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WP Event Calendar


WP Event Calendar is the best way to manage events in WordPress!

We know you have your choice of calendar & events plugins. We appreciate you giving this one a try, and we hope you really love it!


  • Seamlessly integrates into WordPress’s dashboard interface
  • Month, week, and day list-table views
  • Organize events by type, category, & tag
  • Easily & logically paginate through date ranges
  • Safe, secure, & efficient
  • Full of developer hooks for integration with other plugins & themes
  • Integrates with User Groups, Alerts, Activity, and Profiles

Works great with


  • Month View
  • Week View
  • Metabox
  • Date Picker


  • Download and install using the built in WordPress plugin installer.
  • Activate in the “Plugins” area of your admin by clicking the “Activate” link.
  • No further setup or configuration is necessary.


Does this create new database tables?

No. It uses WordPress’s custom post-type, custom taxonomy, and metadata APIs.

Does this modify existing database tables?

No. All of WordPress’s core database tables remain untouched.

Where can I get support?
  • Basic:
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Where can I find documentation?


3 de abril de 2021
Very good base for developers. Very extendable and filterable. This doesn’t give you front end calendar, but it takes well care of the management and display of calendar(s) from admin side. Extends WP_List_Table class for calendar views. Lacks Location as taxonomy, but such can easily be added. I combine this with Genesis Custom Blocks to make front end views, single event, list and calendars.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I really like this plugin! It’s super lightweight, yet functional and powerful. It’s perfect as a standalone solution, with some custom theme templates, or as a starting point for building a more powerful, streamlined calendar system.
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Registro de cambios

[1.1.0] – 2016-12-09

  • Improved editor metabox experience
  • Fix bug caused when relocating the “Details” metabox

[1.0.0] – 2016-09-07

  • Improved support for mu-plugins location
  • Improved performance of all ranged calendar queries
  • Updated plugin file organization structure

[0.4.0] – 2016-05-12

  • More improvements to capability mappings
  • Support for additional post types
  • Helper functions for iCal integration
  • Query functions

[0.3.1] – 2016-05-03

  • Fix capability regression in 0.3.1
  • Add contextual help to Calendar page

[0.3.0] – 2016-03-30

  • Improve capability mapping
  • Improve TinyMCE compatibility
  • Update calendar styling

[0.2.4] – 2016-02-05

  • Dropdown select elements for hours & minutes

[0.2.3] – 2016-02-01

  • Rename metabox titles
  • Make “Location” optional
  • Add revision support to events
  • General code & styling clean-up

[0.2.2] – 2016-01-10

  • Improve support for all-day & multi-day events
  • Improve month, week, and day views
  • Improve contrast of current & active items

[0.2.1] – 2015-12-30

  • Improve taxonomy & status filtering

[0.2.0] – 2015-11-30

  • Add “Day” view
  • Improve “Month” view

[0.1.10] – 2015-11-30

  • Filter events by registered taxonomy

[0.1.9] – 2015-11-16

  • Move events to “Passed” status twice daily

[0.1.8] – 2015-9-10

  • Added week view
  • Added persistent pagination for mode, status, & search
  • Added styling for a few event types
  • Added help text
  • Added legend in help text area

[0.1.7] – 2015-9-8

  • Updated date-picker styling

[0.1.6] – 2015-9-7

  • Sort by start, end, and repetition

[0.1.5] – 2015-9-6

  • All-day events

[0.1.4] – 2015-9-5

  • More flexible mapped capabilities

[0.1.3] – 2015-9-4

  • Revert role & capability changes

[0.1.2] – 2015-9-3

  • Remove dependency
  • Start, end, repeat, & expiring events
  • Date picker
  • Cleanup

[0.1.1] – 2015-9-2

  • Show pointers on event clicks
  • Add flexible methods for pointers output
  • Add actions & filters
  • Rename main class to be for month-only view
  • Use new icon for private posts

[0.1.0] – 2015-9-1

  • Initial release