User Posts Limit


Limit the number of posts user can create. Any post type.

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How To Use

  1. Plugin Settings: Select role, post type, limit, and cycle.

How It Works

  • On post creation the number of posts from this post type belong to this user for the specified cycle will be counted and if applicable the post creation will be prevented.


  • Post Creation Limits: Limit the number of posts each user role can create daily/weekly/monthly/yearly/ever.
  • Hide Content: In order to make some content hidden when posts limit exceeded wrap it with the shortcodes (replace "post" with the post type of the relevant rules): [upl_hide type="post"][/upl_hide]
  • Display Limits: Display the limits to the user anywhere with the [upl_limits] shortcode.
  • Users Stats: Track how many posts each user used from his quota.
  • Multisite: Network-wide rules can be applied via the Network Admin Dashboard (doesn’t support the Hide Content, Display Limits and Users Stats features).
  • Integrations: WooCommerce, Paid Memberships Pro, MyListing theme, Restrict Content Pro, PeepSo, WordPress REST API.
  • Limits per User: Set limits per user (see instructions in docs).


  • User Posts Limit Plugin Settings
  • Post creation limit notification
  • Role option
  • Post type option
  • Users Screen stats


Minimum Requirements

WordPress 5.2 or greater
PHP 7.0 or greater

Automatic installation

  1. Go to your Dashboard => Plugins => Add new
  2. In the search form write: Condless
  3. When the search return the result, click on the Install Now button

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin from this page clicking on the Download button
  2. Go to your Dashboard => Plugins => Add new
  3. Now select Upload Plugin button
  4. Click on Select file button and select the file you just download
  5. Click on Install Now button and the Activate Plugin


Why the limits do not work as expected?

  • The counts include posts in trash/draft/pending status
  • Limits will not be applied on users with the Plugin Management Capability or (in multisite) the create_users capability
  • The post creation date and not the post published date is taken into account when using the cycle option

How to use the [upl_hide] shortcode with Elementor?

Insert shortcode widget with [upl_hide type="post"][/upl_start] before your content and another shortcode widget with [/upl_hide] after your content.


3 de junio de 2022
With a little elbow grease, the possibilities are really interesting for a multisite installation, such as limiting the total number of WooCommerce products per site (regardless of the author). The plugin is not easy to learn, not very intuitive and would surely deserve to be more explicit on certain settings, however, it does the job and the author is responsive and attentive… so I recommend it 👍 
29 de marzo de 2022
For the uniqueness it offers, supporting all post-types, a total lack of competition, the simplicity of operation, and that it’s 100% free, I wonder why this plugin is not already hitting 100K installs. As for features, I would love to see (1) native integrations with membership and subscription plugins, (2) Ability to limit based on parent – child CPT relationships, and (3) better UI All said, even in it’s current form, this plugin is gold. The author is extremely helpful, willing to login to your site and helping to troubleshoot. It doesn’t get better. Truly wish this plugin gets the limelight it deserves. Thank you Condless!
16 de febrero de 2022 3 respuestas
This plugin should be unique in its kind But I need something else I need an option or code that allows each user in each role to see only their own posts, and completely hide the posts of others, even in search results (without any messages or bookmarks) **More details:** The user has to log in to get the content, and when he logs in he only sees his posts (as if there are no other posts on the website) Any help would be appreciated Thankful
17 de septiembre de 2021
It works as you expect it. With excellent customizability. Thanks!
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