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What Is WP MLM Plugin?

WP MLM plugin is a plugin or software component that enables it to function as a WP MLM network or WP MLM software when integrated with WordPress websites.

Would you like to integrate third-party MLM software to enhance your existing business? Then get connected with the WP MLM plugin of WordPress to attain high business revenue. Optimize multi-level marketing and make your potential customers your business partners to attain high revenue.

Get To Know Modules Of WP MLM Plugin

WP MLM plugin offers two modules
• Admin Module
• User Module

Admin Module & User Module Of WP MLM Plugin

• Admin of WordPress is the admin of the WP MLM plugin.
• Users are the one who registers with an MLM network by paying the registration amount or who purchases any package from the system.

Registration Page & User Dashboard Set Up

Make use of the below shortcode and paste on any page for customizing and setting up the following
• WP MLM New User Registration Form – [wp_affiliate_registration_form]
• WP MLM New User Dashboard – [wp_affiliate_user_dashboard]

How WP MLM Plugin works In Both Modules?

Admin Module

When the WP MLM plugin is downloaded from WordPress:
• The admin will be provided a shortcode to set up a page for the new MLM user registration form and a page for the user dashboard at the front end of the plugin.
• Only the admin of the plugin will be able to login to the backend of the WP MLM plugin.

User Module

• The users will be able to join the WP MLM network by paying the registration amount or by purchasing the package.
• Users can enter the sponsor’s name and fill in other details in the registration form to join the MLM network.
• Once registered, the user can share the referral link to his/her family network.
• If anyone purchases using the referral link, the respective user of the referral link will earn the MLM commission as per the configured MLM plan.

Admin & User Module Features

1.Simple and easy Dashboard

Admin dashboard has an overall view of MLM users, MLM info, E-wallet details, Genealogy tree, Recently joined user list, Income vs Commission comparison graph, Joining report, Top bonus earned user list, etc.

Customized user dashboard has an overall view of direct referral and commission earned details.

2.MLM user profile management.
3.Genealogy tree representation.
4.E-Wallet management.
5.Effective Reporting.
6.Settings configuration for Admin module
7.Unique Affiliate link in the user module.

Admin Setup Configuration

1.Bonus Commission Settings

Set the number of levels in the uni-level plan to fix the commission on each level either as a certain percentage or as a fixed amount (fiat option).

2.Payout & Purchase Settings

Under the “Payout & Purchase Setting” of the Admin module set the 4 fields to configure commission settings.

Level Commission Eligibility (LCE)
LCE is an added option in the admin module. If LCE is set, the members are eligible for commission only if they attain self-purchase commission equal to or greater than the value of LCE.

Minimum Payout Request Amount
Set the minimum amount to be there in the user account to raise commission payout from the system

Referral Commission (%)
When any package is purchased by the member then a certain amount of the purchase amount is set as referral commission to the sponsor.

Self Purchase Commission
When the member or user themselves purchases any package from the system is referred to as a self-purchase commission.

3.Transaction Password
Set the transaction password to be used by the members to make any fund transaction or raise payout request. Send the transaction password to the users or members via emails at the time of the registration process.
The default Transaction password is the login password of the user. System Admin will have the option to change the Transaction password.


Try WP MLM Software Plugin Demo – Demo Link

Admin Login:
Username: admindemo
Password: 12345678

User Login:
Username: userdemo
Password: 12345678

Try out our Standard MLM Software Demo for the following MLM Compensation Plans:

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Unilevel Plan
  • Stair Step Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Donation Plan
  • Party Plan and more


  • Dashboard
  • User Details
  • Genealogy Tree
  • General Settings
  • Password settings
  • Bonus Report
  • Profile Report


Below are the installation process and configuration steps to integrate WP Unilevel MLM plugin with WordPress.

Installation Process
Look into the below installation process

Download the .zip file from the

Go To settings
WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded.

Install Now and Activate the plugin.
For more information look at: Install and Activate Plugins.


What is the Registration Process?

Make use of the shortcode “[wp_affiliate_registration_form]” and paste on any page for setting up the registration page.

Any payment gateway integrated with registration?

Yes.Paypal is integrated.

Can I try free demo?

Yes, You can try demo here – Demo Link

Admin Login:
Username: admindemo
Password: 12345678

User Login:
Username: userdemo
Password: 12345678

Try out our Standard MLM Software Demo for the following MLM Compensation Plans:

  • Binary Plan
  • Matrix Plan
  • Unilevel Plan
  • Stair Step Plan
  • Generation Plan
  • Donation Plan
  • Party Plan and more

How can I get support?

Facing any difficulty in using plugin? Click on “View support forum” and post your query. We will answer to your query.


16 de febrero de 2022
Functions to set price or commissions dont show up. Then you go to their website to checkout more information and start receiving tons of viruses, trojans on your pc. Dont use this plugin at all!
5 de marzo de 2021 1 reply
i still cant create a user login page as the registration keeps displaying error page not found. what should i do thanks
15 de febrero de 2020
This plugin is soundly built unlike many others. I only gave 4 stars because of a few things like: The currency - even after changing, it goes back to USD Only only payment option - if it can include crypto it would really open up the possibilities Users have to access the back end - If only there was a front end option But otherwise, great work!
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