin Warning
  • Fix Dismiss alert not hide after dismissal


  • Thumbnails css Fix
  • Readme update


  • Security Fix
  • Fix possible WPML mismatch
  • PRO improved variation matching
  • PRO Fix Keep Thumbnails


  • Fix bad ajax request causing 500


  • Correct image link assets/img/svi-notice.png


  • Fixed missing files on previous version causing Fatal Error


  • Fixed caption encoding chars
  • Added option to use Featured Image as pre-loader
  • Fixed possible fatal error on render
  • Removed srcset to improve load speed
  • Added help
  • PRO improved quick view


  • Fixed thumbnails hidden
  • Fixed error 500 on WooCommerce Status


  • Fixed Columns not showing properly


  • Fixed Ligthbox not showing up with lens
  • Fixed Ligthbox arrows no showing


  • Fixed vertical thumbnails
  • Fixed color lens missing
  • Added Lens Window custom width/height


  • Improved install procedure
  • Updated effects


  • Fix DIVI compatibility
  • Updated Readme


  • Fix incorrect migration from v3 to v4 for special chars


  • Complete code re-inveted
  • VUE support
  • Freemius Integration