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Specify Home Hidden Categories


Specify the Home hidden under all the article,Set up one or more categories, as long as the article is contained in the specified category, then the article will be Home and in RSS were hidden, and can see only guest access to the category, it advantage is that do not affect other plugins with have_posts () and get_posts () … Function access to all of the text. 🙂

用于首页隐藏一个或者多个的分类目录下所有文章并确保不干预其它插件/主题对于所有文字显示的调用(可以在除首页(And RSS)以外任何地方完好的使用 have_posts()和get_posts() 函数全部功能),简单方便使用过程全无痛感,只需选定好需要隐藏的分类目录,分类目录下的所有文章即不会在首页和RSS(首页的)中显示。
Ps:文章同属于两个分类只要有一个是首页隐藏分类目录也不会在首页显示~ 🙂


  • 中文:
    应用首页:九秒分享使用Specify Home Hidden Categories(SHHC)后所显示所有分类下前10篇文章数量
    子页对比:站点地图使用Specify Home Hidden Categories(SHHC)所所显示所有分类下前50篇文章数量
  • English:
    Comparing two pages above to see this plugin will not interfere with any other show page for all articles on all pages of the article, the number of articles
    —Author’s English was very poor don’t worry lol ~


  • Specify Categories Options Section
  • Hide Choose Post Categories Options


Plugin help hide all posts in one or more category on Homepage. Go to \”Settings» Reading \”to choose the category need to hide

Ps:No articles in the category are not of our choosing, so you should create a good classification part article and then make a selection

  1. WordPress installation in the background or Download zip file Upload
  2. Activate Specify Home Hidden Categories plugins it
  3. Go to \”Settings» Reading \”to choose the category need to hide



English: author/zhys English is so bad, you can help me with a simple question-and-answer feature, please?

中文:Specify Home Hidden Categories常见问题回答


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