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The top selling WordPress plugin from CodeCanyon/ThemeForest now has a feature-rich free version. Total Donations was built with a focus on productivity and ease-of-use to get things done faster for your non-profit, church or political organization.

Reporting & insights

Accept donations using major credit cards using Stripe, or PayPal or both at the same time. The clean and easy to use interface makes it easy to track your donations and visualize your month to month progress.

Widgets & Shortcodes

Add a circle progress bar or a regular progress bar and style them without using any code. Or dive into the shortcodes for even more granular control.

Drag & Drop Form Creator

Drag and Drop the fields you need to the places you want them. Create new text areas, text fields, checkboxes, selection fields and radio buttons and add them to your form.

Change the Form Styling

Change the style of the form and preview the donation progress bar easily. Easily Customize the look and feel of your form and progress bar without extra coding. Add borders, swap field placement and create a form that suits your needs.

Reports and Exporting

Display your data, edit data and export your reports. Correct input mistakes and edit donation information from inside the dashboard.

Thank You Email Template

Auto-generated ‘thank you’ emails to your donors as well as notifications for staff upon new donations.

Export Donation History

Pull reports at the drop of a hat and easily export your donation history for Stripe and PayPal. Get all your donor information for multiple gateways in one spreadsheet or filter them separately.

Multiple Currency Support

Accept donations in the currencies allowed by your gateways. Add the currency symbol before or after the amount and choice your decimal markers/thousand separator to match your locale.

Flexible Goals

Update goals or pause them without restarting your campaigns.

Enhanced Security

Total Donations 3.0 has been remade from the ground up with a focus on security.

**FULL VERSION (coming soon)**

Recurring Donations

Set the intervals to any time period and automatically track your recurring donations for PayPal, PayPal Pro, Stripe and Authorize all at the same time.

More Automatic Email Notifications

Automatically acknowledge your donors and their honoree gifts with multiple automatic emails. Set emails to be sent to your offline donors with instructions on how to donate and also to the honoree recipients. This also includes unique language specific emails and receipts depending on the language selected.

PDF Timestamped receipts

Add PDF timestamped receipts to automate the process of receipting your donors. Include timestamped PDF reciepts from a digital authority.

More Widgets

Widgets for your top donors as well as recent donors.

Language Specific Emails and Receipts

Translate the frontend forms from inside the plugin. Include multiple forms and have separate emails sent depending on the language selected.

MailChimp & Constant Contact Integration

Automatically add new donors to MailChimp or ConstantContact.

More Gateways

PayPal Pro,, Offline donations with unique emails for donor pledges. More gatways are on the way.

Offline Donation

Offline donations can be saved in Total Donations and exported to CSV.

Advanced Export

Change the name of the headers on export to match the import of your donor CRM to speed up back office tasks.

Google Captcha

Help protect your donation form from abuse with Google Captcha.

Unique form-per-campaign Forms

Use a seperate form for each campaign.

and more


  • The donor dashboard gives you information at a glance and allows you to keep on top of how much you have raised over time.
  • Create your forms with an easy to use drag-and-drop form creator.
  • Add widgets and customize the way they look and feel.


Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.7 or greater
  • PHP version 7 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0.15 or greater
  • cURL version 5.40 or higher
  • An SSL/TLS certificate if you use Stripe. PayPal handles the PCI compliance although it is highly recommended that you install an SSL/TLS certificate anyways.

WordPress installation

The easist way to install is directly from WordPress. Just click on the installation link from the ‘add new’ page inside your WordPress dashobard.


Always back up before updating Total Donations just in case.


How do I start?

After installing and activating the plugin, go to either the PayPal or Stripe page in the dashboard and setup the gateways you’d like to use. Next you’ll need to arrange the form. Go to TotalDonations > campaigns > edit form > multi-campaign form. There you’ll be able to add new fields and customize the form the way you need them. After you have set that up, head over to the ‘email settings’ page and set up your auto-reply ‘thank yous’ and the email addresses to notify upon a successful donation.
Once you have it set up correctly, paste the shortcode [totaldonations] inside the page you’d like the form to show up on and then run some tests. You can add as many campaigns and progress bars as you’d like.
For the complete knowledgebase, please see our website here: Total Donations Knowedgebase

Where can I find the documentation?

The documentation is here: Total Donations Knowedgebase. We are constantly updating the documentation and as new features are added the knowledgbase will be updated. If your question isn’t there or you have a specific issue you need resolved, please leave a comment on the Support Forum (to your right) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there any additional fees taken by you for using Stripe?

No, we charge you nothing to use Stripe or PayPal. All fees are from Stripe and PayPal are charged by each respective gateway. We do not take a cut.

Do you have any demos?

We have a few on our website here: Total Donations Demos and will be adding a backend demo and more soon.


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Are you likely to update the plugin in the near future as it seems a bit putdated
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Registro de cambios

[3.0.8] – 2020-07-24

  • (Adding Feature!) Detect refund and dispute via Stripe Weebhook
  • (Adding Feature!) Stripe Log

[3.0.7] – 2020-07-20

  • Quick Fix: campaign list issues
  • (Adding Feature!) Totaldonations Accountant Role with minimum as contributor role

[3.0.6] – 2020-07-18

  • Fix: Missing Ajax Functions for Email
  • Fix: Unchecked radio button on campaign sorter

[3.0.5] – 2020-07-12

  • (New Feature!) Added the Circle Progress bar widget and shortcode
  • Fix: Stripe class conflict with other plugin
  • Dynamic progress bar change when setups change on backend
  • Making the admin notice dismissed forever
  • Making the default for new campaign to be shown on campaign switcher
  • Added dynamic ajax progress bar cusomizer on the the customize theme page
  • Various help text updates
  • Various UI improvements

[3.0.2] – 2020-07-03

  • Added more CSS rules to make TD work with more themes.
  • Updated the readme.txt.
  • Added admin notices to warn you if you’re using a test version or haven’t filled in payment info yet.
  • More descriptive text info for new users on new installs.
  • Fixed bugs css bugs

[3.0.1] – 2020-07-01

  • TotalDonations has its own tables separated from WordPress
  • TotalDonations has a custom role for accounting purposes
  • Total Donations includes a System Status page.
  • Now has an error log page
  • Security nonce on front end is mandatory
  • Ajax is secured with session that expired everytime user logout
  • All data including options data is separated from WordPress
  • Reports retrieve by date filter and a secret key for safety reasons
  • Code has been refractored to be faster, to improve readability, security, to simplify structure and to improve extensibility.
  • Free Version is released