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Download Counter Chart


This plugin adds a widget to display download statistics based on the Download Counter
plugin on your site. The sidebar widget will show a highly configurable chart based on the
Google Chart API. Furthermore it offers a dashboard widget that summarizes your
downloads, to get information quick at a glance.

The plugin supports following chart types:

  • Bar (horizontal)
  • Pie
  • Pie 3D

You can include a chart of your downloads on a page or in a post using the downloadcounterchart-shortcode.
Of course a download chart is includable in your theme. See extended documentation
for detailed explanations for that.


There are several ways to include a chart of your downloads on your site.

Page / Post (Shortcode)

[downloadcounterchart chart_type="pie" chart_width="490" chart_height="190" label_color="000000" label_size="11" sqlcondition="" bar_color="0066CC90" bar_height="-1" bg_color="FFFFFF00"]


  • chart_type – Type of the chart. Valid values: bar_horizontal, pie or pie3d.
  • chart_width – Width of the chart image in px. May be about the 2.5 times size of the height for a pie chart.
  • chart_height – Width of the chart image in px.
  • label_color – Hex color value for labels, optional with additional opacity value (e.g. 50% black = 00000050).
  • label_size – Font size of the labels.
  • sqlcondition – Optional SQL where statement, leave blank for all downloads.
  • bar_height – Bar chart only. You can explicitly set the bar height, but it may result in a chart that does not include
    all data, if the chart height is not big enough. Recommend to set -1 for auto-sizing.
  • bg_color – Background color. Hex color value, optional with additional opacity value (e.g. transparent = FFFFFF00)


downloadcounterchart_img($chart_type, $chart_width, $chart_height, $label_color = '333333', $label_size = '11', $sqlcondition = '', $bar_color='', $bar_height='', $bg_color='')


see section above


if (function_exists('downloadcounterchart_img') && class_exists('DownloadCounterChartApi')){
    downloadcounterchart_img(DLC_CHART_PIE, 490, 190, '000000', '11', '', '0066CC', '-1', 'FFFFFF00');


  • Dashboard widget giving a quick overview of your downloads.
  • Sidebar widget options to configure the rendered chart to your custom needs.
  • Example widget output on your site.
  • Pie chart in a post.


Note: This plugin depends on the Download Counter plugin
(version 1.01), so you may need to install it as well.

  1. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip it. You may also use the
    install manager of wordpress to get the plugin.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add the Download Counter Chart widget to a sidebar and edit the options of the widget to your needs. You may simple add the widget to a
    sidebar and click save to setup the widget with default options.
  4. You can enable the Download Counter dashboard widget by activating it in the screen options area of the dashboard page.
  5. For usage in your theme or in a page / post see the extended documentation




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Planned Features:

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  • Pie and Pie3d chart types
  • shortcode to include in page/post
  • optimized bar height configuration


  • full configurable chart
  • redesign of dashboard widget