WP Maintenance Mode & Coming Soon


Add a maintenance page to your blog that lets visitors know your blog is down for maintenance, or add a coming soon page for a new website. User with admin rights gets full access to the blog including the front end.

Activa el plugin y tu blog estará en modo de mantenimiento. Solo los usuarios registrados con suficientes derechos pueden ver la portada. Puedes usar una fecha con un temporizador de cuenta atrás para informar a los visitantes o establecer un valor y la unidad de información.

También funciona con instalaciones multisitio de WordPress (cada blog de la red tiene sus propios ajustes de mantenimiento).


  • Totalmente personalizable (cambiar colores, textos y fondos);
  • Formulario de suscripción (exportar correos electrónicos a un archivo .csv);
  • Temporizador de cuenta atrás (tiempo restante);
  • Formulario de contacto (recibe correos electrónicos de los visitantes);
  • Coming soon page;
  • Landing page templates;
  • WordPress multisite;
  • Responsive design;
  • Social media icons;
  • Works with any WordPress theme;
  • SEO options;
  • Exclude URLs from maintenance;
  • Funcionalidad de bot para recopilar los correos electrónicos de forma amigable y eficiente;
  • Listo para GDPR;

Fallos, sugerencias técnicas o colaborar

Please give us feedback, contribute and file technical bugs on GitHub Repo.


Developed by Themeisle

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  • Ejemplo de modo de mantenimiento
  • Ejemplo de modo de mantenimiento #2
  • Ejemplo de bot
  • Escritorio de ajustes generales
  • Ajuste del diseño del escritorio
  • Escritorio de ajustes de módulos
  • Escritorio de ajustes del bot


  1. Unpack the download package
  2. Upload all files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, include folders
  3. Activa el plugin a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress
  4. Ve a la página de ajustes, donde puedes cambiar los ajustes que necesites (¡presta atención a la opción de excluir!)


Cómo usar los filtros del plugin

Echa un vistazo a nuestra Biblioteca de fragmentos de código.

Compatibilidad con plugins de caché

WP Maintenance Mode puede ser inestable debido a los plugins de caché; recomendamos desactivar cualquier plugin de caché cuando el modo de mantenimiento esté activo. Si realmente quieres usar un plugin de caché, asegúrate de borrar toda la caché después de cada cambio.

Lista de exclusión

Si cambias tu URL de acceso, por favor, añade el nuevo slug (URL: si es https://dominio.com/nuevoacceso, entonces debes añadir: nuevoacceso) a la lista de exclusión en la pestaña «Ajustes -> General» del plugin.

Aviso: wp-cron.php está excluido por defecto.


5 de octubre de 2022
Avoid unless you are ok with the fact that this plugin installs some 3rd party plugins like block builder etc...
3 de octubre de 2022
Update totally broke my site and it took me two days to figure it out.... since i had activated maintenance mode in order to troubleshoot. Do not use 2.5 if you don't like Gutenberg. Also, a heads up would have been nice. I will either go for another plugin or revert all updated versions. I had been using this for years, too bad.
29 de septiembre de 2022
The 2.5 update was a mistake. I liked the plugin because it was simple and straightforward to use, but forcing everyone to create a separate maintenance mode page and even worse forcing everyone to install a blocks plugin is a deal-breaker for me.
29 de septiembre de 2022
It forces you to use a specific block builder. Not recommended at all.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

Version 2.5.3 (2022-09-28)

  • Fix wrong template loaded when the current post template is empty.

Version 2.5.2 (2022-09-27)

  • Fix maintenance mode issue for previously logged users #321
  • Allow comments into exclude textarea so that you can comment on the IP addresses for location, props @joostdekeijzer
  • Fix PHP notice errors on specific scenarios #324
  • Fix Otter for saving subscriber entry

Version 2.5.1 (2022-09-08)

  • Fixes a bug which was causing error on some instances

Version 2.5.0 (2022-09-08)

  • New Feature: Adds compatibility with Block Editor or any page builder for building the maintenance mode page.
  • New Feature: Adds coming soon and maintenance mode starting templates.

Version 2.4.7 (2022-08-08)


  • Fix login form display
  • Fix email collecting by the bot
  • Improve accessibility of the maintenance page thanks to @SophieWeb

Version 2.4.6 (2022-06-15)

  • Improve data sanitizations for custom css and contact module

Version 2.4.5 (2022-06-15)

  • Harden security and improve release process

Version 2.4.4 (2022-02-10)

Update dependencies

Version 2.4.3 (2022-01-27)

  • Change ownership to Themeisle

2.4.2 (18/01/2022)

  • Misc: 900 000 Active Installs Celebrations!
  • Misc: WordPress 5.9 compatibility
  • Fix: jQuery UI CSS theme reference from jQuery CDN
  • Misc: Text fixes in the dashboard

2.4.1 (20/07/2021)

  • Otros: Compatibilidad con WordPress 5.8

2.4.0 (13/05/2021)

  • Design: add “Custom CSS” setting; Finally! 🙂
  • Design: add “Footer links” color setting
  • Design: add a list of available shortcodes under the “Text” editor
  • Bot: make {visitor_name} placeholder work in all messages after the visitor types his name
  • Misc: add [embed] shortcode for responsive video embeds; Compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion.
  • Misc: make the exclude mechanism work with Cyrillic characters
  • Misc: add wpmm_maintenance_template filter; It works the same way as the wpmm_contact_template filter, but for the maintenance template.
  • Misc: now you can override the contact email template too; Check /views/contact.php for more details.
  • Misc: better compatibility with translation plugins like Loco Translate
  • Misc: the image uploaders (from the dashboard) are now translatable
  • Misc: improve uninstall routine
  • Misc: add wpmm_delete_cache action; It is called after each setting change.
  • Misc: add support for cache plugins like WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, Endurance Page Cache, Swift Performance Lite, Cache Enabler, SG Optimizer, LiteSpeed Cache, Nginx Helper;
  • Misc: remove wpmm_count_where helper function
  • Misc: code improvements

2.3.0 (07/12/2020)

  • Modules: add support for Google Analytics 4 measurement ID
  • Design: enable media buttons on wp_editor (now you can add images from the editor)
  • Bot: fix translation issue
  • Misc: add filters for capabilities wpmm_settings_capability, wpmm_subscribers_capability, and wpmm_all_actions_capability (the last one can be used to override all capabilities)
  • Misc: fix [loginform] shortcode redirect attribute
  • Misc: a few CSS & Javascript improvements
  • Misc: bump “Tested up to” version to 5.6

2.2.4 (20/05/2019)

  • bump “Tested up to” to 5.2.0
  • fix typo in Italian translation (it_IT)
  • Bot: add a note about how you can export the list of subscribers #195
  • Bot: add client-side sanitization to the input fields #176

2.2.3 (20/02/2019)

  • bump “Tested up to” version to 5.1.0
  • replace “wpmu_new_blog” action with “wp_initialize_site” action for WP 5.1.0 users because the first one is deprecated in the new version
  • small improvement to “check_exclude” method from “WP_Maintenance_Mode” class

2.2.2 (27/11/2018)

  • Google Analytics module: migrate from analytics.js to gtag.js + add ip anonymization #178
  • GDPR module: accept links inside texareas + add policy link target #188
  • add charset meta tag #200
  • fix PHP Notice: Undefined index: HTTP_USER_AGENT
  • add plural and single form translation for subscribers number (settings page)

Earlier versions

Para el registro de cambios de versiones anteriores, por favor, consulta el registro de cambios completo.