WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML


Everything you need to start selling internationally is in this plugin. Easily set up and manage products in multiple currencies, no matter the size of your store or the team running it. Or, upgrade by purchasing WPML and translate your entire store to reach new customers all over the world.

See how it works in this short video:

Free Multi-Currency Features

This is the only free plugin that includes all of the following multi-currency features:

  • Set up multiple currencies to display based on a customer’s location
  • Add currency switchers to your site
  • Format your currencies
  • Set your own exchange rates or connect with an automatic exchange rate service
  • Set custom prices and shipping rates in your secondary currencies

Add WPML to Make Your Store Multilingual

Translate your entire store and unlock even more multicurrency features by pairing WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency with WPML – the most popular translation plugin for WordPress sites:

  • Traduce todos los productos de WooCommerce (simples, variables, agrupados, externos)
  • Translate all store URLs and endpoints
  • Translate product reviews
  • Translate product categories and attributes
  • Translate content automatically using DeepL, Google Translate, and Microsoft
  • Keep the same language throughout the checkout process
  • Send emails to clients and admins in their language
  • Track inventory without breaking products into languages
  • Display currencies based on site language
  • Use different payment methods for each currency
  • Add functionality using WooCommerce REST API

To get all multilingual features, you will need a WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency account type.

Read more about translating your WooCommerce store with WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual.

Compatibility With Woocommerce Extensions

Practicamente todas las tiendas de WooCommerce usan algunas extensiones. WooCommerce Multilingual es totalmente compatible con las extensiones más utilizadas, entre estas:

Looking for other extensions that are tested and compatible with WPML? See the complete list of WordPress plugins that are compatible with WPML.


  • Currency switcher on the front-end
  • WooCommerce Multicurrency
  • Adding a currency
  • Adding currency switchers
  • Currency switcher options
  • Setting automatic exchange rates
  • Setting custom prices in different currencies
  • Setting custom shipping rates
  • WCML standalone mode


Requisitos mínimos

  • WordPress 4.7 o posterior
  • PHP version 7.0 or later
  • MySQL versión 5.6 o posterior
  • WooCommerce 3.9.0 o posterior


Install and activate “WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency” on your WordPress site. Then, go to WooCommerce → WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency and enable the multi-currency mode to add more currencies to your store. Read more about setting up multiple currencies for your online store.

If you also use the WPML plugin for multilingual functionality, follow the setup wizard to translate the store pages, configure what attributes should be translated, enable the multi-currency mode and more. Read more about translating your online store.


Does this work with other e-commerce plugins?

No. Este plugin está hecho especialmente para WooCommerce.

¿Qué necesito hacer en mi tema?

Make sure that your theme is not hard-coding any URL. Always use API calls to receive URLs to pages and you’ll be fine.

How do I edit the translations of the cart or checkout page?

Some themes and plugins provide their own translations via localization files. WordPress loads these translations automatically.

To change any of these translations, you need to scan the theme or plugin providing these files. Go to WPML → Theme and Plugins Localization, select the theme or plugin providing the checkout page, and scan it.

After scanning, you should have the strings available in WPML → String Translation.

Read more about translating cart and checkout pages.

¿Puedo tener URL distintas para la tienda en diferentes idiomas?

Yes. You can translate the product permalink base, product category base, product tag base and the product attribute base on the Store URLs section.

¿Por qué las páginas de categoría de producto devuelven un error 404?

In this case, you may need to translate the product category base. You can do that on the Store URLs section.

¿Puedo definir los precios en las monedas secundarias?

Por omisión, los precios de las monedas secundarias se determinan por medio de las tasas de cambio que usted introducirá cuando agregue o edite una moneda. Sin embargo, usted puede reemplazar y definir los precios en moneda secundaria de forma manual solo en productos individuales.

¿Puedo usar monedas distintas para cada idioma?

Yes. By default, each currency will be available for all languages, but you can customize this and disable certain currencies on certain languages. You also have the option to display different currencies based on your customers’ locations instead.

¿Este plugin es compatible con otras extensiones para WooCommerce?

WooCommerce Multilingual es compatible con las principales extensiones para WooCommerce. Estamos trabajando constantemente en la verificación y el mantenimiento de la compatibilidad, y colaboramos desde cerca con los autores de estas extensiones.


15 de mayo de 2024
The WPML plugin offers everything you will need when building a multi-language site and this plugin helped me translate my ecommerce store in no time! Their string translation feature make managing different language versions so easy and it also allows live page editing which is super helpful. Also kudos to their support (especially Dražen!), they always reply super quick and are very helpful.
9 de mayo de 2024
Top of the line and professional support. WPML is a bit hard to use in some cases, and I had some issues, but support sorted them in 1-2-3, including some stuff which was my own fault, and nothing to do with WPML. Amazing support by Kor from WPML – Far better than one could except. Easy easy 5/5 Stars.
2 de mayo de 2024
A powerful translation plugin with strong capabilities. The support is excellent, thanks Mr. Prosenjit Barman for your help in my resent ticket.
1 de mayo de 2024
Love this plugin and their team. The support service is always fast, friendly and problem solving. Thanks Mo for helping me to translate the text in my code snippet. Happy user of WPML,Ylyas
25 de abril de 2024
I’m using WPML for years now and haven’t had much issues. But when needed, their support is top notch. Just recently Andreas W. helped me extensively with a strange problem until it was resolved.
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