Tazapay Checkout Payment Gateway


Why Tazapay?

  • Over 173 markets and 70+ localised payment methods
  • 1.8% payment fees for non-card payments
  • Enable buyer protection for high-value transactions

How does Tazapay checkout work?

Choose between allowing direct payments or escrow payments when handling transactions on your online shop.

Direct Payment (Ideal for High Volume, Low Value Purchases)

  1. Once your buyer confirms their order and chooses Tazapay checkout, they will be redirected to Tazapay’s checkout page where they can select between multiple payment methods ranging from:

    • Bank transfer
    • QR code
    • Voucher payments
    • Cards and more

    Available payment methods depend on where they are located.

  2. Upon payment receipt, the seller can opt to choose between getting their payout in USD or with their local currency.

Escrow Payment (Ideal for High Value, Low Volume Purchases)

  1. The buyer and seller agree to the terms of trade, and the buyer first pays to the escrow account in an online checkout
  2. Once the payment is complete, the funds are received and secured in a bank account under the jurisdiction of MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore).
  3. When the product is shipped or the services are rendered, the seller (or your platform) can provide a proof of fulfilment to Tazapay for verification
  4. As soon as Tazapay verifies the documents, the payment is released to the seller


  • Enable cost-effective localised payment methods to your buyers at more than 70 major markets
  • Checkout paywall and payment methods are dynamically loaded based on buyer’s location
  • Transparent and competitive FX rates displayed upfront for all payment methods during checkout
  • Offer protection for high-value transactions with Tazapay’s escrow & give your buyers a peace of mind

How to Install Tazapay’s WooCommerce App?

Read our step-by-step guide on our FAQ, how do I install Tazapay’s WooCommerce Plugin.


  • Admin Settings Page
  • Admin Settings Page
  • Woocommerce Checkout Page
  • Customisable Payment UI
  • Customisable Payment UI
  • Customisable Payment Completion Screen
  • Order thank you page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/tazapay-checkout-payment-gateway directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress


How to get your credentials?



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Registro de cambios

ver 1.1.3:
– Escrow initiatiated by Seller ID (bug fix)
ver 1.2.1:
– Seller email and api key Validation at WooCommerce Tazapay settings
– Payment logo update
ver 1.2.2:
– Now the value of transaction_source can also be passed
ver 1.3.0:
– Refund module integrated
ver 1.3.1:
– Refund module text changes
ver 1.3.3:
– Bug Fix > Refund API slowing down site
ver 1.3.4:
– Speed optimization by storing seller info in database
ver 1.3.5:
– Plugin description updated
ver 1.3.6:
– Plugin description updated
ver 1.3.7:
– Plugin description updated
ver 1.3.8:
– Order status update on offline payment approval
ver 1.3.9:
– Bug fixing to handle critical error log
ver 1.4.0:
– Api optimization and handle api errors
ver 1.4.1:
– code optimization
ver 1.4.2:
– Tested for 6.1.1 and PHP_CodeSniffer bug fixes
ver 1.4.3:
– code Sanitized
ver 1.4.4:
– Updated Unset sessions
ver 1.4.5:
– Passed Order currency as invoice instead of WooCommerce currency
ver 1.4.6:
– Handled error validation and optimization of code done.
ver 1.4.7:
– Handle redirection to checkout page.
ver 1.4.8:
– Handle payment status change.
ver 1.4.9:
– Handle payment status change to processing.
ver 1.5.0:
– Handled Fee Paid by Buyer.
ver 1.5.1:
– Handled hook trigger for order status change.
ver 1.5.2:
– Fix order status change to processing.
ver 2.0.0:
– Enhanced user experience for payment.
ver 2.0.1:
– Skipping status update in webhook for release authorized and payout completed statuses
ver 2.0.2:
– Skipping status update for pre-order items and avoiding multiple txns for same order id.
ver 2.0.3:
– Rewamp to support new platform.
ver 3.0:
– Rewamp to support new platform and bug fixes.
ver 3.0.1:
– Rewamp to support Tbridge payment options like (UPI,NetBanking and cards).