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WP Responsive Videos


This plugin enables you to embed responsive video on your WP posts, pages and even on to your sidebars/widgets. It works like a charm with any theme or WP framework, even your custom themes as well. Currently, it supports many different platforms including:
=Daily Motion=
=College Humor=
=Funny or Die=
=Game Trailers=


  1. Upload ‘wp-responsive-videos’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory by ftping to your server
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Place [wp-respnsive-video] in the page/post/widget and specify ‘source’ and ‘id’ of the video or use ‘echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-respnsive-video]’);’ in your template files to make it work with theme.
  4. Or you can use widget as well
  5. Sit back and relax the responsiveness of the plugin


Where can I use the shortcode?

You can use the shortcode either in your pages, posts and widgets/sidebars.

What attributes does the shortcode support?

For now, it supports following attributes:

‘source’: Can be either youtube or vimeo depending on your video`s publishihng platform. Default: ‘youtube’
‘id’: ID of the video as found in the video URL.

Here is one example: [wp-respnsive-video source=”youtube” id=”gMuS2vpld-w”]

Where do I find video ID?

Well, many video providers provide you video ID in the share code or in the URL of the video you are watching.
Usually, its after embed/ or in case of IGN, you don`t need to specify the URL, just specify the video source that comes after ‘url=’ in the embed code.
Also, in case of, specify the ID after ‘’ in the embed code.

Can I specify the video dimensions?

The video adapts to the dimensions of its outer containing block and adapts automatically when resized. Our advise is to use a wrapper as per the theme in place.

Can I use the plugin with my template file?

Yes, you can put this code: ‘echo do_shortcode(‘[wp-respnsive-video]’);’ You can specify the attributes here as well.

How does the widget work?

Select the source and provide it the ID of the video of the respective source and then you are good to go.


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  • Support for Youtube and Vimeo included
  • Responsive right from the Go


  • Widget support added
  • Support for Vube, Daily Motion, Archeve, College Hhumor, Funny or Die, Game Trailers and IGN added
    *Bug fixes and errors


*Bug fixes